Drink enough water, limit alcohol, and exfoliate gently! 6th, 7th, and 8th habits for healthy skin and healthy YOU!

imageThis is the next in the series of 10 holistic tips on creating a healthier skin by Jennifer Kotowick.

Drink enough water.  Ensure you are adequately hydrated. Do you know if you are thirsty or not, or are you just drinking water because your are supposed to sometimes? Can you drink too much water?

Limit alcohol intake. Everything in moderation right? Alcohol is not only dehydrating but can hinder you liver`s function to detoxify.  

Exfoliate…but be gentle. This is an important part of radiant skin. I dare say less is more.  Once a week is plenty. You want to remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow. Over exfoliation could cause too much sebum production. Oatmeal and lavender blossoms are examples of gentle things you could on your skin.

the next time is about sun exposure and sunscreen….