a turning point story about migraines

Hailey, a dental hygienist, talks about her journey of how she overcame her migraines with help from Gord Grant, acupuncturist and owner of ATP.

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Hundreds of customer testimonials from our booking system over the years….

Thank you
Gord and his team are amazing! They have helped me get be 100%; as well as, techniques when I’m at work and at home. I would refer them to anyone.
Raymond Etheridge

Highly recommend!
As someone who deals with chronic pain everyday, the acupuncture that Gord does is the only thing that has provided relief for me. I would recommend anyone to go see him.
Krysta M

Always healing
I have recommended massage with Marisha to my friends, and I will recommend her to you! She has a gift for listening and senses areas where you need some help. She is a very talented healing practitioner, seeing her has very much improved my chronic muscle tightness and pains. The serenity of the environment provides additional benefits.

Best treatments
My husband and I have been going to Dr. Gord since around 2010-2011, after I was in an accident. He is incredible, he is kind, and he works with his clients. He has so much knowledge, and he engages with everyone. Gord always goes above and beyond for us, I cannot imagine going anywhere else. You are amazing, Dr. Gord and we appreciate you.Barbara Cortez

Gord is an incredibly gifted acupuncturist and has helped our family with many ailments, but he is also a very humble and important person to our family. He sees the world in a refreshing way and cares about us as human beings – in our faults and successes. Thank you for being such an integral part of our community, Gord!S.S.

Gord is very knowledgeable and compassionate to his patients. Had an awesome experience with him. Would likely to go back again for another acupuncture:)Maria Rosanna Dato

Excellent practitioner
I highly recommend Gord at the Turning Point. He has a holistic integrated approach. Local honey is available for purchase from the Grant honey farm.J.B.

Gord and his team
Excellent services. The whole team is amazing. I would recommend Gord to friends because of his knowledge and skills. He is one of the bests.Sophie F

This was a great experience I felt like I was engaged the whole time in regards to the knowledge that was passed on to me about the body and some tricks on how to use focus to help keep your body engaged in activity to prevent injury along with the relaxing acupuncture.Zachary mrazek

A great result after just one treatment!
Danielle was very thorough and knew just how to help. I was very comfortable and at ease with the acupuncture and moxa treatments. She was very caring and professional. I will be back!G.M.

I’ve seen Gord a few times throughout my pregnancy and leave feeling amazing and relaxed every time. The entire experience is extremely calming.Brittany M

1st acupuncture
This was my first time having acupuncture and I am so happy with how I am feeling the day after. Gord was awesome and super calming. My anxiety has lessened and I feel extremely energized and happy. Will definitely be booking again.Carmen Runka

Come for acupuncture, leave feeling balancedI’ve been coming to the Turning Point for almost a decade and the outcome is always an experience of physical and mental balance. Gord is a very knowledgeable and gifted acupuncturist and he deeply cares about supporting me on my journey towards health and well-being.Melisa Z

CustomerExcellent service. Gordon is very knowledgeable. He knows what to do and explains his actions very well.Rhonda Kolcun

Better than I could possibly have ImaginedGord’s amazing depth of knowledge, skill and caring manner have convinced me that this is the best place I could have possibly found to help me deal with my neck and shoulder tension and pain. Only two visits so far, have already changed my day-to-day functioning. Thanks, Gord, for the gifts of wise guidance, compassion and great skill . I will be back.Betty Benson

Wonderful experience
Received a fantastic massage from Marisha. She is highly skilled and very knowledgeable and provided excellent feedback and helpful advice on managing my back and neck tension. An extremely inviting clinic with amazing service. I’ll be back!Everett Babiuk

Always a pleasure
I’ve been seeing Gord for over a year. Every visit is impactful. He truly is a passionate healer. The clinic is so welcoming and comfortable. Always a pleasure. Thanks Gord!Laurie Guenther

Wonderful Experience
My first experience seeing an acupuncturist and Danielle was amazing. She was kind, thorough and gave me such a positive experience. I was hurting in so many places and she was able to treat them all with no hesitation. I couldn’t believe how great I felt walking out of the room and I will definitely be back.
Dana F

Acupuncture with Gord
My acupuncture appointments have brought a lot of relief to my muscles and joints, and I always with a sense of relaxation and mental clarity that lasts several days. Gord is the best!Scarlet Welling-Yiannakoulias

Incredible treatment and knowledge
From start to finish it was a great experience, don’t hesitate to book. Great atmosphere with clear communication and you truly feel cared for when coming in for a treatment.Landon H

The Best!
Gord is the best! I have been seeing him for years now and he has helped me through many transitions. Recently he helped me with muscle soreness and tension from breastfeeding my little one. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.Justine James

Thank you Gord
Gord’s treatment has helped give me mobility in my neck and reduced my pain so I can move again! Thank you so much Gord!Lizzy Martens

Highly Recommended
I was very, very pleased with my first session with Gord. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I have been trying many different types of therapy for foot pain and he was the first person to ask more than just “where” is the pain and treat that area. I learnt more in one session with Gord than I had at all of the other places I have tried before. I feel optimistic I may be able to treat/manage this pain for the first time in a very long time.B.M.

Absolutely awesome!! Gord is the BEST THERE IS !!
Gord performs absolute magic. 🙏 I have visited many acupuncturist, over my lengthy years. None, however, have done as much for me, as Gord has done, with very few visits. If you are looking for the best acupuncturist you can find ?? you can stop 🛑 here. 😊👍.Joann Chausse

Best experience!
Gord is very knowledgeable and a fantastic acupuncturist! He has created a very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Been seeing him for a while and after every treatment I feel better and reinvigorated.Sam C

Amazing, As Usual!
This was my first visit in over a year and, as usual, Gord was amazing! I felt safe and comfortable (in the midst of a pandemic still looming). My acupuncture session was great! The session well tailored to suit me and even included cupping, which added to my relaxation. Bonus: Beautiful ambiance with the plants and the waterfalls! Thank you, Gord!Marcia G.

Best place in Edmonton.Gord is knowledgeable in his craft, friendly and accommodating. Always checks in after the appnt to see how you’re , definitely recommend to anyone who wants a high quality service that leaves you feeling refreshed.David Hoffman

Best Acupuncturist
Gord is hands down the best acupuncturist I’ve seen. Truly caring and highly skilled. Helped me get rid of the pain that no other practitioner was able to help with (phsyio, massage, osteopathy, and other acupuncturists).Q.G.

Sciatic pain gone!
Hurting your back can be the scariest feeling when it limits your mobility and causes you so much pain. I have sciatic flare ups twice a few years. Both times I went and seen Gord hoping to have someone help me, after being told by Doctors there was no further help past medication. He listened to me, explained in detail how the back & body work, and was able to relieve All my pain, and get me back to Me- medication free! Thank you Gord! Sarah

Excellent as usual
My thanks to Gord for always taking such good care of me and offering the best advice. Felt great after our session yesterday… highly recommended.Laurie F

Preggo massage
Beautiful office, friendly and welcoming. Very relaxing massage and great prices. Will return for sure. I was referred by my cuz and to be honest I’m usually a massage fan but I went anyway. I really enjoyed it.Meagan B

Welcome return
It has been a long time since I have felt comfortable seeking Gord’s acupuncture support (covid). It was great how we picked up where we left off and as usual Gord combined targeted treatment with wisdom. Thus type of service us rare in our world.Joyce MacDonald

Simply incredible. Dr. Grant works magic! Not only is he very intuitive, he seems to really want to work with your health and well being. Always feel great after my visit!Darcy Parnwell

Gord is amazing, so relaxing and always feel amazing after a visit. I slept like a rock after my appointment.Brittany McCoy

Everything is great
I’ve been seeing both Gord and Marisha for years, and they’re always professional, knowledgable, and helpful. They are also kind and make me feel like they care about me as a person, and not just a client paying money. You can tell that Gord runs this clinic with all his heart. Everything about it has been thought through, including the atmosphere, and it runs efficiently and smoothly as well.Long time happy customer

Simply wonderful
Atmosphere is calming and relaxing. Service is top notch! they provide excellent care to patrons. Everything one needs to enhance life is provided eg. loaner books, the knowledgeable staff! Go see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!Lesley Fleming

First time client – Excellent experience
It was a great experience with excellent communication. You can tell that Gord is very passionate about helping others. He went above and beyond any other acupuncturists I’ve been to for lower back pain relief. I would recommend going to see Gord if you are looking for an acupuncturist.Crystal i

Bum knee
I was recommended by a friend and Gord didn’t disappoint. I entered with an extremely swollen knee after 9 days and after the first treatment, I had more mobility and the pain has decreased substantially. I’ll be back for sure.Althea Cunningham

Good acupuncture.Gord always got me right every time I go and see him, I never had any issues when I come see him. My back was killing and I went to see him he got me back to where I was I felt like a kid again 😁Tom

The Acupuncture Turning PointGord is caring and gives excellent service to his patients.The place is immaculate and soothing music too.Highly recommendable.L.S.

Back maintenanceGord was able to fit me into a late acupuncture appointment on a Friday. Not only was this accommodating, his flexibility saved me from a long weekend of pain. Amazing results, great customer service and 110% satisfaction with how Gord finds a way to release my back pain. Thank you!Chris M

Recommend To EveryoneI telephoned in the morning and Gord got me an appt 2 hours later. Very thorough, kind and helped me greatly.Sherry N

Client for a while5 star service would recommend to family or friends have been going for years now good job Gord I’ll be back for my tune up soon thx
Vance Robinson

GREAT PLACE FOR ACUPUNTURE.Mr. Grant was very nice to talk to and he is doing a great job, not only on physical treatment but mentally make you feel better and strong. I am sure he is very inspirational to many people in many ways..Kumar Palanisamy

Amazing!I love going to ATP for a massage, the attention to tension/problem spots and getting deep into the sore tissue is great. The direct billing is helpful too.A.G.

Full acupuncture experienceGourd is great at working on the really sore spots as well as encouraging good health in all your power pointsYvonne Harris

Great CareExcellent service.Really had an excellent time. Gord is a true gentleman and also provided lovely honey.Iqbal Bhatti

AccupIt was really good and satisfying. He discussed the problem of my foot properly and analyzed. Then suggested the treatment and it’s effects.Asif Mirza

Amazing ExperienceGord is an amazing acupuncturist and a wealth of knowledge. He is very kind and caring and has been extremely helpful with my back injury. I would highly recommend him! I have also felt extremely safe coming to this clinic during covid as Gord takes the utmost precautions and hygiene is impeccable at this clinic.A.S.

AwesomeGord and team are absolutely fantastic and very accommodating. Always leave feeling great and refreshed.J.P

Long term client.I’ve been going to the Turning Point for a few years now. I always leave in far better shape than when I show up. I was very skeptical the first time I went years ago, but Gord performed magic I could barely walk when I went in, after the first vist I was in tremendous shape compared to what I had been for years. He is very knowledgeable, gave me some reading to do, as well as some exercises to try. Now that massage is offered its a great one two punch! I will continue to go here for years to coTyler A

A conversationEach time I come in for a treatment, it is more than acupuncture, and of course, it is acupuncture! Gord is a skilled practitioner. He brings all his knowledge into each session and leaves room for me to talk and question and bring my knowledge in as well. It is an exchange of energy. It brings questions to the forefront. Each time I visit … I discover how this body can keep discovering its health and vitality. It is an ongoing conversation.
Lin Snelling

Best AcupuncturistGord is amazing therapist he knows where the problem is I always get best results I highly recommend.Saira Sheraz

WOW!At my last appointment I asked Gord to work on my immune system. I am currently going through shingles and I knew that my immune system needed help. I need to get my 2nd covid vaccine and I can’t until the shingles are gone. Well, he did a bang up job. Sometimes with a treatment, I am exhausted after and that tells me that the procedure is working. I have chronic pain and Gord has gotten me to a place that I walk without a cane. Also he has gotten rid of migraines also. Thank you ✌🏻D.M.

I am so happy I chose “The acupuncture Turning Point “We all make good and bad choices in our life time. I have surely made my share of the bad ones. BUT going to Gord, for help with my extremely painful back issues was one of the SMARTEST choices I have ever made !! I cannot express enough, the awesome treatment and pain relief I received from Gord…. Please, if you suffer … STOP !!! Go see Gord. He will “ repair ” you ASAP… The best Accupuncture treatment I have ever received.. His treatment and knowledge are MAGIC.. 👍😊Joann Chausse

Genuine careAbsolutely amazing care, I came in as a skeptic and left as intrigued and inspired to come back. And I did so a few times. I’m quite impressed with the outcome. My stagnant energy finally started flowing again and I became more lively with each visit. I also really enjoy the electro treatment on my muscles, Dr Gord is highly knowledgeable and a very charismatic fellow. Would highly recommend anyone to give it a try!jordan testore

My acupuncture and cupping service was amazing!My left side lower back was sore and I have tried physio before, but I knew I wanted to have acupuncture & cupping done, so there I found this place called Acupuncture The Turning Point. Gord was amazing!! Gord knowledgeable and helpful! He assessed and did a combined treatment of acupuncture & cupping and that was exactly what my body needed!

Exceptional treatmentHad my very first acupuncture appointment yesterday. It was an amazing experience. I’ve had extreme joint pain for years and Gord’s knowledge taught me a lot about this type of therapy. Excited for my next visit.Jermain Jodiwongso

Extraordinary!Had my very first acupuncture experience last week and I can’t believe how great it was. I have had extreme joint pain for months. I’ve been to the GP and physio. Nothing helped as much as the acupuncture. Gord was very knowledgable and explained his many health philosophies and practices and I left feeling heard and helped. And by the way, it doesn’t hurt. Will be returning this week and this will be my new go-to.
Susie Moloney

Amazing treatment!! Very knowledgeableI have a broken ankle in February so once I was finally able to get some therapy done Gord was so knowledgeable about the type of treatment I needed. The needles were very mild and the heat we used really changed my ankle range of motion that day! Highly recommended seeing Gord for anyone who is in need of healing from an injury and surgery! Will be back soon!M.G.

Great Experience!Visiting Gord is like visiting old good family friend! Mountain of knowledge and great easy going atmosphere! I always go for acupuncture and cupping to recharge on monthly basis! Real treat for me! Cheers.Marcin B

Very pleasant experienceI really enjoyed meeting Gord and he went out of his way to make me feel cared for. I had facial numbness on my right side that seems to be spreading to my arm and leg, and have to wait for a neurologist appointment. In the meantime there’s not much I can do but just hope that this will settle down. It’s a frightening experience to have unusual symptoms and he was deeply reassuring to be around.P.L.

Help with migraineThey were great here. They got me in with last minute booking. I went for a migrane and all the work they did really helped to find relief.Amanda W

huge improvementsi had a major tibia and fibula break that required surgery the same day in December 2020. coming to see Gord for acupuncture has been the only thing that helps me big time with all the nerve damage, stiffness, and pain i have been dealing with several months later still. i feel very noticeable results literally the same day of treatment. thank you!!!Ashley Neville

Very thorough.This was my first acupuncture treatment. Everything was explained well, was completely comfortable and professional, and left with kinesiology tape on my back. I definitely felt some relief in my shoulder that was bothering me, and will return.Jessica L

GreatGreat services with Gord, always checks out what I need and always adds in a few extra stress relief points and checks to see progress! Feel amazing after every appointment!J.S.

Excellent experienceMy first visit with Gord was amazing, relaxing environment excellent advices and treatments! Thank you and see you again!Nikolay S

Amazing Service + Great People!Gord and his team are extremely professional, welcoming and they do their job very well. It’s always a relaxing time no matter what treatment you get there, they do the absolute most to make sure you are taken care of, and that the issues you came in for are resolved. Gord follows up with you, whether or not you are a regular client there or not, just to check up on your well-being, which is amazing, because you can truly feel that they care about you there. Recommend x1000!Fiona L

Very thoroughDr. Gordon does a very great thorough job on overall body wellness I feel a little bit better every time I go.Yvonne Harris

Thank goodness for Dr. G.My husband and I found Dr. Gord years ago, when he had a clinic on Whyte Ave. I had been through a couple car accidents and was in a lot of pain, and nothing was helping… Until we walked in to Dr. Gord’s office. After 1 treatment, I felt relief, and even better after each treatment. He is so kind, and he listens. He works with his client. He is so knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his clinic.Barb Cortez

Excellent Experience.This was my first experience with Acupuncture for myself. I found the entire process calming and helpful. The clinic is lovely with fountains, live plants and soothing decor in a very professional setting. There are multiple well appointed treatment rooms. Gord is so well educated with a Phd as well as his acupuncture training. He is a wealth of knowledge and information. He is a good listener and explains the treatment and process thoroughly.Angela R

Excellent service.My family is going to Gord for a while now. Always helpful, on time, great service. Appreciate your help!Tumur Myagmar

Always Great.Always nice to have Gord help me release a ton of tension and help to ease my frequent, debilitating migraines and significant lower back strain. :).Erika H

Acupuncture.Gord goes above and beyond for his clients always full of knowledge for what his clients needs are. Really enjoy the appointments. Thank you so much!Val Chase

Excellent !Gord provides a genuinely caring environment and offers excellent quality Accupuncture. Our family has greatly benefited.Danielle M Johnston

Consistent decrease of pain.I have been very happy with help that I have received through my time with Gord. My hip and back pain have decreased as has my vertigo. I look forward to continued help from Gord.Sharon

Good experience.I have seen Gord a few times now for knee issues and he always seems to do a thorough job and address all areas of concern. I find him to be professional and knowledgeable in many areas of health & wellness!Melissa Lund

Hogwarts.Gord has been doing some kind of magic to get me back to full operating capacity. Highly recommended.J.C.

Acupuncture treatments.Acupuncture treatments have made a significant difference with my chronic headaches, they have disappeared through treatments and being mindful of diet, hydration and exercise.Cara Prout

Excellent treatment.The knowledge level. The treatment itself. The professionalism. The best I have received and I have tried a few! Treat yourself to Buddha Brain! 100% will go back!!

Great first experience.My first experience with Turning Point was a very positive one. The atmosphere is very relaxing and tranquil. The living wall is beautiful! My session with Gord went well, he is very personable and knowledgeable, taking his time to talk through everything and makes you feel comfortable. I will definitely be going back..Coralee Chase

Very knowledgeable and skilled.I was blown away Gord’s abilities and knowledge regarding the issues I’ve been having with my body. He exceeded my expectations.Doug R

Amazing Service and Staff!Staff are very welcoming and accommodating to your schedule, they check in with you every so often to make sure your therapy needs are met. Not to mention, the therapy itself is amazing! :-).Fiona Lee

Amazing Service.The most sincerest recommendation for this place. I had done acupuncture and cupping for the first time at this clinic. From the moment I opened the door, it’s interior design has amazed me. If anyone is looking for perfect and professional service STOP and look no further, you won’t regret it. After the initial treatment I warmly recommend you try Grant family’s honey 🍯 which is organic produced by the owner of the clinic. Thanks for the amazing treatment.David I

after session.right away felt fresh and vibrant. a good reduction of pain level. very friendly and follow ups for exerciseD.J.

My last appointment with Gord.Gord worked on my jaw pain, migraines and lungs. The migraines have returned and Gord had them GONE for years and we had been concentrating on the lower back pain and fibromyalgia. They are under control with the great help from Gord. I have sleep apnea and use a bipap machine. I quit smoking 26 years ago but I have always been a shallow breather. So I require tune ups from Gord and when this covid is done I will be making more regular trips to Gord! Thank you Gord! Peace ✌️.Debra M

Great Experience.Best acupuncture experience I’ve had to date. Gord is a great conversationalist, with a well rounded knowledge of lots of different topics so chatting with him is a joy. The office is beautiful, relaxing, well kept and professional. The acupuncture itself was the most comfortable treatment I’ve had even with the addition of required Covid-19 protocols.
Kelly B

This was my first acupuncture appointment, and Gord made the visit great, was very informative as to the process and the reasons for the treatments being given. Highly recommend to anyone.
Trevor Prout

Acupuncture Back Pain.Gord was awesome very knowledgeable and did a great job on my back. Definitely recommend this business.
Val Chase

amazing massage
great place for a massage, theyre really good. its worth your money and theyre very professional. highly recommend it

I chose to see Gord because of reviews and he did not disappoint. Very clean, warm, inviting atmosphere. He is the epitome of professionalism, gifted as a clinician and a very interesting person to talk with as well. Thanks for being you, Gord. My world is better because of you.

Gord is a phenomenal acupuncturist and practitioner. He listens, customized treatment to a patient’s needs and truly cares about doing the right thing. He an all-round amazing human.
Isabella M

Nice clean, professional office. Very pleasant first experience – I will definitely be back! Feeling better already. Thank you Gord!
Myra West

wow. I feel 25.
I felt Gord honestly wanted to help me but more importantly help me help myself. I felt I was in good hands and needles.

Great Service
I went to Gord for the first time after doing my online research on Acupuncturist. He was very knowledgeable and explained things thoroughly. He doesn’t just put needles in your whole body and send you on your way, he focuses on your specific issues. I like the he combined cupping into the session and that he did electro stimulation with the needles. Great first experience and definitely going back.
Maureen A

First but not last experience.Absolutely amazed at how well the environment calms the body and mind! It was nice to talk to Gord and decompress. I will be returning in the near future !
Jordan T

Great experienceI went to see Gord about a problem with my jaw and general stress related issues. He was kind and understanding about what was going on and I felt he really listened. The treatment was painless and completely relaxing…I’m sure I was snoring by he end. I left feeling totally relaxed and refreshed and my jaw felt better than hit has in months. Fabulous!
pat b

Great service.I will always recommend Gord when it comes to acupuncture I’ve been going here for years and they have help me through so many painful times Marisha is very talented at massage aswell. Go see them you won’t regret it. You will probably learn a thing or two
Adam Bennett

Great experience.Gord was able fit me on short notice. He made sure I was comfortable with the temperature and the procedure. He made suggestions on how to improve my overall well being and was very knowledgeable. Thanks Gord!

One treatment and significant difference
I called Gord on short notice. He fit me in for some acupuncture and cupping. It was quite effective and felt better the next day.
Wayne Warren

Good service
Gord always takes good care of me when I go and see him and even he gives me so tips and pointers to how to get my body on the right track.
Tom L
Wonderful experience. It was truly a wonderful experience. I called extremely last minute and Gord was able to have me in within a couple hours, he was incredibly accommodating. The experience from the start was very warm, welcoming and relaxing. Gord took the time to ask appropriate questions to ensure I would benefit the most from my first treatment. He showed me some simple yet helpful techniques to practice while at home. I can’t stress this enough, it was a wonderful experience and I will certainly be back!
Diane R

Excellent …it is been one of the best consultations I’ve ever had. Gord was excellent from any aspect of a professional practice. I highly recommend him ….
Sorin A

Professionally lovely. One of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had . From the minute I walked into this oasis I felt relaxed, Covid safe and pampered with a touch of Business and professionalism. I felt that an amazing amount of time and effort has been put in to their business practises and model .
Walter Siegert

Gord is my miracle worker. I’ve had to deal with sciatica off and on for 10 years and Gord has been crucial in getting me back to normal.
Great service! They were very accommodating and kind. the treatment was well explained ahead of time and felt great afterwards
Nicole S

Associate Vice-President
Great service. Went for a massage and acupuncture treatment. Very knowledgeable staff – they sincerely cared about empowering me to look after my own health!
kevin fitzgerald

Exceptional care and expertise
I was struck not only by Gord’s knowledge but by his level of investment in my healing. In our initial appointment, he spent a great deal of time explaining his philosophy to me, and encouraging me to think about how I carried myself and moved through space. My ankle is far more limber since my treatment and I’m exceedingly grateful!

Good experience
I found Gord to be knowledgeable and genuinely helpful in helping me understand the treatment and my ailment. It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend his service.

Gord is wonderful
Gord is wonderful and very knowledgeable. He genuinely cares about his patients and is committed to their health and well-being. Gord is highly skilled, gentle and kind. He is also a beekeeper and his honey is delicious! I highly recommend Gord and everyone at Turning Point. You will leave feeling refreshed and at ease every time- mind body and soul.
Justine James

2 thumbs up!
Awesome as always 🙂 Gord is great and takes the time to listen to his clients. Going into my 5th year!
Susan T

Excellent Service
Gordon is so amazing and knowledgeable. He is so caring and listens to his clients. I love that he teaches you about what he is doing and why. He also gives suggestions on continued treatments. He’s so personable and I highly recommend The acupuncture turning point if you are need of treatment. There is no better place.
Dean Meyer

Amazing service
Dr.Grant was so friendly, helpful and genuine. He truly wants to help people out. I was tight on money and he worked around his treatment plan to give me the service I needed and that worked for my pocket. I have had back pain and headaches and he helped me substantially in one treatment. I strongly recommend him to anyone.
Elizabeth Duperron

Top-Notch service
ATP’s services has always been exceptional even during this new normal. Gord’s techniques has been a great help on my pain situation plus I always feel comfortable and well-taken cared of during my visits, I also look forward to good conversations with Gord… he’s an expert in almost everything!
Penelope M

Always wonderful
Massage therapy with Marisha is always great! She does excellent work and checks in to see if anything needs to be changed or adjusted. She’s really responsive to any nagging injuries or issues.

First time Acupuncture
Amazing experience! Gord is very experienced, passionate and an expert in his field! I will have more sessions and highly recommend Gord at the Acupuncture Turning Point.
Denzil Jacobs

First session
Excellent experience. Gord is very knowledgeable and sets reasonable expectations as to rate of healing. The treatment is tailored to client needs. The atmosphere is calming and he is very competent. I will definitely continue to get treatment from Gord.

My last appointment
I hadn’t seen Gord since January, I was in need. We discussed the areas of pain starting with acupuncture on the front of my body. Gord did some cupping to my lower back. Next, acupuncture for calf pain, electric currents through various needles, and heating added by a heat lamp. I left, knowing that I needed to rest. At home, relaxed, I napped as usual, then I felt energized, knowing that my job was to be aware to nourish, exercise, meditate and sleep till I next see Gord. ✌️
Debra M

Always a great experience
I am always blown away by the knowledge of Marisha. I learn something new every visit & always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Darci Heisz

All round great experience
Gord is a very interesting guy who’s extremely knowledgeable not only about accupunture but other healing methods . He came highly recommended and I can see why. It’s only been a day since my treatment but I feel that with the treatment combined with the home exercises he recommend I will see encouraging results.
Nick Ellis

So awesome
So great to be able to see Gord again after the lockdown! Always so relaxing. This mama to be is sure grateful for the help with 3rd trimester lower back pain!

Great First Time Experience
Gord is nothing short of amazing. Very caring and has many techniques to help you get feeling your self again. Even after one treatment….feeling way better. Would highly recommend.
Kimberley Kern

Gord is always amazing and very dedicated. His approach is always welcoming. I’m a returning customer and will continue to support Gord. Thank you for all you do for your patients.

Acupuncture Treatment
Walked into the place and it felt so welcoming! So peaceful. Met Gord who gave me my treatment and so far I see a change let’s hope it continues. Awesome friendly staff! Whoot Whoot
Monica Gobeil

So wonderful
The massage by Marisha was like going to a world of peace and tranquility. Her attention to my very sore neck area was remarkable. I endured significant pain during covid-19 restrictions and am so glad you are back providing relief. Thank you!
Joanna P

Great service
Had a nice general treatment accompanied by great conversation on my overall health condition. I will be back!
Lynsee L

Thanks Michelle
Great massage, very intuitive and thorough. I enjoyed the clinic surroundings, warm and comfortable. I feel really good today!
Dawn Rae

Excellent Massage
The ATP is my only destination for massage; Marisha does an awesome job and I appreciate it! Why does the time fly by so fast 🙂
Kevin Lapes

Michelle did a great job of working out the really tough knots in my back, and provided a wonderfully relaxing experience. I felt the attention to detail on working on muscles I didn’t even realize were tight in my legs, too! Will certainly be coming back!

Came in for a massage. Therapist actually listened to what I said were trouble areas. Was relief to actually be massaged by someone who knew what they were doing. Will definitely return.
Chantel D

Exceptional in every way
Everything about my visits are guaranteed to be relaxing and organized. Visiting during CV19 was no exception. I felt safe and well looked after. My treatment with Gord was superb, as was the conversations—as always. Suffering from chronic migraine and neck pain, having regular acupuncture and cupping is necessary and makes the world of difference. Very effective way to manage my pain and get me back on track. Can’t recommend enough!
MJ Fjell

Massage Therapist Michelle
Michelle was excellent. My body was grateful for the work and I appreciated her nourishing touch in this time of isolation.
Michelle Brewer

Gord & Associates always try to be accomodating, excellent service, Kind & caring. Plus you can get honey fresh from Gord’s bees. I have recommended them to my family & coworkers. All have had excellent experience here.
Charlotte C

After three months of no treatments, for my first visit back I saw Marisha for a massage than Gord for acupuncture. The first covered my overall body aches and pains. The second took care of some specific joint issues. It was two hours of much needed body healing and maintenance. Unsurprisingly I had exceptional care and left feeling restored…it’s good to get back to the routines.

Serene and unexpected
From the moment you walk into the offices you can feel the positive energy and thoughtfulness that surrounds Gord. My initial meeting was calm, relaxed and very informative. The space was cleaning, calming, welcoming and would be good for someone who prefers a more personal than clinic style experience.
Lisa K

Great clinic awesome service. Reg is an amazing at hearing you out and given you the best treatment possible. I would recommend seeing Reg or any of the crew at Acupunture Turning Point. The clinic is amazing, so welcoming, I find the atmosphere is very relaxing/calming. As an Exercise Specialist I was extremely impressed with the way my body felt after my appointment. I will be back and will refer my clients, family and friends.
James Linthorne

Exceptional treatments
The best treatment I have ever had! Very professional and lovely environment. Gord has connection with his patients and has the expertise, not just that, he treats with his heart!
Penelope M

There is a reason for all the 5 star ratings
Gord radiates knowledge in his field, and has helped me with everything from back spasms to digestive issues. He is someone who instills bits of wisdom in every visit, and I have been going to him for over 4 years now, and I would highly refer him to anyone who has previously been apprehensive about these types of treatments, as they work!
Mike A

Positive Experience!
I have been seeing Gord for a few years now for a variety of issues from general aches and pains to sports injuries. He is a very warm and caring person as well as very knowledgeable about the body; how injuries come about and how to correct them using different techniques. I always feel very comfortable during my visit and much better when I leave. I also enjoy the chats during the sessions as I always learn something new from him.
Stefanie S

I have been away for a while and had not had acupuncture since last summer. My neck and upper back were getting more locked in and I was having difficulty turning my head.As usual, Gord did his an amazing jib of not just zeroing in on the presenting issue but also some of the underlying causes. I also love that, when I needed a minute at after the session, that I could relax in the community space until I was ready to go. Simply the best atmosphere and the best treatment.
Joyce MacDonald

Passionate and Knowledgeable
Gordon is passionate and knowledgeable about acupuncture, and a warm, caring presence. He draws on a wide and holistic range of knowledge and mature insight that inspires a hopeful approach to whatever issues arise in the days session.
Heather K

Exceptional Services
I have been seeing Gord for the last 2.5 years, including during a pregnancy and through some severe back problems. He truly cares about the service he provides. He has helped me immensely with chronic back pain, including providing me with education and literature on function and mobility. I am incredibly grateful for Gord and his team.
Chelsey Hunter

I always leave my appointment with Grant not only feeling better but feel inspired. His wisdom is greatly appreciated.
Marie Nychka

Health Maintenance for Trauma Recovery with Gord
Inclusive, warm and welcoming space. Gord is a Godsend to #YEG as a Healer – energy medicine; A bee keeper with a deep understanding of the cultural context of trauma, My knee pain has already diminished in the serene space, a balm; the body is reveals itself, no turning back now.. His wisdom to hold another and facilitate the release from the body is a sacred blessing. Option to stay as long as I wanted given that sleep has left me for several days. Acceptance.dance!A process..knee pain
Jaya C

Excellent service!
I’ve been to see Gord several times over the last year + and will continue to go when the need for a treatment arises. I’ve had great success with the acupuncture and cupping done on my upper back/shoulders.

Great healing experience
it is been one of the best consultations I’ve ever had. Gord was excellent from any aspect of a professional practice. I highly recommend him and the clinic that by the way is beautifully decorated.
Juan Tellez

Fabulous massage for so many reasons
I was in incredible pain and the massage along with cupping relieved the pain. I was able to complete my days work without any pain medication. Thank you Marisha for your ability to work the pain out of my shoulder.
Joanna P

A hopeful experience
When I opened the door off the institutional hallway, I literally gasped at the contrast. I’d walked into another world full of visual and auditory natural sounds. No one was around, but the invitation to fill out my 1st time visit forms were handy. Soon Gord , the owner, appeared and introduced himself, even though he knew I was waiting for Reg. Reg has given me hope for my hip joint flexibility issues. Warm, friendly, knowledgeable….I highly recommend him and the Turning Point.

A feeling of welcome
I had an acupuncture assessment with Gord. As my first time at The Acupuncture Turning point I was greeted by a welcoming entry way with tea/water & slippers. While I waited, I sat in a cozy library with 100’s of knowledgeable books, as well as a plant wall. For my appointment, Gord was more than helpful. He assessed me and my own PERSONAL problems, doing what he thought was best for my body. Overall, great experience. Would recommend 100% 😊

Marisha always discusses the treatment, is an extremely competent professional, dedicated and was her usual awesome self.

Great atmosphere and experience!!
I had a awesome accupuncture treatment from Gord he is helping my shoulder issue alot. The atmosphere and general feeling is so calm and peaceful. I enjoy the discussions on health and philosophical topics with Gord. I had a massage with Marisha, I can only describe it as amazing, she also gave me some tips for ongoing tension issues. I felt wonderful when I left that clinic.
Patti L

Very calm atmosphere from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Very friendly and helpful. Great experience!

Digestion so much better
Reg is so well versed in eastern medicine. I am not a needle fan AT ALL and he made the experience really relaxing. He worked on digestive points which was phenomenal and taught me a little about what my temperament maybe. Amazing experience! And Gord’s homegrown honey is delicious.
Kelsey B

Acupuncture spa
I love everything about Acupuncture Turning Point. Upon waking through the door I am immediately calmed by the wood, the sound of water, complementary tea and live plants. Gord has treated me for several ailments from a common chest cold to tendonitis, stress and lower back pain. His knowledge and passion for healing through acupuncture are truly admirable, but Gord doesn’t only treat through acupuncture, he advises to promote overall health. I feel so fortunate to have found this unique place.
Taren R

Massage visit
I have a good experience every time I visit (which is less often than I’d like!). I really enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere of this place, and all the thoughtful consideration they put in, with things like the reading library and water/tea in the lobby area. I just had a massage with Marisha and she was fantastic.

Excellent service
Gord is dedicated to finding the root of your problem. He educates you while treating and is so knowledgeable in so many areas of rehabilitation and mental health. Great service!!!
Dean Meyer

Massage visit
I have a good experience every time I visit (which is less often than I’d like!). I really enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere of this place, and all the thoughtful consideration they put in, with things like the reading library and water/tea in the lobby area. I just had a massage with Marisha and she was fantastic.

Excellent service!
Been going to different doctors, doing therapy for months, yet I was finally relieved of my pain after doing acupuncture for 1 session! Will definitely go visit for another treatment! Highly recommended!

Acupuncture visit
Always feeling great after a acupuncture treatment with Gord. He is very knowledgeable and flexible with his appointments.
Sam C

Excellent service
I’ve seen Gord and Marisha in the past and my experience has always been very good. Gord has a wealth of knowledge! After a breast cancer mastectomy and then breast reconstruction, I continue to see Marisha. She is very caring, patient and accommodating to my changed body. When you enter their office you immediately feel relaxed. It has a very warm and comfortable atmosphere.
Natalie M

Awesome service
First time client. Never got acupuncture or cupping but it was a wonderful experience! Told my problems and my problems were dealt with! Will definitely be going back for adjustments in the future!
Sydney M

Always Excellent!
I’ve been to Gord in the past for other issues that had stabilized. After a recent new neck injury, my neck mobility is vastly improved after just one visit. It is always so reassuring to know that when something is hurting, I have a secret weapon in my corner – and that is Gord! The gorgeous new office is a bonus!

Good place
I recommend this clinic, good treatment , good price and great customer services ,every time I go I get very relax after my treatment
Ana Persaud

Full Body Massage
Marisha was excellent in providing the full body massage. She paid extra attention to the pain in my right shoulder and I can already feel that the pain is greatly reduced and I have better movement.I will definitely be going back for a full body massage soon.
Gooneshwaree B

First Time Visit
I had an excellent introduction to accupuncture at Turning Point. Gord was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping me. He was well practised in the application of the initial treatment and I felt better immediately. I will be returning next week.
Michel Diotte

Great Assistance
Gord was an amazing person to have aiding me with my back and shoulder pain. He’s very personable and was a very big help with all information I needed, along with having a fantastic discussion about life and how everything relates to the body. I will definitely be back time and time again for sure
Cory Nagata

Marisha Garcia
The best massage I have ever had. Marisha is amazing and very friendly. I will be back to see her.

Effective treatment
Gord is great and very knowledgeable. He takes the time to understand your underlying problems and provides effective treatment. Always great service. I highly recommend ATP! Been going since 2014 🙂
May K

Amazing Service!!
I received a massage from Marisha who was so professional and did an amazing job. My whole body is constantly tense and I felt an enormous difference after just one session! The office is also beautiful and relaxing – best massage ever, can’t wait for the next treatment 🙂
Hanna K

Very friendly staff!! Highly recommended!
I got my body relaxed after the treatment of Gord. Thank you so much I will come back for sure!! I will looking forward for the best results!!
Junalyn Timson

Beautiful office, great treatment.
I had an acupuncture session with Gord yesterday for perimenopause symptoms. It was very good, and I felt a lot better after. Gord is very attentive and caring to your problems. Excellent service. You really feel like you are taken care of.

Excellent Service
you will feel calm and relax as soon as you get in to this place. Gord is an amazing person easy to talk with, he works more your mind than your body and this is great because the root of almost all the problems remains there.. I felt really good and I’m looking forward to the next session.
Tulio Sanchez

What a great experience and my back is getting so much better. Great people and great value for the treatment you receive.
Jeremy Martin

Great space – best massage!
I had an excellent massage with Marisha and I got to briefly chat with the receptionist and Dr. Grant. Everyone was very nice and the space is beautiful with the plant wall and water features. You know youre going to relax the minute you walk in. I have been singing Marishas praises all day – her massage was a 10/10. Highly recommend!
Natasha Cullen

Wonderful massage
I recently visited the Acupuncture Turning Point for the first time, and I’ll be a repeat customer! Marisha is an excellent massage therapist, and the new office is beautiful.

Fabulous! I would recommend acupuncture turning points to anyone who needs it. Ford is incredibly knowledgable and shares that knowledge so that I can understand exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.
Dawn Arnold

Excellent acupuncture
Very knowledgeable staff. Great atmosphere. Always feel transformed when I leave here. Thank you. I’ll be back.

acu and massage
Dr Gord is a wealth of information, We have wonderful talks, while he applies the needles. He then emails you to check on how you are feeling. Marisha is a wonderful massage therapist, she can really work out the knots .
George B

Excellent experience all around. The facility is very cozy. The receptionist is very welcoming and yes the massage was very therapeutic. I have recomended Marisha’s services to friends.
John Walker

Excellent service
Gord is dedicated to finding the root of your problem. He educates you while treating and is so knowledgeable in so many areas of rehabilitation and mental health. Great service!!!
Dean Meyer

Back pain
My wife and I have been going to Gord for several years now. With a combination of acupuncture, cupping and conversations about life, Gord has always been able to help. Because of a previous back injury, from time to time, I throw out my back without warning. Within hours of treatment, there is a marked difference in my pain and mobility. Gord has also done a really good job at the new space. He has created an office that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This is the place to go to!
Frank H

Compassion and Strength of Purpose
I had been in tears and I left in gratitude. I have been in pain where I can barely walk, sit, sleep and eat, I receive compassion every time I have a treatment. Strength of purpose is what has led Gord to expand the practice. I know that I get even better treatments because of the new office move. More room to work and room to grow! I highly recommend The Acupuncture Turning Point, go check out Gord, and the new office space! Peace
Debbie Murphy

Relaxing and Professional Massage
I recently had the pleasure of visiting the office for a massage, the therapist was very thorough and knowledgeable , I will definitely be returning as I was very happy with the treatment and her professionalism. I would recommend visiting this office.

I have been going to Acupuncture Turning Point for a little over three years. Gord has been able to give me much needed relief through some very serious illness. He knows his stuff, for sure!! I appreciate how he explains everything and takes the time to really listen. You can tell he genuinely cares for the well being of his clients. I will continue to make this part of my health maintenance program!! 😊😊
Arlene S

A Successful First Visit
Seeking relief from anxiety and poor sleep, I was hopeful that acupuncture might help. Even if the actual acupuncture itself had not been effective–which it was because I find my sleep much improved recently–the whole atmosphere of the visit was both welcoming and calming Gord is obviously both knowledgeable and caring, performing the treatment with skill and compassionate respect. My thanks and admiration, Gord.
Greg H

I’ve been coming to Acupuncture Turning Point for a few years now and have always been well cared for by Gord and Alina. I brought my partner in the other day. He’d never had acupuncture and for various reasons was trepidatious. Gord of course was lovely. Thanks!
Michelle Brewer

Acupuncture Turning Point
My sciatica pain in my right leg is considerably reduced following a treatment with Gord in the wonderful new location – a soothing green space and a balm for my spirit. I highly recommend Gord and Alina, both of whom have treated me in the past for my body pains that go back a very long time and are stubborn to heal. However, yesterday Gord’s heartfelt kindness and concern for my wellness was much appreciated and a godsend at this particular time for which I feel blessed! Big love and thanks!
Jaya C

Emotional and Physical Healing
The new location is wonderfully peaceful and serene. Gord is such an amazing healer. He is intuitive and exhibits such warmth and kindness. I felt a welcoming release from anxiety during this recent acupuncture session. I left feeling free from body and mind tension. I’m so full of gratitude.❤️
Bonnie H

I feel so much better!
My treatment has left me feeling much looser and able to move without pain. Gord’s suggestions on how to take care of my back so I can continue to take care of my muscles. I felt comfortable, informed and relaxed during the treatment
Karen Bishop

Acupuncture Turning Point
Gord is an amazing acupuncturist. His new office space is warm and inviting. Definitely recommend him
Marnie G

Acupuncture Turning point
First time doing acupuncture, had great experience, fantastic consultation and first treatment.. Would definitely recommend!!

Gord is very knowledgeable and has a whole body health approach. His technique is unique and healing. I like his approach to my overall health. I have been feeling so much better since starting to see him in the past couple weeks.
Alicia H

Good knowledge!
Alina is a very dedicated professional in acupuncture and cupping , I like the way she cares about her clients .I had been a regular client since last year, I can feel the difference in my muscles and shoulders slowly are getting to normal. Acupuncture makes my life easier. Thank You Alina.

Great for athletes (racket sports)
Gord has helped keep my body healthy as I play competitively in both tennis and squash. I love these sports and without Gord’s help I would be battling injuries instead of playing. Thank you Gord and team!
Cory Shannon

Gord is great. I have been seeing him now for at least 4 years. He is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. Susan T

Very good
First I was skeptical about acupuncture, I couldn’t lift my arm for 6 months but after 1 treatment I could finally lift it. After 2 more treatments my shoulder felt good again. I would highly recommend this place. Alexander G

Very happy even after my second time going to turning point people are fantastic and so is the service. Extremely knowledgeable in so many ways ask any question and they are more then happy to help and make you understand the why’s and who’s….
Alain Liberty

Gord is everything anyone would look for in an acupuncturist. He supplements this with being an amazing, kind, and genuine human being.
Willy L

Overall great experience
I went here for acupuncture for the first time and had a great overall experience. Gord, the owner was very customer oriented and wanted to understand all of the things going on. His experience is vast, not just with acupuncture and he is extremely relatable. The treatment was perfect for what was challenging me both mentally and physically. I rebooked immediately after my session.
Ryan R

great experience
Gord is very knowledgeable and professional. Great atmosphere- the staff are all very friendly and accommodating.Ii really enjoy going to see him and would recommend him to anyone!
Lindsey S

Great experience!
I was really happy with my first acupuncture appointment at The Acupuncture Turning Point. The atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable, Gord was very friendly and overall the service exceeded my expectations.

Acupuncture Visit
Dr Gord is very knowledgeable. He listens to what you have concerns and make suggestions. His needle skills is excellent. And the staff is very friendly . I will definitely be going back to him on a regular basis
George B

I started acupuncture 3 weeks ago with Gord. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety & panic. This is the first time in a year I feel normal again. My panic is gone, my anxiety is very rarely there and i feel fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone

Acupuncture Session
Wonderful treatment. Very professional, lovely space and lots of great advice provided. Ongoing visits booked. I would recommend.
Jane Moran

Lower back / hips
Gord and staff were amazing and my lower back & hip pain has gone away. I have been struggling with it for years off and on and it doesn’t hurt any more. Greatly appreciate it! Thank you Jeremy M

Fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, knee pain
Gord worked on all of the above. I can sleep again,mood is much better, I am able to manage my life easier. My pain meds are not working as well and with Gord’s skills I am able to cope without increasing the meds. He works on me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I had a back spasm on the table and he had it gone in seconds! I highly suggest that you give these practioners a go, and see how they give you healing. Peace
Debra Murphy

Top notch treatment
Very pleasant, very knowledgable and effective practice Gord provides. He provide some of the best treatment in Edmonton. I am always extremely satisfied whenever I leave this place.

always incredible
I am so grateful for the work Gord does to always help me with my pain or injuries. It is the complete package. He makes my pain feel better and gives me the right advice and exercises to help continue the healing process at home.
Tawny M

I highly recommend the Acupuncture Turning Point!
I have been a patient of the acupuncture turning point for about a year now and I have had only positive, feel good experiences. I see Marisha about twice a month and she has always been professional, on time and has taken a genuine interest in helping me better my health. I enjoy our visits and would recommend her or Gord’s service to anyone!
Jessica Byrne

Road to Recovery
If is wasn’t for Gord. I don’t think I would be racing my bike right now. As an aging athlete, I’m starting to fall apart a little easier. I currently have back, and shoulder issues that are causing me pain. After only a few treatments, I’m getting relief from the Acupuncture. Gord has a big heart with tons of knowledge, and skill to back it up. He just loves to help people. This is why I keep going back. Thanks Gord for getting me back on the road. Gord gets 7 STARS from me.
Dayton Danielson

Focused results
Alina always works at figuring out what is the top priority for treatment and works on that until she gets results.
Stewart St. Dennis

Best of the best
Absolutely love me acupuncture sessions with Gord at Turning Point. A very welcoming and relaxing environment, friendly staff. I always leave feeling refreshed and healed. Definitely highly recommend this place!
Justine H

This was my first experience ever having acupuncture treatment. The process was great and Gord was exceptional with all the knowledge and advice he had for me with my condition. I truly felt energized for the rest of my day and I feel Gord is very passionate with the work he is doing. Thank you for the information and I will be returning for my next treatment soon.
Cary Letourneau

Saved me from plantar fasciitis pain
I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis pain for over 2 years. I’d tried everything: reflexology, arch supports, leg massage, k-tape, cortisone shots, podiatry visits, special socks . . . you name, I tried it but none of these solved my ever worsening problem. Eventually, my brother suggested acupuncture with Gord. His therapy was exactly what was needed and I saw instant benefits. Within a coupe of months my feet were back to normal.
Colleen S

Awesome Massage
Marisha is extremely good at what she does! I had another amazing massage yet again! Wish I could go more regularly for this treatment!

Def would recommend
I had my 3rd appointment done with Gord. Originally went in for my chronic headaches and sore neck and shoulder. Gord is simply awesome. Full of knowledge and professional. I can feel a difference with my chronic pain after 3 appointments. However, I am aware, that this will take many more appointments. But so far so good. I found that the accupuncture and the tape helped the most! So I will definitely continue getting that done.

Love this place!
I absolutely love Marsha, she always does an amazing job and cares so much about her clients. Its definitely my happy place !
Danielle C

Keeps Me Going
Gord is great and I will keep going to him. He knows exactly how to treat your pain or limitations and gets you back to 100% very quickly. I am very confident in Gord’s expertise and treatment. On top of that, he truly cares about his clients. He is always willing to go above and beyond and its reasons like this that keep bringing me back to him.
Vietson Pham

Gord’s Mastery
Gord is my miracle worker, working on my emotions and my spine. He has an intuition that he listens to. I walk into their office and I can give myself over to their care. I have more energy when I leave because Gord has done his best work. My migraines are taken care of in one visit. My spine is unfixable but I get such relaxation and I have a huge trust in Gord. Where the other doctor visits feel too clinical, Gord’s care resounds the instant you walk in the door. This is the place for caring.
Debra Murphy

Always helpful
As always, Gord comes through with the necessary treatment, be it acupuncture or helpful dialogue. Or both, which is doubly helpful.
michael reinhart

Gord is amazing!!
I started acupuncture for fertility. I was referred to Gord by a friend. He was amazing! He listens and does his homework. He knew about my condition and helped create a plan to get me better. I would recommend his office to everyone!
Mandy K

I absolutely love going here for treatments. They are proffessional and very knowledgable in the work they do
Amber Hobbs

Deserves more than 5 stars!
Gord is truly amazing. He is so knowledgeable and caring. I have a bad neck injury and was trying treatment elsewhere for about 2 years and it did not seem to help. I went to see Gord for the first time and I immediately felt so much better. My injury isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. I also went to see him because I felt like I was getting a cold and again, he fixed me up in no time and I was at 100% a few days later. He is one of the best acupuncturists I have ever seen.
Shamala Padmanabhan

Ankle Injury
Five year after braking my ankle and post-operational side effect, this was the place where I finally found significant relief. During the first visit, Dr Gord asked insightful questions that were crucial for finding an underlying issue I was dealing with. After just first few sessions of acupuncture swelling was reduced dramatically and my ankle joint mobility was improved. Very pleasant place with such a helpful people. Thank you, Dr Gord.
Persa Zagorac

Great Acupuncturist!
I was curious to try the ancient Chinese practices used by many Olympic athletes around the world, most notably, Michael Phelps and decided to take the plunge. Gord was very knowledgeable and informative regarding the traditional practices of acupuncture and cupping. I highly recommend Gord for anyone who is interested in trying this for the first time!
Richard Nguyen

Knowing what to do…
It had been a long time since my last massage… (unfortunately one of the least utilized coverages that many people get through their benefit programs.) Marisha knew exactly what my body needed to get me back into tune. Not too hard and not too soft. The perfect balance. Thank you!
Trevor M

her magic hands
Alina, the lady with the magic hand, if you have a bad back go see her and see what i mean and for sure i’m going back there to see her again
Tom L

Amazingly On Point
I hadn’t been in for a while and needed a bit of a “tune up”. Gord was on point, as always, and gave me a great treatment. I would also like to mention that I’d arrived early and, as usual, the ambiance was relaxing as I sat by the waterfall and waited for my treatment. I went home relaxed because of my treatment. Wonderful! Thank You!
Marcia G

Incredible experience
I had such a good experience. I haven’t been for acupuncture for a long time and this did not disappoint. He is so incredibly passionate and knowledgeable and after the first session excited to continue to work with him.
Sasha Wallach

Healing Journey
The acupuncture service provided by Gord is first class. Gord is a credible individual backed by years of education and experience. He is informative and educates the customer on why he is triggering certain areas of the body. A clean and comforting environment, you will always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Listen to Gord, your body and make sure to try his honey! Thanks Gord!

Great massage
Saw Marisha for a prenatal massage. It was so lovely! I felt super relaxed. She was friendly and did a great job.
McKenna K

Amazing Hot Stone Massage
I had an amazing (first) hot stone massage yesterday! Marisha is very professional and skilled at what she does. She made sure to ask me what she should focus on and also checked if the stones were a comfortable temperature. I left feeling totally relaxed and well taken care of! I have seen Marisha for other massages and have always been very impressed! Thank you! In addition, the ambiance is always calming at “The Acupuncture Turning Point”.
Marcia G

Great relaxing experience
I went in because my shoulder blades were sooo tight and I was in so much pain, booked in a long acupuncture session and Alina took really good care of me, I felt pain free by the next day and she also taught me exercises to help for pain not to come back. Overall a great experience, I love coming in for treatment. Can’t wait for next time
Karla F

Great work
I have been in for massage and acupuncture. Highly recommended. I wish they were in Leduc but it is worth the drive.

Great service
Great service. I really enjoyed my treatment with Gord. I’ve had neck and shoulder issues and after one treatment I am already feeling better. I will book another appointment. Their on line booking system is great.

Highly Recommend
I came in with severe pinched nerve/sciatica pain and Alina has been so helpful and attentive through every appointment. I now see her on a regular basis and will Continue to do so. The space is warm and inviting ! Alina will help you heal!
Tiffany Jackson

Acupuncture and cupping
Alina is very good at what she does, acupuncture and cupping, I would recommend her if you have chronic pains

Very informative and feel so much better. Am able to sit longer and walk more. Thank you very much.
Joanne Thomas

Compassionate patient centered care
I was feeling very sick with a bad cold and I called in and left a message to make an appointment, the online booking was all filled up for the day. Within the hour Gord called me back and managed to take time out of his busy day to see me right away. I really appreciated the flexibility and compassion that he showed me, along with a great treatment. Thank you Gord.
Rebecca T

Wonderful People, Amazing Service
I am so happy this is the place I chose to go to for acupuncture. Gord is fantastic, and so knowledgeable. I love the conversations, the learning experience, and the way I feel after. I have been coming here for regular tune-ups for almost a year and have noticed improvements in my general well being and state of mind. I always look forward to my next appointment.
Sarra L

I was referred to Gord by a friend and I had a fantastic experience! He took the time to chat with me about what I was hoping to receive from the day’s treatment, thoroughly explained each procedure, and it was the most gentle acupuncture I have ever received. Very calming environment as well!
Victoria C

Initial appointment
This was my first experience with acupuncture, so I don’t have any frame of reference. That being said I found it was an interesting experience. I went into the appointment with pretty extreme anxiety and left fairly calm, so it seemed to serve it’s purpose. Gord is very wise and offers a lot of advise, which I found extremely enlightening, I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Great visit
It’s always great to visit Gord, I leave the clinic feeling so much better and recharged. Thank you!!!
Teresa A

Experienced Acupunturists!
Gord has been doing this for a while and has a PHD in other studies too. He will look after you and teach you things, making your appointment really worthwhile. I have been seeing him since he was practicing his practical portion at MacEwan University. He was professional and capable then, and certainly is now. I recommend him to everyone. The atmosphere at ATP is calming too.
Janis Stashko

Great experience
Gord has been great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I feel relaxed, peaceful and energized after my sessions. The office is clean and relaxing the moment you walk in.

Great massages
Marisha is an amazing masseuse! She listens and customizes my massages based on what’s going on with my body. She is a treasure!
Claire T

5 stars plus
It’s been awhile since my first treatment with Gord, the healing has been far reaching and long lasting. Very profound. 5 stars is not enough , this is an entire constellation !!! Thank you Thank you Thank you
Lori Gilchrist

Last treatment
Amazing treatment, super friendly and comfortable. The most pain reliefe I’ve felt in years. 10/10 would recommend

The Best!
When I got home after my appointment, I was so relaxed, I actually walked normally. I had no pain in my knee, and I did normal things like vacuum. It’s fantastic. Everyone must try this for their aches and pains.
Dawn A

The Acupuncture Turning Point
I have never been to acupuncture. Dr. Grant made me feel comfortable and explained thoroughly what would be happening and how it would affect my body and how it would help muscles and nerves to communicate again. He actually listened to what I had to say about my issues of pain and discomfort and came up with a game plan to help me. I would definitely recommend ATP for your acupuncture needs.
Corrina Euteneier

Excellent. Alina did a great acupuncture treatment, supported by massage. Really helped reduce back pain.
Joan McCracken

Very pleased
I was really pleased with the atmosphere, service and quality of treatment that I received here. Good too the time to educate me as he went through the treatment process which I really appreciated and haven’t experienced before. I have only been there once but will go again for sure!
Kristy Kozuska

Simply the Best!
The best place to receive acupuncture and cupping treatment. Alina is among the best in her profession.
Izabella O

Great place to visit and receive treatment!
I enjoy both the pleasant atmosphere and practitioners at Turning Point. Working with Gord is very cool – he is quite knowledgeable and has no problem sharing. Massage with Marisha is very good as well. Overall such a pleasant team to deal with!! Thanks!!
Kim Masse

Eye Opener
I have had the pleasure of receiving acupuncture from Gord, and I cannot say enough good about Gord. He is so knowledgeable, not to mention compassionate, kind, and truly caring. He really listens and helps with every aspect of your life. His insights are eye opening, his practice is life changing, and I would recommend him to anyone! I adore this little clinic; it is beautiful, quiet, and they make you feel welcome and at home. I would choose this clinic over a large chain any day!

Work done
Was a shock to my system the day work done , feeling a lot better today . Goin to rebook Dr Gord wants to really help
Dwayne Smith

Alina is amazing! She carefully and thoughtfully considered what treatment would be best for my body and offered lots of information about what muscles and nerves she was targeting and why.
Claire Tuttle

Awesome as always
I love to come for massage with Marisha, it is so relaxing and it just makes me feel great! I’d recommend to anyone looking to relax and improve health
Karla F

Fantastic Service
Marisha is a wonderful massage therapist. I highly recommend her. Gord and his team are definitely on point!
Allan D

Great information….
Had a great first experience looking forward to the second session Gord was very knowledgeable Thanks
Gord was amazing. He is super calm and has a wonderful energy around him. He also seems very intuitive. Walking into the business is like going on vacation. You are instantly relaxed and feel peaceful. I felt amazing for the whole weekend after receiving my first acupuncture treatment. Can’t wait to see him again. Desiree Ferris

Acupuncture services
The service provided by Alina T is exceptional. I am very happy with the results so far. I still have couple more sessions to go but I highly recommend their services.
Mohammad Ali

Looking forward to my second treatment.
I went to see Gord on a recommendation from a friend. Anyone who knows me could not believe I was going…and I can wait for my second treatment. I highly recommend seeing Gord if you are nervous about acupuncture or are new to Chinese medicine. Gord has a calm and clear way of explaining acupuncture. During the initial visit he listens and picks up details for treatment specific for the individual. Above all he is calming to be around and has a grounding presence about him.
Patricia W

Alina takes really good care of you. I have sciatica and acupuncture seems to be the only thing that takes that pressure off and makes the muscles relax.
Terry Blundell

Shoulder injury
I’ve seen Gord a few times now and am never disappointed. The treatments I’ve received have always resulted in a more pain free existence and for that I am eternally grateful. The day after the appt though I felt so much worse but one must be patient and let the body move to the new paths – today I feel so much better and appreciate the new feeling immensely.

Great Experience
Marisha listened to my concerns and made informative suggestions to improve my issue with low back pain. I’ve been going to another place for massage therapy and happy I made the switch to the Turning Point. I love the atmosphere there.
Shelly Z

Great results
It was awesome experience I had both hands numb and tingling doctors told me to do surgery but I visit this place only one season improved almost 90% in my hands after one hour I was able to do all work before I was not able to hold cup of water in my hand
Yogini Dave

Awesome place
The treatment that I received was excellent. I loved it. It is a very nice place with professional people. I will be returning for sure.
Elise T

The session I had with Gord was awesome! The wide array of things to get done here is worth coming back for. Which I will be!
Alexander Folk

Excellent as always
I haven’t seen Alina since 2014 and is like I wasn’t gone. What she does is more than is expected and my body feels that care.
Ana Mayama (Scott)

better than chiro and massgee
I have a lot of back and neck pain, as well as migraines. I received treatment of acupuncture, cupping and IMS. After just one treatment, I feel significant release of pain and tension. Will be returning to this clinic, vs going to chiro and massage, as this treatment was much more effective and long lasting.

1st appointment with Gord
I had an assessment, acupuncture and cupping with Gord who is extremely knowledgeable and gave me lots of food for thought. Thank you for educating and enlightening me. My treatment was awesome! The office is clean, professional and has great energy is great. I will definitely be back.

Superb Stress and Tension Relief!
I can never say enough wonderful things about Alina! My chronic stress is always relieved after I see her and she makes my back feel brand new!

A Excellent Find!!
After 4 years of chronic pain I had had enough and thought I would try acupuncture for the first time. So one Saturday I Googled,found, Called and got in that day. Well you know whats running through my mind! Right! WELL…Dr. Gord was caring, knowledgeable and has helped tremendously with my pain. Not only the pain but the knowledge he has passed on has been very encouraging! I recommend Highly!
Carrie L

Excellent Place to Find Peace
I went in to have acupuncture on an ongoing back and shoulder injury and I came out feeling not only less sore but had a mental connection allowing me to truly see how important it is to take time for ME!!! You will greatly benefit mentally and physically from the excellent knowledge and experience you receive. I will defiantly be passing along a great reference to others and returning for future appointments.
Jamie C

Relief and pain free.
I have been going here for some time now and everytime I walk out I feel better. I get acupuncture and cupping done from Alina, she is wonderful and has very intuitive hands. Their is a very calm and serene atmosphere in the clinic as well which is nice to keep me relaxed from the moment I walk in. When my body hurts in anyway I go here first.
Richard Ramjohn

Very Helpful. This was the first time I’ve tried Acupunture and Gord was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable right away. I am amazed each session how much I learn from him regarding the body, mind and even perfecting my exercise routines. All around wonderful experience and I would certainly recommend him.
Tammy Mcintosh

Nicole Cassady
Great place for massage
“Marisha is excellent, her massages alone are great and now I’m hooked on cupping since she tried it on me last time for ongoing tension in my hips and shoulders. I feel that they go above and beyond with customer service at Accupuncture Turning Point! ”

Silva Hamchaoui
Excellent, I enjoy going there
“Gordon did an excellent job in my neck and back. my pain is reduced a lot. Thank you for the amazing treatment. ”

Electric acupuncture treatment
“Gord has a wealth of knowledge and gives it freely. The treatment I had did not have any immediate effect to my knowledge but has given me the courage to push the boundaries of my injury.”

Randell G
Acupuncture at its finest!!!
“Gord goes beyond just acupuncture!!! He is very knowledgeable what he does plus gives advice on different stretches and strength building moves to help you out. The place is very clean and calming atmosphere. Highly recommended, if this could get over 5 stars I would have put more stars. Also gords honey is amazing lol.”

Kent Martens
Gord is amazing
“For almost a year Gord has helped me stay active and healthy. There aren’t words to describe his care, knowledge and consistently helpful treatments and wise advice. I am so thankful for all he does to help me achieve my athletic goals. ”

Karla F
Great experience with Marisha
“This was my second time going for full body massage with Marisha and she is amazing, very skilled, she takes care of you and makes you feel very comfortable. The massage techniques are awesome, very relaxing and I leave feeling great. I’d recommend to anyone and will definitely be coming back :)”

Linda McDougall
I’m surprised by the results!
“I went to Gord hoping for an improvement to my TMJ. It has helped. I’ve also seen a dramatic improvement to the nerve damage in my feet from chemotherapy I had last year. Gord also provides great advice and information. I consider this a great investment in my health.”

Lucy Emelyanova. “I was suffering from chronic back pain,neck pain and numbness in my head for years. I have already put up with this pain and thought that nothing would help me. Alina and Gordon have “gold” hands. They not only have reduced my pain, improved my functionality but returned me to my healthy life. Excellent service!!! Recommend this clinic to everyone!!!”

“My first acupuncture. It was amazing and Gordon was very good at explaining what was going on. I was not looking forward to needles bur.i never once felt one. I will be back “.

Paula Stenson
“Gord always does and amazing job. He takes his time and great care to make sure he understands exactly what is going on. I always feel so much better when I leave than I do when I arrive. Thx Gord”

Excellent service
“Gord Grant has a wealth of knowledge about human health and it was very helpful for me to visit the clinic. It is excellent service!”

Sore back
“Wonderful! Back pain went away after one session with Gord. Definitely will be returning to get more Accupuncture done.”.

Ruth C
Great experience
“Excellent personal thorough treatment Will return again and refer others! Very impressed with experience”

Suzanne Crocker
A great place to relax
“I have been seeing Gord off and on for a while now and I can attest to his sincerity and integrity in the carrying out of his practice. He is also very skilled at what he does and I love the quiet and peaceful vibe of his clinic. He never seems rushed and always has time to discuss whatever is ailing me and comes with lots of interesting information and suggestions for improving my health. I highly recommend Gord.”

Lee P
Great acupunture experience
“I have been visiting the Acupunture Turning Point for a couple years now. I was referred by a friend and am very glad she did. Both Alina and Gord have provided me with acupuncture for my old lacrosse injuries flaring up and for stress and muscle relaxation. I know I am in good hands here and will continue coming, thanks!”

Karla V
Already showing improvement
“This was my second time having acupuncture and I already show improvement, my immune system seems to be fighting stronger against my ailments. I’ll definitely be coming back! ”

Effective Treatment
“Gordon is very knowledgeable and spends the time to understand root causes. He is a great acupuncturist and healer. I have been going to APT for the past 3.5 years and have always left feeling better. Acupuncture and modern day medicine are better together and Gordon will explain all the benefits and also when to see your Doctor. ”

Joel Turigan
Exceptional experience
“I met with Gord again and as always he was eager and very knowledgeable. He quickly diagnosed my problem and fixed it just as fast. Gord is very good at explaining the issue and ways to prevent and treat in the future. It’s always a pleasure and I look forward to my next visit. ”

Tammy M
Great experience.
“I was a bit of a wreck when i came in the door, stressed out with some pain and sleeping issues. Grant made me feel welcomed and took time to try to get to the root of my issues. I felt very calm when i left after my appointment..dare i say zen like. Will be continuing working on my issues. ”

Cam B
The Upmost Excellence and Results
“My treatments here with the staff have been top notch and allowed me to recover and maintain a healthy back. ”

Chris S
Great every time
“I have been seeing Gord for several years now. Always feel better after a session. I go for regular maintenance would would highly encourage others as well. Gord’s scientific approach to things provides me a great deal of confidence that what is being performed has a basis in science as well as tradition.”

Iyabode A
Pain free Clinic
“I went in to see Dr Gordon with my pain issue and I left the clinic with no pain. What a miracle. I will definitely recommend Dr Gordon. He just make you comfortable and walk you through the process step by step.”

Mark G
Evidence-Based Acupuncture
“Gordon understands the science and art of acupuncture and directs his wealth of practical experience and technical skills to help his client restore health. I personally work in the health field and over the years have visited many clinicians. In my case, he not only relieved my lower back spasm, but also taught me exercises to prevent future issues. Gord is in a league of his own. He takes responsibility for this own health optimization and empowers his clients to do the same. “

Mabeha Attitalla
“Gord is fantastic to deal with. He’s very professional, friendly and honest about your treatment. I’ve noticed a huge improvement after the first session. Thank you so much and i’m very happy to have met you!”

Karen M
Back pain alleviated!
“Gord is incredibly knowledgeable and has treated a variety of my ailments with great success. He goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule to ensure I receive care when I need it. I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived.”

Marnie L
Excellent relief of neck and back pain
“I had an accident years ago and my neck and back seize up at times leaving me in severe pain and limited mobility. I have had excellent care by Gord who has helped to relieve the pain and get me moving again. He is professional, knowlegeable and thorough in his care. ”

Andrea G
Very Thorough
“The care I received was excellent. The practitioner was respectful, knowledgeable, and thorough. I was given a variety of treatments to best treat the troubled area. The practitioner took her time and explained any questions I had. It was a very good experience. ”

“Super clean, great staff, and a truly amazing place! Gord is amazing and has honestly changed my life! Would recommend to everyone!”

joyce macdonald
Oh what a relief it is!
“I contacted Gord Saturday morning because I could not turn my head or nod. I was in serious acute teeth-clenching pain. Muscle relaxants did not even touch it. Gord used multiple techniques (Gua sha, cupping, and acupuncture) to to bring forward the area of concern and address it, and taping to help me remember to hold myself properly while I recovered. I had immediate pain relief and long term improvement. Proper neck rotation within 24 hours. Thanks Gord!”

Rose H
Great Clinic
“Very happy with my treatment. Very professional, comfortable and clean. Will recommend to everyone I know in Edmonton and hope to use their services again when I’m in town. Thanks Gord!”

Daniel P
“Very inviting and easy to talk to environment. Excited about further working together to correct the issue. ”

Ross M
Quiet venue, knowledgable staff.
“I have nothing but good things to say. I’ll be going back again. I will be referring people as well.”

Debra Murphy
Physical and emotional enlightenment
“I have Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, an Injury to my neck. Gord relieved the migraines completely. He incouraged me to seek help for the sciatica and in that process I was diagnosed with the Fibro. Gord is the reason for my life changing into a healthier way. I am forever grateful to Gord, for his expertise, for his caring, and down to earth approach. Thank you Gord! Come experience The Acupuncture Turning Point and become a healthier you! Peace ”

Tara Spendelow
Great atmosphere. Great massage.
“I felt great after my massage. The atmosphere was very calming and Marisha was very welcoming and easy to talk to. ”

Krista Boyd
Life changer
“Before I found Gord I have been attending massage and seeing a chiropractor back to back, on almost a weekly basis. The first visit with Gord and I had instantly felt relief. And every day I continued to feel much better. I woudl HIGHLY recommend seeing Gord, as he is very professional, and knows a lot about teh body functions, systems. He is much in tune with a healthy mind and body, which I personally think is important when you are looking for someone to heal you. ”

Lorna M
Quiet tranquil
“I had a very good experience here being my first time with acupuncture and all. He was very informative and knowledgable the place was very inviting and relaxing I am going back 10 out of 10 ”

Game changer
“The treatments with Gord have proven invaluable during the process of healing, and self-actualization I have been undergoing over the past year. Gord treats each person as an intricate, but integral system, working on the healing of both body and soul simultaneously. I highly reccoment giving The Turning Point a go.”

Brent M
Bells Palsy
“I went ATP for treatment of my Bells Palsy. I really believed it helped speed up my recovery. Gord is very thorough with explaining the procedure and treatment options. I will keep coming back for other ailments. I highly recommend the ATP.”

Kayla Hare
Great Experience
“I went to ATP after my chiro recommended Gord and I had a great experience. He was very knowledgeable and made the entire experience relaxing as I was quite nervous with it being my first time receiving acupuncture. I highly recommend ATP! ”

Sheila C
new client
“been seeing Gord since march and my sleep has gone from 3 hours a night to 7 ..my shoulder was always in painfoe the last 8 months and its much better now thanks ”

Ryan B
First time for Acupuncture and Cupping
“I was hesitant to say the least about getting this done but Gord made me feel comfortable and is extremely knowledgeable. I weight lift 5-7 times a week which causes extreme muscle tightness and eventually joint pain which even the best massage therapists have trouble getting out. I feel a huge difference already and will definitely be returning to see him very soon!”

Erika H
Sawing logs
“I’ve been seeing Gord for ages, but for the first time yesterday I fell right asleep during the acupuncture session. My lower back was improved and I got a nap in too! 🙂 ”

Great experience
“ATP is a great acupuncture clinic. Gord and the team know how to treat a patient and are full of so ugh knowledge. ”

Marianne Therien
Beyond belief!
“I have had so many leg problems and went to see Gord Grant as a last hope. I was amazed after the first treatment. I no longer need pain medication and will continue monthly to keep the pain intact. Gord also helped with some back and liver issues. He is so kind and upbeat and knowledgeable. I look forward to our talks. It is peaceful and relaxing. I am in for the long haul.”

Ivan O
Treatment ++ = ☺
“Through a growing varied approach (not only acupuncture) Gord eases the tension of decades of abuse.”

Amazing Experience
“First time trying acupuncture. Loved the calm environment felt like I was in completely professional and peaceful area. Very confident in their professionalism and very at put ease by their friendliness. Will definitely be going back as needed and recommending to all.”

Clarissa Jobson
“Amazing. Treated with such care and comfort. Highly recommend going to see Marisha Garcia. Thank you”

By far the best!
“Dr Grant is full of knowledge and it’s not only about acupuncture! Great guy. Down to earth and Shows a lot of interest in the patient and helping them. Office is cozy, calm and quiet. Love the energy in it! ”

E Thompson
Thanks Gord!
“I went in to see Gord the morning before a physically demanding shift at work. Prior to my appointment I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to go to work that day as my shoulders were very achy and stiff. I felt continuously better throughout the day after the appointment and felt 100% at work. I appreciated his wise approach to my condition; clearly trying to understand the root of the problem. ”

Jesse R
Was a non believer
“I was very sceptacal at first but could not deny the results. Have now referred countless number of people to this place. All have seen results too. ”

One of a kind
“Dr. Gord is one of a kind. Very knowledgeable, and genuine person that seeks to understand your root issues and helps you approach your goals from a whole new perspective. His acupuncture/cupping is very therapeutic and healing. His insight is always refreshing and positive. ”

Very good service
“Gordon and Marisha do excellent job and the whole experience at the clinic is very positive. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody who is seeking an effective treatment and knowledgeable staff. ”

Highly Recommended!
“I went for several visits to Gord ,for my shoulder pain. His acupuncture treatment was excellent!. He is very knowledgeable person. I had massage therapy once with Marisha , and she is excellent too. ”

Experience at The Acupuncture Tree
” I had a tremendous experience at The Acupuncture Tree during my time with them. Gordon and Marisha along with the other staff did an exceptional job, and they’re both very knowledgable in the respective positions. I’ve recommended them to many of my friends and family, and will continue to seek therapy there for some time coming. If you are seeking genuine and effective treatment I strongly recommend you work with them towards your recovery goal. ”

“Wondeful environment and very helpful people. Had a great experience. Gord is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to go there soon.”

Myofascial pain
“Gord always tries to help using various techniques. The treatment for my myofascial pain (pain in my face from referred points in my back) did work, he triggered the right points. Very good experience with Gord.”

Cheryl M
“Enjoyed my appointment with Gord. Nice tranquil atmosphere. I will return in the neat future for more treatments !”

Sara Collins
Great 1st experience
“What a wonderful atmosphere and lovely, helpful people! It was my first time ever receiving an acupuncture treatment. It was soothing, and informative. I can’t wait to return!”

Above expectations!
“The dedication and care that is given with treatments is above all expectations. Always kind, courteous, professional and accommodating! ”

Barb Keet
Massage with Marisha
“I have been twice now and she does a really good job. She asks how the pressure is throughout .I recommend her highly.”

Neal B
Great experience
“Amazing knowledge, informative, friendly, honest, not looking for returns, very relaxing. The Acupuncture Turning Point experience has been a life changing for me, dealing with a lower back injury Gordan has eliminated the pain enabling a great healing process. One first visit 5yrs ago was amazing! Felt like I was cured! Now injured again went in for a second “tune-up” in the midst of healing a few days later but immediately the change is there, it’s wonderful! Thanks Gord! See you in another 5yr”

Kent M
Wonderful experience. Treatment was well explained and received much relief.
“My son received treatment from Gord for a sore back and shoulder area. The treatment Kent received helped so much. Today he is feeling so good – a very unexpected turn of events given his discomfort yesterday. We also really appreciated the kindness, knowledge and empowerment Gord shared with regards to muscle awareness and knowledge. Very wonderful experience for a 13 year old aspiring athlete.”

Very skilled and professional
“Gord who does Acupuncture is so kind, interesting and gifted at the work he does. I’ve been seeing him for a while now and I always feel much better after a session. I would feel completely confident referring anybody to him.”

Always an amazing experience

“I’ve been seeing Gord for Acupuncture for almost a year now. It seems no matter the ailment, he always has a solution, and it never fails to work. Gord’s techniques and knowledge had helped solve constant headaches I was getting for over 3 weeks, he relieved me of pain from my shoulder I had for years, and practised cupping on me when I had bronchitis. It seems no matter the challenge, Gord has a solution that works!! I’ve recommended Gord to all my friends and family.!”

Leonja S
Gord is super
“I have had three treatments with Gord. He is very knowledgable and really tries to help, with success for me in my neck and shoulder area. I certainly recommend Gord if you are looking for help with pain.”

Gord is Great!
“I had my first experience with Gord on short notice very recently. I was in quite a lot of discomfort from possibly a sprained back, and Gord was very accommodating in explaining the various reasons for the pain while also not rushing me through treatment. To say Gord is very knowledgable of his craft would be an understatement. He is clearly passionate about what he does and ensuring his clients get the best results. Gord also doesn’t try to push additional treatments on you. A+ for sure”

Michael Beblo
“Going to ‘The Acupuncture Turning Point’ is like going to a retreat not just going for a treatment. Edmonton is blessed to have this facility which on the outside appears innocuous but once entering is transformative. Gordon provides an experience much beyond acupuncture – genuinely reflective in his approach to the client’s needs and having a transformational effect on client’s own approach to what ails.”

Debra L
Great Massage
“Marisha provided an exceptional massage experience – attentive, intuitive and personalized service delivered with warmth and care.”

Massage with new therapist
“Marisha was excellent. She is very knowledgeable and her techniques very effective. I would highly recommend her! ”

Gaylene B
Great. I love the atmosphere when you first walk in. So green and warm with plants and music. Very nice people too.

Shikyra Lalonde-Severight.
Great acupuncture. Very Informative, the acupuncture was helpful, the guy is very nice! We felt welcomed and comfortable!

Lori F
Best Massage Ever!
Exceptional. Attentive. Meticulous. Intuitive. Accommodating. Healing, that is Marisha. If you’re looking for a skilled massage therapist who is personable you will want to see Marisha.

Vivian Taylor
Marisha is a Must See for Massage.
I tried Marisha for a massage for the first time last week. I was very impressed on how talented and knowledgeable this young woman is. She has strength in those hands!!! She knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure to release those tight knots. She also took the time to share some simple exercises and stretches to help manage the pain from my sore muscles. She made me feel at ease and the experience was nothing short of Heavenly!

Vivian Taylor
ATP is by Far A Blessing – Go see Gord!
I have been seeing Gord now for over 2 years for back/shoulder pain, digestion issues, kidney stones and just for overall health and well being. The relief and level of comfort I feel after a treatment is beyond amazing! I am extremely relaxed and in no pain when he has worked his magic on me with various Acupuncture techniques and his immense knowledge on not just Acupuncture but about science and the human body. Gord pays attention which contributes to his success in treating his clients.

Jackie Secondcost
Fantastic Message
If I could give this place more stars I would! I booked an appointment with Marisha and it was the best message I have ever experienced. She was very knowledgeable and gave me some great insight to my daily living and how to feel better. I will definitely go back to her, afterwards I felt so relaxed. Thank you again for the great service !

knowledgable therapist
Impressed with the care shown and knowledge shared in my first visit. I appreciate the whole person approach. Will definitely be returning.

Rob M
very happy
I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he was and how much I learned in one visit. I was treated for a sore lower back, low energy and psoriasis. The next morning I was very impressed. My back felt great I and I had lots of energy. In the mornings my back was always stiff, after one treatment it was fixed so far. He had given me A natural herb powder to take for my skin disorder its only been a few days and I won’t know for a few weeks if it works. I highly recommend this place

Marcia G
I very recently tried acupuncture for the first time and, although I was a bit leary at first, after doing a bit of research, I decided to try it for my pain, resulting from an injury. I was so impressed with Gord’s knowledge and expertise with the methods used! A very calming experience, also! Wow! I am booked to return for my third treatment-results are looking positive! Thank you, Dr. Gord!

Tracey M
They understand
I was suffering with nausea for 6 days. I tried emerg dept for relief, medical centres etc.. I kept getting prescriptions for stomach acid etc. Not one of them noticed that I was suffering from extreme anxiety. I called this office to inquire about treatment. I didn’t have to explain much on the phone. They took me in later that day and had an amazing treatment with Alina. I will be returning because they WANT to help. I walked out hungry btw. So grateful for ATP.

Mary Wood
A place where someone listens
This is a special place where the gift of listening to a person helps in the process of healing. I wish the medical profession would learn from ATP.

Lyne Gosselin
Work of Art
Alina is attentive to details. She will take time to understand the injury and will make sure her treatment is the most efficient for healing. She looks at the human body as a work of art and will take attention every little detail.

Lin Snelling
intelligent healing
Gord Grant is an excellent acupuncturist and the atmosphere at The Acupuncture Turning Point is all about intelligent healing: I have been a client for awhile now and am always recommending the clinic to colleagues and friends. Gord’s work allows for stepping into your own healing process whether it be for chronic pain or preventive care.

Gord is very well informed and skilled at this art. I came to have him look at a major knot that was recurring after a strain quite some time ago, and the acupuncture has helped very much.

Mei Li Liaw
A New Appreciation for Acupuncture !
My childhood consisted of many, if not all the techniques Gordan had executed on me. Until finding The Acupuncture Turning Point I was very doubtful if I were to ever find a office in which could offer the services my grandmother and mother had used/taught me. My visit consisted of the combination of gua sha, cupping, acupuncture and soft tissue relief! With my experience, with other practises, I would only get one to possibly TWO techniques at MOST.

Nice little place
Its a nice relaxing atmosphere. They seem very knowledgable and very caring. Will be going back. 5 stars

This group is very knowledgeable and their treatment plans are very effective. I have been seeing Carl for over 2 years for back and neck problems and I feel significantly better. Now I just return for regular maintenance. Gord is excellent as well – combine both acupuncture and massage for quick and effective results! This team is superb!

My first time visit to see Gord he is Very knowledgeable, really listen to my concerns & addressed my specifically condition Peaceful and clean. Love love love this centre

Lane S
Great Clinic!
I have been in to see Gord on several issues and continue to return. He is very professional and knowledgeable. The office is very clean and has a great environment. I would highly recommend Acupuncture Turning Point. The online appointment booking also makes it easy to schedule a time and receive a reminder.

Anne F
Highly recommended!
I was to see Gord for the first time and I highly recommend his services. It’s so heart warming with how he interacts and truly connects with the clients. Walking into the office feels like entering a Zen garden! I’ll be back!!

Sharlene C
First impressions
My first visit was more than expected. I was treated with respect and caring. At no time was I felt that my problem was insignificant. The knowledge and experience was clearly obvious as well. I would truly suggest this path of healing be experienced. While it was my first visit… first impressions are important. I already have my next appointment booked and look forward to seeing the progess continue.

Alexa Davidson
Amazing experience. The staff is very friendly and the place is very clean and relaxing. Love it there!

First and only acupuncturist I’ll go to
Have only seen turning point for a couple of sessions but have the utmost faith in the staff. Not only do they greet you with open arms but they’re caring, ask how your day was, and knowledgeable on what practices they are administering plus they tell you what they will be doing and the effects it will have.

Very happy, would recommend
The staff at Turning Point are professional and dedicated to what they do. I was very happy with the massage services I received.

Kim D
Highly recommended!
Carl has really been a huge help for me. I’ve found such a difference in my pain levels when I see him regularly. I highly recommend all the services Carl, Gord and the team provide.

Peggy K
Awesome Massage
Carl is amazing, he is very intuitive and is able to work out even the toughest of knots! I see him before and after my running races.

Highly recommended.
Fantastic experience. I went in with upper back pain and Carl ensured the right muscle groups were targeted in both a repairing and relaxing manner. Will definitely be returning.

Kelly Kot
I came in with an aggravated lower back pain issue. The session proved to relieve all pain associated with condition. Discomfort returned at a lower level. Maintenance visits will be required to aid in recovery, along with a weight reduction exercise program.

Brian H
A pain solution!
Very effect for the reduction of muscle pain and tension. Great service. Grant will have you as good as new in no time.
Mike D
There is nobody better out there when it comes to the knowledge and skills that Gord has and his professionalism.

Karen Lasuik
Above and Beyond
Gord goes above and beyond, taking the time to ensure whatever it is that ails you is treated with careful consideration. He thoroughly explains the reasoning behind the choice of treatment in a way anyone can understand. If more time is required, he readily provides you with the option of extending the session. He truly is passionate about his craft and patients.

Syndi Shumski
Acupuncture review
Relationships are huge Gord has helped me in more ways than one over the last 5 years. I leave there every time with a sense of renewed health relaxation and mentally empowered..

My experience with Dr.Grant realized results after just 2 treatments.Dr. Grant is very attentive,informative,explanatory,knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in helping with your health concerns.I would highly recommend Dr. Grant.

Still loving it
I always leave feeling refreshed and restored. I really can’t say enough good things about this place. Gord’s insights about the medicine and just life in general make for knowledge to help anyone

Meagen Smyth
Deep Tissue with Carl
While it can be immensely painful (due to my own physically strenuous lifestyle) I always leave my appointments with Carl feeling much better. He does a great job of working the trigger points and knots out of my muscles! Great table side manner and very professional. I always feel completely secure and comfortable on his table.

Arlene S
Acu with Gord
Gord really listened to my concerns and seem genuinely concerned. It was an overall great experience. So relaxing I think I fell asleep for a bit. Looking forward to next treatment.

Lorraine Sclotter
Jun 12, 2016
Community acupuncture
Really enjoyed my acupuncture experience. It was very relaxing with a comfortable inviting space and the acupuncturist was very knowledgable. I would recommend this to those that have never experienced acupuncture to get a taste of what it’s all about, or for those that want to maintain their health without the full cost of a treatment.

Alina is simply amazing. Her creative and intuitive nature always helps me feel better with mental or physical discomfort.

Acup with Gord
Always a terrific experience- good deep talks about the meaning of life and how energy flow is such a part of that- how acupuncture relates to everything….. He has helped my back, shoulders, jaw nerves and muscles over the past 5 years. I highly recommend him and his approach to health.

Marissa L
Amazing as always
I love coming to the Acupuncture Turning point! Alina has vast knowledge of the body and how to fix your aches and pains. She spends the time getting to know your problems and how to fix them. She never worries about the clock, only making sure you leave feeling better, which is very hard to find! I also see Carl for massage & he also makes sure you leave feeling better! I have improved a lot since first coming here & I will never go elsewhere!

Len O
Knotted back muscles from overexcersion
Had a great experience, the combination treatment of cupping, acupuncture and massage really worked well to loosen up and return muscle mobility. Comfortable and clean professional manner of their place was an added bonus to the high quality of the work done to returning me in my daily routine…. Thanks Grant Hope to return soon… It will be nice to have other injuries worked on by you and your team

Danielle D
I went for my first time and Dr. Grant was very knowledgeable and explained to me everything he was doing. Awesome place!

Yazeed Abdallah
Loving it
Always come out feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a session. Gord is a great guy, who always teaches me about myself. I can’t say enough good things about acupuncture turning point

Initial Visit
This was my first visit to The Acupuncture Turning Point; I was having extreme lower back pain and Gord was so understanding and was able to relieve 50% of my pain! For the last 2 weeks I have been suffering in pain and within one visit I got so much relief!

Kanyapat Pooyim
5 stars Recommended for everyone
The place look so nice and relax. Gord is very good acupuncture and cupping. I was hurting from sport injury and office syndrome. He spend a lot of time talk, and analyze and cure.

Ashley MacHattie
Very Knowledgable
I really enjoyed how personable Gordon was and professional. He was very hands on as well rather then just sticking needles in you and walking out. Highly Recommend.

Christine P
amazing clinic!!
I have plenty of accupupuncture clinics around the block from where I live but I drive across the city to see Alina because she helps me tremendously with migraines. She goes above and beyond to help, she listens, and she doesnt rush through the appointment.

Jonathon Hechter
So knowledgeable!!
Gord has so much knowledge of his craft and can easily explain not only what treatment he is performing but also why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Marissa L
Phenomenal Service
Once again Aleena has outdone herself! I went in to get an acupuncture treatment, and she really knows her stuff! She spends the time trying to figure out what is causing the pain as well as fixing it. I love this clinic because it isn’t about the money for them! It’s about helping the patient and about trying to make the pain less! It’s nice to go to a clinic where their goal is to fix you rather then want to see you every couple days! Aleena knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her!

Kim T
Life saver
I had the worst migraine for 4 days straight. I came in to see Carl who was incredibly helpful and professional! I woke up today feeling so much better. I was shocked and happy how relieved I was of this pain. I will recommend everyone to him and will definitely be back!

Silva H
Excellent services
Excellent services I have been there more than once and each time I leave from there it’s like the pain never existed.

Rebecca Smyth
Turning Point
What a beautiful space for healing of any kind. Relaxing, calm, experienced staff and surroundings. I would definitely recommend this place!

Jane S
Great Experience
I find the community accupuncture a great way to get a weekly session! Ilina is a great practitioner, easy to talk to and helpful with questions and advice. I would (and have)recommend this clinic to others!

Amazing Experience
Peaceful atmosphere, incredibly clean, and wonderful staff. I visit Gord Grant and he is incredibly knowledgable and very peaceful to talk to. Getting acupuncture from Gord does not just help with injuries, it also helps to relax the mind body and soul. I recommend Gord and ATP to everyone!

Farid F
Great Service
Great staff, knowledgeable and they try everything they can to make your aches & pains go away. I visit Gord Grant, when I need professional help to heal my injuries. There is more than what they offer on their web site. Gord listens to your problem and tries many methods to help! I recommend ATP & Gord to anyone.

Kara O
Wonderful Experience Every Time
Having suffered from chronic pain for many years, finding Gord at ATP was an amazing feat! I leave there feeling amazing every single time!

Patrick D
No pain!
Gordon has been able to get my lower back functioning with minimal treatment, unlike the Chiropractor I was seeing.I would recommend anyone with back pain to call him.

Karen Lasuik
Complete Care
Gord takes his time to ensure he provides the absolute best care for whatever ailments he’s dealing with. He explains everything thoroughly and ensures his patients have a complete understanding before leaving his office. If you are scared of acupuncture; don’t be. It’s surprisingly painless and provides great relief. I highly recommend Gord – he’s treated a number of sport related issues I’ve had and I continue to go back to him as I encounter new areas of concern.

Quality care
I have seen both Gord and Carl both exceptional at their trade Gord is extremely knowledgeable but will not baffle you with science but rather through discussion find how he can best enable you to get the best from his work. If you are scared or sceptical of acupuncture I recommend the plunge with Gord. Carl though young shows intuition beyond his age with very good intuition in his bodywork with a obvious innate knowledge of how to realease muscles and enable stabilisation. Both quality

Karen M
Sciatic Relief
Having never experienced acupuncture, I was looking forward to confirming the value of this therapy and I was not disappointed. After only 2 treatments, the pain associated with the sciatic nerve was virtually eliminated and let me say, for the 2 weeks previous, I was in a great deal of pain. I was very impressed with Gordon’s knowledge and how effective the sessions were. I am grateful for the relief.

Jessica R
Excellent Massage Therapy
2 massage sessions did more for some longstanding health concerns than I could have imagined. Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, extremely good results.

Travis C
Acupuncture Turning Point Review
The welcoming environment of the place is both relaxing and professional. The services provided are explained in great detail, giving you an understanding to what/why each technique is being applied.

Ashley H
Definitely will be back!
Gord was absolutely amazing! He was very kind and made me feel extremely comfortable! Highly recommend

3 Year Experience
I have been recieving acupuncture treatments for about three years now and feel that they have contributed to my overall health in many ways. Always a comprehensive and relaxing experience!

Jesse R
Great work
Very good service, feel noticeably better right away. Have been going for over 2 years at random times.

Fast recovery
Gord is a great healthcare provider and problem solver. He spends the time to understand your history and to track your progress throughout your treatment. He is very knowledgeable. It only took one treatment and some herbs to alleviate some GI problems I was having for two weeks!

Mario Simard
very helpful
had major pain in my lower back and the next day , after only one visit , I was feeling much better,

Sarah Smallwood
Great Atmosphere and Employees
I always go to Carl at the Acupuncture Turning Point for therapeutic massages for issues with my back. Carl is knowledgable and skillful and the atmosphere is very relaxing. I would 100% recommend anyone to go to Carl for a massage.

First time getting acupuncture, was scary at first but ended up being very therapeutic. Would go for another treatment.

Peggy K
Best Therapeutic Massage Ever!
I’m a runner that suffers from serious hip pain. I’ve tried pretty much everything to alleviate the pain with no success. My running buddy referred me to Carl and I am so glad she did! After one, one hour session I walked out with no hip pain – I couldn’t believe it! I will definitely be seeing Carl again and will refer my friends to him.

Marissa L
Favorite place to go!
I have never found a place with as many knowledgeable, helpful people. I see Alina for acupuncture and Carl for massage to help with muscle tension from a car accident 3 years ago. I also get migraines. Between the two of them, I’ve finally been able to have some pain free days! They care about their clients well being and not about the money which is awesome to see! I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Acupuncture and Massage
Gordon and Carl are awesome and their treatments are very effective. This group has extensive knowledge on various treatment methods and really try their best to find the root cause. They take the time to ask you questions about your history, symptoms, lifestyle and other factors contributing to your pain or other issues. I highly recommend their services!

Terry Cunningham
Highly recommended
Shoulder problems hopefully one treatment in the second one I’ll be back to normal shoulders are really sore could not use him

Paula Stenson
Grant always takes amazing care of me. We did some soft tissue work as well. Left with so much more mobility in my next!

Les Kasha
Siatic nerve
Went in not knowing what to expect. Back issues last 3 weeks. The next day I felt less stress in my back, was able to drive comfortably….Try this acupuncture it really works

Dec 25, 2015
Knowledgeable Practitioners
As always I had an excellent experience with Alina! She helped loosen my jaw, relieve my stress level, and get my menstrual cycle back on track.

Colin S
Keeping the body straight
First went here through advice of friend. Had an issue that was not going away, one visit and issue corrected!! Gord is amazing and always has great info to pass along. Have learned much in only 2 visits.

Great as always
Great as always! Highly recommend. Gord makes an hour seem like twenty minutes. I will always come back here.

Friendly and effective service!
I’ve been experiencing pain and tightness in my right shoulder for years. After visiting Dr. Grant I immediately felt relief – I now visit him regularly for maintenance and when it flares up again. Visiting him is always a pleasant experience!

Accupuncture shoulder pain and headaches
I’ve only had one session of accupuncture with Alena and have seen improvement in my condition. Definitely going back!

Lee Wish
From Spazzed to Jazzed
I experienced back spasms for the first time in my life, and Carl was able to help ease my muscles. I went to the chiropractor on Saturday and saw Carl for a massage on Sunday. He managed to coax relaxation from my very sore and tense muscles. Thank-you so much! I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this all along!!!! I’ve started training for triathlon, and obviously massage needs to be a part of it 😀

Shoulder pain
I really recommend this place. Staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is very peaceful. Definitely going back!

Nicola D
Vital Step in My Healing
I started seeing Gord in the summer when my body and mind began to wear out with marathon training. He is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful and has been a vital part in helping me relax and heal my body and mind.

Rhonda S
Highly recommend for sports injuries!
I have had only one session so far with Alina, but already I am experiencing tremendous improvement in my tennis elbow. My arms are critical to my work as a software developer so this is an enormous relief to me!

Ina Clark
Acupuncture recommended!
I’ve been seeing Gord for acupuncture. He’s not only been competent and knowledgeable but genuinely compassionate and caring with his treatments. I absolutely recommend him as a health care practitioner.

Calm and Relaxing Environment
I’ve had two great sessions with Dr.Grant. He has a very warm and personable bedside manner and took great interest in my particular situation and what I was looking for. So far the results have been very positive and I look forward to continuing to work the Gord into the foreseeable future. The clinic is very calming, quiet and warm, and overall offers a comfortable experience.

Marissa L
Fabulous Experience
I have visited them before for acupuncture but this was my first time going in for a massage. I opted for a 25 minutes massage just to see how it went. It was a great experience. The pressure was perfect and it alleviated the pain I had been feeling and restored my range of motion. I will definitely be returning for a longer massage.

Great experience
I went in to try and get my labor started naturally and to also relax my body to get it ready for labor. Gord was very knowledgeable and very warm and friendly. It worked I went into labour the next day 🙂 I would recommend going in if you’re trying to induce labour naturally but also if you are looking for an acupuncture experience that will help with your ailments. Definitely will be going back! Thanks Gord!

A great experience as always. I will be referring my friends to Alina in the future to help with their chronic back problems.

First experience
This was my first experience with this type of treatment. At first it seemed to be really good. I seemed mostly free of pain. However, the next day I almost could not move, I was in terrrible pain. I am still in pain but it seems to slowly be subsiding. I still get very bad bouts of pain.

Nathan Kawulka
I have had two lovely sessions and conversations with the excellent Gordon. Definitely a must if you’re feeling anything untoward happening in your bod, mind, spirit.

Happy Runner
Ok every athlete should be getting massages. I feel fantastic and ready to tackle another amazing run event. So good for the body and mind!

PRO job
Very relaxing atmosphere, I am feeling relief from my chronic back pain. I have tried many places but this is my destination for relief.

I don’t usually review but I have been dealing with pain for a year now and after 2 visits has helped greatly. Please keep in mind if have been changing my whole habits and visited my doctor also. As a man approaching 50, I realized that I have to start looking after myself better for my family. Acupuncture from this centre is a key component to my health improvement, thank you thank you thankyou

Raj Sandhu
First time going to Acupuncture
Gord and the team are fantastic. First time going to this clinic and receiving acupuncture for the first time ever. I suffer from fatigue, low back pain, and neck pain. Just from one session, I have already noticed an improvement in my neck and sleep. Thank you! I will definitely be back. You guys rock!

Amber W
I left feeling relaxed and the tightness in my back was significantly less. Not having been able to sleep very well in the past, it was a nice change of pace to get a good, full night sleep that night. Dr. Gord Grant was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Vienna D
Back Acupuncture
It was a very therapeutic acupuncture session. I find myself being able to stand straighter and there is definitely less tension in my back. No stiffness when I woke up this morning and no soreness while walking. Thank you Alina!

Kim D
Highly recommended!!!
I’ve been coming here for a while and I just love it! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and Carl is a miracle worker. He is really making a difference for me. Try it, you’ll love it.

I cant say enough about how amazing Gordon Grant is as both a person and a practitioner. Gordon is knowledgeable, thorough, and caring. I seeked acupunture for pain management.

Amy H
Acupuncture & Moxibustion
Wonderful service!!! I really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and how great I felt after my treatment!!
customer since September 2015

Fantastic post marathon massage.. ready to get running again. Super service! This years marathon prep included working on my hip muscles. What a difference. I felt 1000 times better this time than after my first marathon

Shelley Deveau
Gord was fantastic! such positive results! One treatment and things have changed so much already! Thank you Gord
Katlyn Prins
Gord and Alina have helped me so much! Their treatment and expertise have made me feel so much better and improved my quality of life. Highly recommend!

Highly Recommend
Professional and caring. I’ve been here twice, once for acupuncture and the other time for a deep tissue massage. Their attitudes were great and very skilled practitioners.

Allan D
Always exceptional!
Gord and his team are always professional and personable. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to improve their quality of life through alternative medicine. The environment is peaceful and tranquil, and the team always make for a great conversation.

Kylee Hayes
Great Acupuncture!
Once again very great session! Very highly recommended, I had Alenia and Gord, both are very thorough.

I have a chronically tight shoulder, and tension in my neck to the point that the area was going numb. After 1 session with Gord the numbness is gone for the first time in a very long time! I’m so surprised!! I’m looking forward to more sessions with Gord!

jagroop rai
Amazing experience
suffering from chronic back and leg pain, Carl did a great job on my first visit, i no longer have leg pain hopefully he can fix up backpain soon too.

Avy Dhillon
Gord is the best !
Gordon’s immense knowledge and experience shows in his work.Apart from being absolutely amazing in what he does,he is really polite and generous.I have never felt nervous during any of my sessions.The best thing about the whole experience is that he is not “clock conscious” unlike most of the wellness centres.He would guide you to the best of his knowledge and not rush.He truly cares about the client.Please do your body a favour and book an appointment with Gord !

Lara Howett
Gord Grant and The Acupuncture Turning Point
I was so impressed with the care, consideration and knowledge of Dr. Grant. I was suffering from lower back pain that has bothered me since an injury a few years ago. I have noticed a dramatic change after one session. The office is welcoming and peaceful. Gord Grant is very calm and administers treatments while chatting and teaching you about how it is designed to help. I was a little nervous because I had never done acupuncture before. I would highly recommend Turning Point!

So i had never thought of getting acupuncture before, until just recently. Im 38 weeks pregnant and just received new benefits so i thought why not. I had no idea what it was going to be like, what would happen. Gord Grant explained absolutely everything to me, more than i was expecting so i learned so many things from him that helped me with the process and understanding my muscles. The actual process was absolutely amazing, he’s very kind and gentle and made me feel really comfortable

WELDING 101………….Hi ☺️
Welding from a ladder all day…check. Really poor body positioning….check. Heavy lifting…check and check. Enter Gords medical knowledge and signature delivery of pain relief, works for me every time and the recliner chairs in the waiting area rock too!

Restored sense of well-being
Alina is amazing – very caring and gentle. She takes the time to listen to any changes since my last Rx. She reads “between the lines” and is able to zero in on spots that I wasn’t aware were problematic. She gives detailed explanations that are easily understood. She always gives more than just “basic treatment” and I feel like she is working with me to manage my chronic endocrine condition. Energy improved after each visit. I’m grateful.

Always appreciate my acupuncture sessions with Gord, I invariably come away feeling “unwound” and ready to reconnect with myself and my world. Thanks again!

Rob Lunez
Great People
Felt very comfortable with doug, he’s a very sincere person trying to help people deal with pain. I would recommend this service to others

Sumit M
Feeling worthy good to go I was first-time visitor and body has really good stamina afterwards Thanks

Meagan Massini
Great experience
Everyone in the clinic was awesome and engaged in making my experience great. It is right up my ally with holistic health being a big part of their approach.

Massage Therapy
I went to Carl for a specific neck issue. He was very thorough at dealing with surrounding muscles that contributed to the problem. I particularly appreciated that he seemed to want to fix the root problem, rather than just treat the symptoms of the issue.

Recently started massage with Carl for sports/maintenance as marathon runner. Noticing an improvement in my run quality and speed due to the muscles being so well tuned.

Gord is Great
I’ve been seeing Gord for ages for migraines and back pain. Despite me being a fairly persnickety client – he remains patient and courteous. Not to mention that he does a great job! 🙂

Painless Painless Painless
I visited with Gordon yesterday for acupuncture. Very good visit. Relaxed. I found Gordon to be very knowledgeable and unhurried, which I really appreciated as I went into the appt with one heck of a migraine. Had a pretty good sleep last night. Gordon spoke about Chinese Medicine, which was interesting, but he is very knowledgeable about the brain.

Marissa L
Amazing Acupuncture
From the moment I walked in, I knew this clinic was worth it. Alina was extremely knowledgeable & could tell where my pain was coming from just from touching my muscles. She explained everything thoroughly & made sure I was comfortable with the treatment. For 2 years I have been in a lot of pain, due to a car accident, that caused my neck muscles to constantly be tense, causing tension headaches. I have trouble sleeping & after this treatment I slept through the night! Highly Recommend.

Dean Gaskarth
Acupuncture with Alina
I had my very first session of acupuncture with Alina and I found her to be cognizant of where my trouble spots were. She was able to tell me what was going to occur within my muscles before she proceeded to needle them. I was very impressed with her work. After she was done, the right side of my shoulder and arm very very loose and my left which was the worse of the two, was much less tense. I plan on going back again.

The service was perfect
I have a mild arthritis of foot, osteoarthritis, back pain. the Procedure helped me with the pain. Thanks

Kylee H
Great Acupuncture!
Alina really cares about helping to fix your body and wants to do anything she can to make things better for you. Best acupuncture in the city!

Clayton Anderson
Very good
I went there to get some help with my stress. The treatment help me greatly and recommend that you should give it a try.

First Acupuncture Ever!
I’ve never received acupuncture before in my life, and I was a little scared, but Gord was wonderful! The interior is designed like a world class spa and my treatment went really well. Highly recommend!

Sandi M
Gord provided effective relief for a hamstring injury, including suggesting some great stretches. Love the new clinic space….

Debra L
Personalized and effect treatment
I have accessed the services of both Gord Grant (for acupuncture treatments) and Carl Parnham (for theraputic massage) and the quality of treatment and care that is individualized and tailored for specific treatments that lead to a whole body healing approach is exceptional. Very caring and qualified staff!

Pascal S
My massage was awesome, it has been a while since I didn’t gave one and was so over due for one. Thanks to Karl is doing great

Shawne Flaherty
Awesome massage. I am an avid runner and after only one massage I feel the difference this therapist will make to my pursuit of a marathon this summer. He really does listen to what the muscles are telling him and treats what they need. Thank you to my run buddy Jen for this referral

Stephen Gallard
Consistent on going care
This orgnization has it all and when one or other of the staff are on holidays, coverage is picked up another staff to ensure no loss in the healing process. Each visit they ask and check to see if there are new elements to the situation. and tailor the visit to leave you feeling better and watched over. ATP is a caring place to attend and you soon become family as they work with you to get you back on your feet healthy and functional.

Wa Wa M
Pain is gone
Dr. Grant has been treating me for period pain for 6 months and it is very effective to reduce pain and I am having no pain now. Another treatment on my neck muscles is also very recommended to release tense muscles. Thanks Dr. Grant.

Kylee H
Alena is an amazing acupuncturist, she is very good at what she does and goes beyond! Very recommended.

Great care, Beautiful clinic.
Gord takes his time, asks questions, explains his treatment approach, sees his patient as a whole person. I always feel so much better after a treatment, and better equipped for self-care too. The clinic is gorgeous, full of plants and art-work and thoughtful, comfortable seating areas. Very hospitable. If you haven’t been there yet, book an appointment – you won’t be diappointed!

Andrea Troughton
Carl’s magic hands
Go see Carl Parnham for your next massage. He is always professional, makes you ferry comfortable, and of course his massages are always relaxing and effective.

Kim D
Carl has really helped me ease my back pain. Its such a relaxing place I de-stress just walking in the door. I highly recommend this place!!

Michelle T
Outstanding patient care
Coming in for any of my visits, I am immediately greeted, and made to feel quite a home. They have a beautiful waiting area and you can help yourself to tea, and read from their library of books. They really take the time to listen and help you feel your best. I usually see Alina, and enjoy the care she takes. Whenever Gord is around he really takes time to make you feel welcome Great experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great service
Carl is an amazing massage therapist. I highly recommend The Accupuncture Turning Point, ample parking, friendly and effective service

Amanda J
Great first experience
First time getting acupuncture. Everything was well explained to me and it didn’t hurt at all. Felt very relaxed after and she even took extra time on the appointment. Wow. I’m impressed and definitely going back and would recommend it to orhers

Anna Fedoruk
Excellent Massage
I’ve seen Carl for over a year now and absolutely love his technique. Carl is thorough and professional, and takes the time to understand my body. I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after seeing his for a therapeutic massage. I would highly recommend this clinic!

Paula Stenson
Massage treatment
I recently had a massage with Carl. He worked magic in my hips and helped releave the pain in my low back. I would highly recommend him

Stephen Gallard
A place of care and healing
I went to ATP to help with the after affects of an assault. Along with the physical aspects were also the mental issues arising out of the event. From entering into the clinic, its atmosphere and meeting the staff, both sides of what was holding me back has and is being addressed. In simple they care, are dedicated to healing body soul and mind and can highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Bradley Ketsa
Excellent treatment
Help with tenitis and sinus problem with acupuncture, service was very nice, was explained what treatment I was going to receive and very happy with my results.

lovely experience
I had my very first acupuncture service ever with Alina. She was very knowledgeable and I’m formative about the treatments provided and made me feel very comfortable as I had a bit of anxiety going into the service. I have chronic pain stress and medical conditions which made me decide to give it a go. I left acupuncture turning point feeling AMAZING. My pain was reduced and I felt like I could tackle the world. I have prebooked my next appointment and can’t wait to see Alina again. Thank you

Traivs Clews
Very profesional on my treatment of my knees and upper back. I felt relief afterwards and with the recomendations of drinking lots of water, ( which I did)… to flush the toxins out, worked well.

Barbara C
The kinks..not just a band….
My sciatic pain had left me unable to go for my usual treatments, so one can imagine the mess I was in from the neck down. Carl had lots of work to do. Carl did a fantastic job in working out the knots, throughout my neck and back, and what a difference. My headache was gone, and I felt so much better. Thank you Carl for always doing excellent work.

Ross p.
feel a lot better than when I came in.
So glad wife convinced me to come in with her. Excellent experience . Relaxed setting, I fell asleep in treatment. Alina very knowledgeable , answered all our questions.

First time I’ve ever gone to acupuncture great experience, I felt really relaxed after I was done I would definitely go back there for treatment!!! Very nice people.

Annette K
Wonderful Experience
I had my first ever acupuncture appointment with Alina. She was professional and knowledgeable; I felt comfortable with her. She was open to answering questions and explained every step–which was excellent because I was a little bit nervous. My appointment was four days ago and my back still feels excellent and painless.

Joanne S
Unbelievable results with no pain and everything to gain!
I have been living with bursitus pain off and on for over 20 years, with the last 5 years getting progressively worse. Pills will dull the pain, but not take it away. The Acupuncture Turning Point took that pain away and gave me a boost of energy, along with an overall feeling of well being. I am so excited about the freedom this has brought back to my life. I now know where to go whenever I have any pain and I can feel comfortable and assured that I am in good hands.

Kim D
Carl has helped my back so much! He’s a treasure. Highly recommend him & the clinic! Plus, there’s probably not a pickle jar in the work Carl can’t open.

Karen Lasuik
I have been receiving treatment from Gord for the past 5 months and appreciate how he continues to try alternative methods of treatment to enhance the effectiveness of healing. I have and will continue to recommend this clinic, and Gord, to others.

Jenn K
Fantastic and very helpful
I see Gord at Acupuncture Turning Point, and it is an extremely pleasant, relaxing, therapeutic experience every time. I highly recommend this clinic.

Matthew M
Helped me help myself
I saw Gord multiple times from December to now, to help with a long recovery from an auto accident. Acupuncture with Gord was a huge catalyst for me, and not only provided pain relief and accelerated healing, but continues to do so when I come in from time to time. I don’t walk with a cane anymore and I think very highly of acupuncture and would recommend this to anyone who has gotten tired of other methods of healing not working. Gord is amazing at what he does, would recommend to anyone.

Sarah S
I’ve seen Alina a few times now for acupuncture, and I’m always pleased with the service. She asks a lot of questions to determine her best approach, and really seems to know her stuff. I have been seeing her for stress and anxiety issues, and she always inquires after my situation and listens with genuine care and interest. I recently visited the new location on 51st ave for the first time and it’s fantastic. Lots of parking, plenty of space. Clean, inviting, and calming atmosphere.

Marie Nychka
Grateful for Gord
Gord is a very important part of my personal health and well-being team. His skill, caring, and wisdom have not only supported my healing from injuries such as sciatica and rotator cuff problems but aided in my recovery from a challenging year of mono. Gord has the wonderful ability to truly hear what you are saying and responding in a way that really supports your body’s healing abilities. I am so glad to have him in my corner.

Joanne B
As always Gord was able to help my headache go away and my stomach troubles to settle done to a state where once again I can live a normal life. I can not believe how much better I feel within an hour of getting there and for someone who was very afraid of acupuncture I am not sure how I lived without it now. Thanks

excellent massage. great ambiance too-very calming.i will definitely recommend. I may try the acupuncture next!

Very relaxing massage by Carl. I almost felt asleep during my massage. The environment was calming and quite relaxing. definitely coming back.

Nathan P
Awesome for recovery
ATP is a great place to receive quality treatment. I would recommend their services to anyone, and certainly to those who are recovering from muscular/joint injuries as I am. The treatment I received made a significant impact on my quick recovery from a dislocated shoulder, and it was a very enjoyable experience. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Nothing but excellence here!
The Acupuncture Turning Point is from the minute you enter, a warm and welcoming place, where one can be assured of a caring, client centred approach. Alina is an experienced and professional acupuncturist who has helped me immensely with several concerns, using various techniques. She is a very skilled, compassionate individual, with a gentle, healing touch and a lovely personality.

Jessica B
Love this place
I came here because I read nothing but good reviews and I am very glad I did. The moment you walk through the door everything is so calming and welcoming. Carl is very amazing at what he does and is very professional and respectful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed through out the whole massage. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Stephen Gallard
New patient introduction
I was most pleased by the calm setting and welcoming i got when i walked in the front door for my 1st time. Gord was very professional, discussed what was wrong and what we needed to do and walked me through each part of the process. Throughout he created and maintained an atmospher conducive to healing and felt i was being well looked after. I highly recommend Acupuncture Turning Point if healing is what you want and need.

Sue Burnett
I appreciated the education and being talked through the process. The whole experience was relaxing and helped the pain. I feel I was treated with respect.

Jay Bowen
I found the Turning Point space to be very welcoming and comfortable. I felt that Gord was very attentive when I was explaining my issue and that he took plenty of time to discuss the problem and explain his recommended course of action. The treatment was carried out in a careful and professional manner and I am very happy with the results. My plan is to return for further treatment.

Debbie Murphy
I was “heard”!
Gord, heard me, and understood that the pain I was experiencing was hampering my life! Sciatica, migraine, neck pain have changed my life negatively, and I am grateful to have hope of a healthier lifestyle. I leave renewed, stronger, each time. I can expect excellence, compassion and healing with each visit. Gord enables me to heal in all aspects of my life, with his skills for pain management and eventually freedom from pain. I am grateful and wiser. Thank you Gord!

Cheryl M
Acupuncture Treatment
This is my first visit at The Acupuncture Turing point and my very first acupuncture treatment. Alina made me feel very comfortable and explained the process and the what I should be feeling. Later that evening I can feel more mobility come back to neck and shoulders.

Zalahar R
Shoulder pains
This was my first visit at The Acupunture Turning Point and I must say my experience was enjoyable. Dr. Grant is very knowledgable. He took the time to explain and listen. I now have more mobility with my arm and less pain. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Kerry Connard
This was my first time ever getting acupuncture and it was awesome. My shoulder pain was relieved and I was given exercise sheets to take home to strengthen my neck and upperback muscles because of my bad posture. Would recommend to anyone and I’m looking forward to going back for another appt.

Great & Professional
Excellent information was provided during and after the treatment. I would recommend this place to everybody.

Great Experience
Gord was a great practitioner! Very enlightened individual and has the science to back his practice. I will be back!

Crystal Yewchin
Wonderful & friendly staff
I had my very first acupuncture appointment with Gord. He walked me through everything and took the time to explain the process. There was never any pressure to rebook or take all these supplements etc. he was very knowledgeable about what he is doing. I’m definitely going to go back!

Seth Carpenter
Acupuncture review survey
I am writing this to express my enjoyment for the service of Gord and his expertise is greatly worth while. He has a very good personal connection that he builds with his clients, he has worked on me a few times and its been a very positive experience after he finished with my treatment. I would recommend him for anyone that is dealing with recurring muscle and joint pain and is looking to have affordable treatment that works.

Shelley S
Long time client
I came to see Gord for stiffness in my shoulders. He fixed me up and I now see him on a regular basis for tune ups. He is very knowledgeable and professional and highly recommend his services.

patti g
I very much enjoyed my Facial Rejuvenation sessions with Jennifer. Keeping my fingers crossed that this service will continue to be offered.

Danny M

Managing nerve pain
I have found Gord to be knowledgeable, helpful and supportive in my recovery. It’s my introduction into acupuncture and I have been enthralled about what eastern medicine philosophy has to offer me. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. I have already recommended Gord’s practice to friends.

Great experience
Have been going to ATP for a few years now and Gord has helped me allot! I would highly recommend trying acupuncture here.

Excellent customer service
I was very impressed with the relaxing atmosphere and they were able to get me in right away. Very professional and will definitely be returning.

Community Acupuncture: Recommended
If you’re on a limited budget or don’t have insurance coverage to help pay for acupuncture, community acupuncture is a great way to access acupuncture treatments. And even if your financial resources aren’t limited, this is a nice, quick pick-me-up treatment between longer, private treatments. Alina was wonderful!

Kylee H
Had a great acupuncture session, would definitely recommend this place, they use different methods and strongly believe in what they are doing. Very clean and relaxing environment.

Karen Lasuik
I have been going to Gord for treatment on my hamstring insertion and have to say, he certainly knows what he’s doing! The treatments have helped my issue a great deal! I would certainly recommend him and have done so to friends who are looking for relief!
Great massage
I went to the acupuncture turning point for a massage and acupuncture. My experience is positive, great service. The massage was professional. The acupuncture was relaxing and pleasant.

Brenda C
So far so good
I have an inflamed tendon in my ankle, I have had l lot of pain and little sleep for the last eight months. I had my first treatment yesterday, and am enjoying my first pain free day in months. I realise that it is going to take more than one treatment, but if it continues to improve it will be worth it.

I have really benefited from my visits here. The staff is so knowledgeable and friendly! I highly recommend coming here. Thanks to the staff and I love your new digs.

Hello, I had lower back pain for over a month and after 3 sessions with Carl feel much better. The pain is almost gone and I can resume activities. ATP is comprised of an effective team of professionals that care about their clients and continually provide exemplary customer service. Their services are affordable and the space is very relaxing. I highly recommend their services.

Kerry E
Well worth the money!
I just had my first visit for a massage with Carl and it was exceptional. He gave me massage that was both incredibly relaxing and was also able to target some areas in my back I’ve had issues with (pain, stiffness, etc). Those areas in my back are feeling much better now so I will definitely go back again.

Debra L
Acupuncture Treatment
I found Gord to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, passionate about his work and very personable. He took the time to explain the treatment and benefits and was very attentive to my situation. The treatments were very successful and I would definitely return for any future problems.

Joyce MacDonald
I have been coming to ATP for some years. I see Gord for Acupuncture (overall wellness) and Carl for massage (specific areas). Since Carl has been with ATP I have been more regularly trying lymphatic drainage massage and have to say that my overall level of wellness has improved. He combines it with some of my pressure points (neck and shoulders). The immediate benefits last for days and I believe the long term benefits have contributed to my feeling better in mind, body and spirit.

Pamela S
I recently had an excellent experience at the The Acupuncture Turning Point. It started as wanting a regular massage which I always want, although made the decision to try cupping/something new. It was neat, interesting, gave me the same soothing after effects & I especially liked the environment, the calm approach of our treatment and all the knowledge about the healing qualities of this treatment. Much Appreciated-See you Soon for my massage !!!!

Andrea H
Carl gave me a great massage. I have a shoulder injury and he was very gentle and it did not hurt much. The following day I saw some good improvement. Thanks Carl!

Acupuncture and massage
Gord (accupuncture) and Carl (prenatal massage) are both great ! They are professionnal and caring. Xx

Karen Lasuik
Acupunture Treatment
I am very impressed with Gord’s passion, knowledge and professionalism. I’ve had 1 treatment thus far and I can say it has helped significantly. I will be returning for more and passing his name along to others who I know would also benefit.

Travis Clews
Acupuncture Treatments
Gord Grant, is the gentleman that has been treating me with my ailments. The service that he provides is exceptional! He is well versed in the knowledge of “Acupuncture” and is always willing to explain in detail the purpose/effect of what he is pacticing. I have been going for about a year and have recomended him to several of my friends and family. He works in a professional manner and is always very personable. I look forward to continuing my treatments with him.

Excited for more
Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because I have only had one appointment so far and it was a community acupuncture session; my own personal session isn’t until Friday. Nonetheless, the hour or so I spent trying it out for the first time, and the knowledge of the staff, makes me believe that next time I’ll be giving 5 stars! Nice relaxing atmosphere; lots of free parking. Recommend anyone to try who has a pain issue they don’t know what to do with!

Gord’s accupuncture really helped me
I had issues with chronic pain/ache in my upper back and neck from too much computer work. Gord really helped me break through the cycle of pain by his multitude of techniques. I have gained a lot of mobility in that area. I highly recommend his treatments to anyone in similar situations.

Laura G
Highly effective & relaxing massage
I have mobility and pain issues, which Carl always effectively improves after a treatment. Better than physiotherapy. He is thorough, focused, and informative. I highly recommend Carl for massage treatment.

Travis Clews
The way that the business is established and presented, is warm and welcoming feeling upon arriving there. It provides a enviroment that aids in relaxing you before your session even begins. The professional staff that work there are pleasant minded and welcome you with excellent people skills. It is a business that I would recomend to anyone I know, and have done so also.

Michelle Brewer
Community Acupuncture
Gord and Alina are fantastic. Perfect balance between eastern and western medicine all at the low prices that come with community. I wish more people would figure out how great this is so that more availability could be opened.

Penny Bilodeau
Ostioarthritis in my top six vertebrae
After a 1971 car accident breaking my 1st vertebrae leaving me without paralysis I was told to expect arthritis early. Until 2013 all was well. Then my neck seized and at one point half my face went numb! My neurologist suggested to see Gord. After two visits I was amazed by the mobility in my neck no longer stiff and great general well being! Other arthritic areas no longer bothered me! Gord has a concern for the well being of his clients. Amazing, thanks Gord I never dreamed this possible!

Heidi Mouris
Great Massage
I have gone to see Carl 3 times now and each time has been amazing!! I couldn’t feel more relaxed after a session with him and he helps me recover from all of the physical activity I put my body through! His massages have never hurt me, even when I have really sore muscles. Carl has an obvious desire to make the session with him a positive, healing experience. Will continue to go back to him! Thanks Carl 🙂

kind and helpful
First experience with acupuncture, was a great experience. Gord explained what was happening clearly which helped a great deal

Jennifer was great – warm, welcoming, caring and competent. Because of the history that brought me to see her, she thought I would benefit from one of the other practitioners. I would nonetheless see her again.

community nap-time
Went in for some maintenance during community hours, came away feeling nifty and drifty and altogether unlike Humpty-Dumpty because I *could* be put back together again. Thanks!

Awesome experience!
After my acupuncture, I felt happy & peaceful. I’m glad I went to “The Acupuncture Turning Point” because It was a great experience.

Kelly Parish
First time, I liked it!
‘m not a big fan of needles however, last week I had a area of surface pain/numbness under my left shoulder/left side. Muscle? Nerve? Then I added one of those kinks under the shoulder blade. Alina was calm/competent & explained as she went along. It was an interesting (literally fascinating) and not painful experience. At most it occasionally felt like someone ‘knuckling’ an area, weird but certainly bearable.Helpful suggestions for after too. Kink and pain largely gone. Relaxing as well!

Mirac Alkan
Good service
Already done one session with Alina, she takes good care and answers all the questions. Felt relief right away but I still gotta go see her a few more sessions for total recover…

iGA Speur
Massage with Carl
It gets better every time I get the therapy. I might be more relaxed and Carl knows exactly what my body needs. Now, my daughter is a fan, too.
customer since November 2011

Mauricio Frohard
Professionalism @ its best
Best practices combined with other medicine technics. Walked thru issues to be treated from point a to point b.

A very satisfied client
healing with Gord Grant
He is a holistic healer and energy flow renaissance man. Time spent with Gord is such good maintenance for balance in our hectic world!

Jackie was very authentic and caring!!!
First visit to the clinic and really felt that both Gord and Jackie went out of their way to make me feel welcome and cared for. Definitely was happy with the attention and advice I received.

Debra H
Beneficial Treat
I am just finishing up with my 10 facial accupunture treatments..key word here is “treat”. I feel so relaxed after a treatment and my sleep pattern has changed to a more deeper sleep.I have not required any decongestants since seeing Jennifer.She is a very caring spirit who provides a great relaxing experience with results.Thx Jennifer !

Shannon Kirk
Great First Experience
I had a great first experience at the Acupuncture Turning Point and first time having acupuncture. The staff were very welcoming and warm. The facial I received was a unique experience. My complexion improved a couple of days after the treatment which was fantastic! Thank you I will be back!

Jacqueline Jackson
Gord is truely a healer. I have never had Accupuncture before & from the moment I walked into his office I knew I made the right choice. He was keen to listen & hear my symptoms, explain the approach he was going to take & is just generally super interesting to talk to. And the results! I always walk away with improvement. I highly, highly recommend Gord. I haven’t been to any other practitioners at Turning Point, but as Gord has recommended them, I am sure they are wonderful too.

I had my 1st ever acupunture appointment for eczema and Gord was so knowledgable. Looking forward to continuing these treatments.

Raylene Hugo
massage and acupuncture
I have visited Gord for acupuncture and not only do I feel better directly after my session but also for days to come, he is always willing to inform me as to what techniques he is using and why. I also see Carl for massage. First it was for my shoulder, but then realized how much better massage made my whole body feel! Carl is always professional, and takes care of my concerns within every session. Everyone that I have met on the team at ATP have been wonderful. I recommend ATP to everyone.

Facial Acupuncture
We had the pleasure to have Jennifer for our facial acupuncture experience..she was so professional with her attention to our needs and sincerely cares about our success with the treatments.Thx Jennifer for taking good care of us !!

Heide Mueller-Haas
Love it
I can say that I love having acupuncture treatment, and the care and expertise given. I feel that it benefits my whole body, mind and spirit. Its good to get a little help on the way.

Robyn J
Carl’s massage made me feel like a new person! He hits all the right spots without hurting me. It’s amazing.

Exceeds Expectation
I can honestly say my realm of health and wellness has improved tremendously with acupuncture treatments in the last 5 months. The knowledge, professionalism, attentiveness and caring demonstrated at every appointment exceeds expectation by far!

amazing experience
I had never had acupuncture or body work before and I have to say I loved it. Alina was incredible and very proffessional. She explained what she was doing to put me at ease, while still respecting the quiet, relaxing atmosphere. I have no regrets about visiting the acupuncture turning point.

The staff at ATP are fantastic! I appreciate the balanced and holistic approach that I’ve experienced, not to mention the incredibly relaxed space in which they operate. After receiving treatment from both Gord and Carl I can confidently recommend their services!
Alan Lowe

First Visit
The Acupuncture Turning Point was recommended to me by our project nurse. I was very impressed with the courtesy and efficiency of Alina. She took time to explain the process and what I should expect from the first treatment. I look forward to my follow-up treatment and continued improvement.
Susan L

Acupuncture and Bodywork
After 3 appointments with Alina, I am happy to say that she has already helped me a great deal. I would not hesitate to recommend her, as she is a thorough, knowledgeable and very caring individual who is client focused, holistic and extremely professional.

Massage and acupuncture
I have received treatments from both Carl and Gordon and have been extremely happy with the level of service, knowledge and results. Both Gordon and Carl provided effective treatment and care and made further recommendations to alleviate the pain. They take the time to understand your underlying issues and are gentle with their treatments. The staff genuinely care and are very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend their services to a friend or family member.

Massage with Carl
I really enjoyed my most recent Relaxation Massage with Carl. This time it did not involved any pain that is good for you.My muscles felt all warmed up. Pleasurable experience all the way through, during and after..

paula stenson
massagr and body work
Carl was very polite and.professional. he asked.what my concerns were and I explained that my shoulders, neck and hips had been bothering me. He focused most of my massage on those areas. Afterwards he explained that I had some serious knots in my hips. It was.an overall pleasent experience and I feel great today, I will definitely go back.

Michelle Brewer
Acupuncture Turning Point
This is the best place I have had for acupuncture. Gord and Alina bring a vast knowledge base, great professionalism and real caring for their patients. I know I am in excellent hands when I am there. They bring together a balance of eastern and western medicine that doesn’t promote one at the expensive of the other. Definitely holistic.

Daniel Pavlovic
Excellent massage
I was more than satisfied. Service was excellent. I will go for massage again that’s for sure. Feel so much better now, hope will help me in future.

Highly recommend
I would give my experience a 4.5/5. I would have liked is if the clinic provided bottle water at the end of the session. I loved the results of my treatment and although I dislike whyte ave’s inconviences the acupuncturist and the welcoming atmosphere is what will bring me back. My acupuncturist spent quality time, considered my issues without the need for me to remind and spoke to me with respect and concern. I think I may just be a regular. 🙂

Pamela Murphy
Truly Wonderful Experience!!
Gord is one of the most sincere, kind hearted and caring practitioners I have ever met. He has made my acupuncture journey so much easier by his constant reassurance, positivity and genuine support. I would highly recommend ‘The Turning Point’

Joan Wyatt
Absolute best!
Gord is an incredibly generous, insightful and kind human being. The session was informative, enlightening and I have honestly never felt so good as I did after the session and the talk. He walks you through everything that is happening, genuinely listens and engages in an honest discourse with you and has brilliant insights into life and the world. I will be back often, and I highly recommend Gord and his work to everyone.

Steve L
Great Experience!
I had acupuncture by Gord and it was excellent. The dialogue was good as was the session itself. I really felt that help relieve some stress and I feel better overall having went and plan to go again.

Dustin A
The massage i got from Carl was fantastic. really worked on the troubled areas and loosened up the knots in my back and chest. definitely going back…

Jackeline J
Educational and Serene
My first acupuncture experience was very positive. The assessment and treatment I received was very knowledgable, thorough and relaxing. The information the practitioner shared with me was very useful and interesting.I will defiantly continue treatment.

Glad I made them my choice
Having never tried acupuncture before, I was nervous. The environment very relaxing immediately. I felt that my assessment was thorough and my treatment met the outcome that I was looking for. I was listened to, complimented, felt respected and felt comfortable with the practitioner. I truly felt serenity. I completely recommend this service. I have only had one treatment but it was a positive experience and will continue to seek treatment.

Sara M
Awesome Massage
Been quite a few places for massages, but after this one felt like a whole new person! Effective techniques and very skilled masseuse. Will be returning for sure, highly recommend!

Marnie D
Excellent Team
I have been to see Gordon and his team to help me deal with stress related health issues. Gord took the time to get my whole history and was both wise and skilled. He connected me with an excellent exercise therapist, Jannine, and massage therapist, Carl. I also had several sessions with Alina. She and Gord are both excellent. Thanks to the whole team for helping me get back on my feet.

Bene G
It worked !
I was 5 days overdue when I contacted Gordon for an acupuncture treatment hoping it would help to start labour – I gave birth the following day!

Cara C
Great Experience
I came into this experience with severe Sinus and Anxiety issues. Gord was great!! I felt like he really listened to what I had to say and the Acupuncture therapy was wonderful. I also appreciate the fact that even though the office had items for sale he did not try and sell me anything!! The atmosphere is very calming and zen-like.

great first time
it was my first time getting acupuncture and it was a very nice experience. the staff were kind and professional and seemed to care a lot. the treatment opened me up a lot and i will definitely be returning!

Heather F
Great first expericence
My doctor recommended trying moxibustion accupuncture to help our breech baby flip. I hadn’t accupuncture at all before but found Gord to be very professional and knowledgable. The baby is still not cooperating but I will definitley return to this place for follow up.

Excellent massage.
Excellent prenatal and postnatal massages! Carl helped to alleviate pain related to pregnancy, and then motherhood. I will be returning.

Charleston Green
Good service, like the atmosphere which feels like home, so far my pain has not been as frequent or severe as before, looking forward to my next appointment!!

Elissa W
I’ve been nervous to try acupuncture for years. Gord is a fantastic acupuncturist and was willing to address any questions I had. I felt comfortable, safe and inspired by my visit.

Had a great session cant say enough good things about the place. Very knowledgeable answered all my questions. Has a very comfortable atmosphere.

lou v
community acupuncture. first time.
thank you! it was my first time doing acupuncture (so not much to compare it to) but i was very happy with the community acupuncture. very gentle and professional practitioner and accessible costs on a sliding scale. it felt private enough for me and that i was given enough time and energy, even with others being treated simultaneously.

Massage with Carl
Carl is very good at what he does. I am very impressed with his knowledge, abilities and natural talents. He is going places, so use his services while you can.

Dawn W
I recently moved to Edmonton from Calgary. I have successfully used acupuncture in Calgary to control hot flashes. I was looking for an acupuncturist in Edmonton. It can be overwhelming with all the options. I was not happy with the first acupuncturist I tried, but was very happy with my first visit to Turning point. I have noticed some improvement and will return for further treatment.

Heide Mueller-Haas
Always feel nourished and good by the session
I love the relaxed atmosphere and excellent service. It is always a pleasure to go and be taken care of and I feel better on all levels afterwards.

Olwen B
Helped me a lot
It was the first acupuncture treatment i’ve tried I had a pinched nerve in my back affecting my ability to walk and after a couple ART sessions I was still hurting. The acupuncture session was very effective and increased my mobility and decreased my pain significantly.

O Woolcox
Excellent work
Thank you for an amazing acupuncture/bodywork session!! I will definitely be recommending people to The Acupunture Turning Point!!

Wonderful first experience at acupuncture.
This was my first time doing acupuncture, and it was wonderful. Gord was knowledgeable and took care to answer my questions and make sure it was a good experience. Felt great after. Highly recommended!
Teresa A

Always happy
It’s always nice to visit with Gord, I got my treatment and left feeling much better. Thanks Gord my hand and finger are doing much better!!

Becca K
A wonderful and relaxing experience
I am 5 months pregnant and have been dealing with extreme back pain. I met with Jen from Turning Point and had an amazing experience with her. Jen was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. She worked on my back and legs and I felt immediate relief. I am booking my follow up this week!

Community Acupuncture with Gord
This was a fantastic appointment! I felt that Gord cared about my whole health, and listened well for my first time at ATP. The needles didn’t hurt one bit, and I felt very relaxed after. I will definitely recommend community acupuncture to those in my life.

Tina Belzile
The massage I had with Carl was one of the best I ever had! He was very effective at getting tightness out of my neck and shoulders. I’ve always had tightness and knots in those areas and never had as much relief as with this visit. As a mother of two very young children, i highly recommend seeing Carl. I know I will!

Barbara C
A world of difference
I was in 2 car accidents a few years ago, and have been in pain ever since. I had attended physio, did the exercises, etc. but the pain was always there. Dr. Grant is so knowledgeable, and really knows how to put a person at ease. I had a few treatments from Dr. Grant, and I started to feel better, I could go for a walk and bend down to tie my shoes without crying. I highly recommend Dr. Grant and his clinic to anyone in need of treatment.

Joyce MacDonald
Wonderful Massage and Acupuncture.
I have been seeing Gord for several years for acupuncture and this week I tried Carl for a massage. Both practitioners listen to what I am experiencing and are very responsive throughout treatment. I will continue to go back for both acupuncture and massage and will highly recommend them to my family and friends.

Laura G
Back massage
I was amazed at the increased range of motion my neck had following my neck and back massage! Also, the massage was not an “attack” massage, but a gradual application of pressure. I shall return!

Joy Yiannakoulias
Community Accupuncture
I came in for community acupuncture and left feeling better than I would have thought was possible. Not only did my neck feel completely free of any whiplash symptoms, I fell into an incredibly deep relaxed and meditative state. I am so grateful for the caring approach of all of the Accupuncture Turning Point clinicians.

John K
tightness in lower back
Gord is very knowledgeable is this field of work, very professional, the surrounding work area is very relaxing, hard not to fall asleep, cant wait for my next visit.

Great Experience! Will be Returning!!
I had spoken to Gord over the phone and then went for an appointment last week for an acupuncture. After speaking to him over the phone I discovered just how knowledgeable he was. This was again re-inforced during my appointment. My husband and I both went and we had a wonderful experience. We will be definitely returning customers! Thank You!

Massage from Carl
I received a relaxation/therapeutic massage from Carl. I have seen many different massage therapists all over the world. Carl’s technique was yet somewhat different, but effective. It released tension. I will be coming back to him in the future. I liked his music. It is relaxing and interesting.

Melissa Squarek
I received a therapeutic massage from Carl. I had been to many different massage therapsits and Carl was able to focus and release tension in all the right places. I will be coming back to him in the future. And would highly recommend him to my friends.. On another note, the atmosphere is very earthy and relaxing great place and loved the experience here.

Stephanie E
The deep muscle massage that Karl gave me really loosened up my tight neck and shoulder muscles. Very skilled professional service and a great atmosphere. Love this place.

Fiona K
I love community acupuncture, and am so pleased and grateful that the ATP clinic has made this available. Excellent clinicians, comfortable space. Highly recommended.

Wonderful Healing and Relaxation
I went to my community accupucture session with swelling that seemed to be from allergies and stress. I appreciated Alina’s medical knowledge from her work as a physian in Russia. Her kind and caring manner, and the acupuncture treatment had me letting go and relaxing deeply. The next day the swelling had almost completely dissappeared, and the day after that it was gone. Thank you, Alina!

Jodi Beniuk
Acupuncture Experience
I had acupuncture by Alina Tousseeva this past weekend as a preventative measure for carpal tunnel symptoms that I have experienced for the past few years. My experience at the Turning Point was awesome. Everyone was welcoming and the place was comfortable. Alina was very knowledgeable on what pressure points to use and made sure I understood what she was doing. I will definitely be going back and recommend the turning point!

Stephanie Wilson
Experience ACUPUNTURE!
My clincian Jen is extremely well trained and has great technique. I used to do massage and i find there are very few people who know what they are doing and also care about the client! I definitely recommend acupuncture and my clincian Jen to any who would like to try acupuncture. For the first time going I really enjoyed it and I have more mobility in my shoulders and back! AWESOME!

Jose N
What a great experience!
I’ve experienced pain and muscle tension for a while now and I’ve also visited quite a few places to seek treatment. I can honestly say that the Acupuncture Turning Point is truly one of the best places I’ve visited. Gord is exceptional, he knows his stuff and he’s given me hope as to how I can manage and overcome my current condition. I highly recommend Acupuncture Turning Point for anyone seeking relief for their condition.

Geraldine Lynch
my first experience at acupuncture
Jenn was amazing!! I have had lower left leg pain for many years now. I have had to take heavy pain medications for this, especially at night. I could never sleep on my side, as this made it worse. I have not used ANY medication since leaving the clinic!!! HOLY, can’t wait for my next visit. thank you JENN so much, I can’t believe the relief!!!!!

Katie T
Gordon was very knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable in his hands. A wonderful introduction to acupuncture. I will continue to see him!

Heidi H
Excellent massage!
This was my first time getting a massage at Acupuncture Turning Point, and it was a great experience! The RMT was very professional, kind and thorough. I felt very comfortable, and the massage was excellent. I would definitely go back and recommend this place.

Michael Kennard
Great for Everything
Really enjoy going here, always a feeling of peace and tranquility. Great place for acupuuncture, massages and rejuvenation. Highly recommend to all!

Great Place!
I always feel very welcome. The service is very professional and high quality. Well Done. Highly recommend!

Must visit if in any sort of discomfort
The team here cares about your well-being with an unparalleled approach I come here time and time again with different pain issues in different parts of my body. Gord is able to sort me out consistenly. Always leave feeling better and the next day is wicked and by the second day i am 100% or darn close to it. Thank you Gord I am very lucky to have met you.
Michelle S
Prenatal Massage
This was by far the most relaxing massage I have ever had. And that’s saying a lot considering I had to be on my side. Hopefully they decide to go the direct billing route, because if so, I’ll be there all the time 🙂

Holistic approach recommended to all!
Enter in pain or misaligned and leave without pain and realigned – Gord’s holistic approach to realigning the energy of the body works and is recommended to all.

Christina P
easy treatment in a calm atmosphere
This was my first community acupuncture experience and Alina was very calm, attentive and could answer all my questions. After a short discussion of my health concerns she placed needles appropriately while telling me of their purpose. Felt relaxed during and after, will be returning! It was a bit chilly on that cold winter day, the blanket was a nice touch.

Marnie D
A breathe of fresh air
I really enjoyed my session with Gordon. He was able to put me at ease right away. I walked away with many interesting ideas to consider.

Highly recommended
I met with Alina for a treatment for my lower back, which was severely bothering me recently. She was friendly, professional and knowledgable, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I felt amazing right after, and the next day even better. I was in pain for weeks before I went and I only wish I had gone sooner. Thank you so much, Alina.

Chelsea M
I recently had my first accupuncture experience with Gord and it was nothing short of wonderful. The atmosphere is very welcoming and his knowledge and personality puts you at ease. It’s difficult to find people that genuinely enjoy their job but you can tell Gord is passionate about everyone’s well being.

Melissa G
Good Experience
I have been here a couple of times and have always enjoyed it. Although it is a bit difficult to find the entrance, once you are in the office it is lovely and relaxing, nice and clean, and I have always had good experiences.

Kaitlin S
First time patient convinced
I had my first acupuncture experience with Alina and was very impressed. Her ability to explain the effect of acupuncture in western terms allowed me to understand the treatment and feel comfortable. The new “Sol” room was a georgous setting for relaxation and healing.

wonderful care
An acupuncture session with Gord is an opportunity to share ideas, concerns, world views, and to receive great care to relax muscles and promote good body knowledge and health. Highly recommended! Thanks Gord.

Eva C
enlightening movement sessions
I thought I knew how to walk or sit probably but found out so many unknown nuances about my movement and posture in the well-planned sessions with Lindsay Ashmore. Lindsay is very thorough and knowledgable and tailors each session to the person’s’ specific needs. I love how I can implement any new movement discoveries into my daily life. – Very enlightening!

Beverley Frison
Acupuncture treatment
I have been experiencing an off balance and equilibrium problem. I had one treatment with Gordon and have been fine ever since. I am so grateful to be rid of the problem. Gordon is very knowledgable in his field. Congrats on being voted “best of Edmonton for acupuncture for 2012. BF

Susan S
Acupuncture with Gord
Gord took the time to find out what my symptons were then treated me. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

nathalie jackson
Acupuncture treatment with Gord
I had a great session with Gord. Some big energies were shifted and I felt really grounded in my body afterwards. I would highly recommend his sessions…

Miriam Tejera
I found in The Acupuncture Turning Point a very professional and friendly team. I have all my hope in their knowledge and expertise, in special Dr. Alina. I thank you all for the opportunity of work together and for help me to make my dream a reality. Thank again and I wish you all the best. Miriam

Cory B
Extraordinary experience
Nothing makes you feel as special as having someone remember you after almost 3 years without a treatment – seconds into our telephone conversation to book an appointment Gord remembered who I was and showed that he really cared for his clients. Thank you Gord. And after a great massage from Becky I knew that as good as the Acupuncture Turning Point was 3 years ago, it is even better today.

Fantastic massage
I had a wonderful experience with Rhonda. The massage was exactly what I was looking for. She worked out all the kinks! Rhonda is very skilled and combined physiotherapy with massage to achieve great results! Highly recommend her services.

Rebecca L
Community Acupuncture
I am so pleased to see community acupuncture in Edmonton! The staff was helpful answering my questions and the session was very positive. I’m looking forward to the expanded space – it will be lovely.

Acupuncture experience was very positive
I found the whole experience very positive. Everyone is helpful friendly and more then willing to answer questions. The whole ambience is wonderful. I will be back. All the best with the expansions.

Jonathan Drachenberg
Great people
I can’t overstate how much respect I have for Gord and the rest of the staff at Acupuncture Turning Point. It is clear that they all care deeply about helping people find solutions to their problems as well as helping people maintain good health. Everyone is professional, friendly, and caring. The facility is also very homey. Highly recommended.

A very positive experience!
I have been been receiving acupuncture treatments for almost two years and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Gordon is very professional, friendly, and made me feel comfortable right from the start. I highly recommend his acupuncture treatments!

Aleesha lyle
Amazing experience
I recently used a groupon to acupuncture turning point. Staff was very friendly. Had a great first time experience. And will for sure be coming back to do more acupuncture. thanks! Aleesha Lyle

Betty Minor
Acupuncture experience
Excellent environment for receiving relaxing and healing treatments. Jennifer Kotowicz used her intuitive healing hands to find the chronic “spots” which created great release and relief. Thank you for your attentive care!

Calming and Healing Environment
I have had 3 acupuncture appointments and feel more aligned and refreshed already. Great value and services for preventative health! A big thank you to Jennifer Kotowicz for all her expertise.

Lori Maurier
Definetly going back again
It was my first time to acupuncture and it was a really good first time experience. I have booked for my second visit in a couple of days.

Olga Stachowiak
The accupancture is a very powerfull tool
There are not so many conventional treatments/doctors/clinics that can fix your immune system. Alina is a very experienced doctor with a lot of credentials and strong scientific background , she knows human body and how it works , she can take challenge with acupuncture on a very serious health condition and be successful. She is kind and cares very much about her patients and always wants to succeed.I feel very confident with her treatments.

Laura S
Highly Recommend
I have had Acupuncture by a number of practitioners over the past 19 years and find Gord to be one of the very best. He has a great approach, and really takes the time and care to explain how the points he chooses could benefit you. I have a ton of confidence in him and his over all practice and feel well cared for when I have a session.

Accessible community health services
For a chronic health condition I have, acupuncture has helped me the most. I feared being unable to find community acupuncture, something I had been very fortunate to benefit from previously. The Acupuncture Turning Point’s sliding scale rate and welcoming reception really encouraged me to come in. The treatment I received was excellent and I am very much looking forward to continuing to attend The Acupuncture Turning Point. Thank you.

Makere Stewart
Treating the Whole Person
One of the best decisions that I’ve made since moving to Edmonton is choosing to have regular acupuncture treatments with Gord for a range of health-related issues and for keeping myself functioning at my best. His skills are superb. One of the many things that I truly appreciate is Gord’s ability to use deep listening as part of his diagnostic repertoire. I also love the restful and affirming atmosphere at The Turning Point. Its the highlight of my week.

Tyler Collins
Redneck Review
As a Contractor and business owner I rely on my body to perform more smoothly and reliably than any other tool at my disposal. Gord’s treatments are the best thing I’ve found to keep my body in peak condition, to address issues before they become problems, and to develop healthy routines that help to avoid injury for my company and crew.

Gentle and Refreshing
At my first time facial treatment, Jennifer made me feel comfortable and was very gentle with the needles. My skin felt wonderfully soft and smooth after the clay mask and massage treatments. The subtle aromatherapy from the essential oils was pleasant and uplifting. I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone!

Jill M
Once again Gord Grant worked his magic. I nearly fell asleep on the table and was the most relaxed I’ve been in weeks.

Morgan Coates
Highly Recommended
The good people at The Turning Point were able to fit me in after a very recent sports related injury. In the simplest terms, I was in quite a bit of pain, but after an hour I was feeling absolutely fine. Acupuncture works! The Turning Point is a great place to receive treatment. Thanks!

Time well spent
My first visit to Mallery was enjoyable and beneficial. She seemed to know where all the good spots were. My problem has been with me for years so I don’t expect immediate relief but I will definitely be back for more.

A satisfied health professional
A good fit for me, finally!
I have been to other acupuncture practices and this one fit for me. I liked the ambiance and spacious rooms immediately. Gord is very profession and he helped me to feel comfortable for my session- he wanted to really understand my needs from a variety of perspectives. I felt safe and relaxed during the session because I knew what to expect. I left with acupressure dots on my ears which I am using for episodic care. I will be booking future sessions.

Brad D
Alina is Excellent
I was in to visit Alina to see if she could help with a shoulder injury that I had incurred while in the gym, well the results were immediate and quite impressive. The pain in my shoulder subsided and I experienced my first restful night in weeks. Thanks Alina

Great service
I was looking for a massage therapist close to my house and booked online with Mallery at Turning Point. It was such a pleasant experience and I will definitely be back. She is very skilled, professional and nice.

intelligent & responsive treatment
I came for help with pain relief, the pain being very severe and unresponsive to medication. Previously I had tried massage and cranial sacral work but was put off by the assumptions and general flakiness of the practitioners. (i.e., Can you send your pain to your divine self?) Gord was respectful, very knowledgeable, and curious about my situation. The acupuncture seemed to improve things, but I need more treatments to know for sure–thus the 4 rather than 5 stars.

Great massage!
I have seen mallery twice. i had massage done all over the world. I really like her strenght and her way of doing things. She seems to touch all the right spots and nerve endings. It works!

Darcy L
Fantastic massage! I got in on a Sunday!
I was a wreck and needed a massage but it was Saturday night. I was able to schedule an appointment with Mallery for Sunday after a little convincing. I could not have been happier with the massage. Mallery is strong and very knowledgable. She is very respectful and discreet. I was so impressed with her strength for a small person. I was also impressed with her knowledge and appreciated it when she helped me stretch!

Stepping Into Transformative Experience
I have been involved wiith alternative, holistic approaches to medicine for twenty-two years. Reiki, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais etc. Gord Grant provides a unique service: soothing in atmosphere, one instantly feels taken care of. Gord’s care and personal investment into his patients is a gift to experience, a quality lacking in today’s commodity and profit driven medical and health industries. Gord treats his patients so they can become balanced and integrated as a human being again.

Very Positive Experience
Yesterday i had a treatment for plantar fascitis in the soles of my feet. Dr Grant listened to my situation and explained very thoroughly as to why I was having pain. He told me what my options were and was very clear in explaining everything to me. Today the pain is considerably less for which I am very pleased. I will certainly recommend him to others. Acupuncture works. Thanks so much Dr. Grant.

If you suffer from migraines or any neck tension I highly recommend seeing Gord. I suffered from almost daily migraines and after seeing Gord for regular acupuncture I was able to go medication free and my migraines are infrequent. Acupuncture was a last resort that I wish I had tried years ago!

Brandi Smith
Pregnancy Acupuncture Review
Gord was very respectful and understanding of my concerns. He was also able to provide very helpful suggestions for my treatment and overall pregnancy health. Good conversation and flexible hours.

was a good experience!
first acupuncture appointment, was looking for massage, and had a nice combination of both. perhaps pushed myself a bit much for my first appointment, but overall i was happy with the appointment. Gord was great, i would see him again.

Friendly and Attentive
It was my first time going to acupuncture and I was really nervous about it, but Gord made me feel at ease and made the whole appointment really relaxing and fun! I learned a lot about my specific needs and why he chose the specific acupuncture sites he did. He has an awesome, positive energy and his optimism for healing is contagious.

I really appreciated the way Gord explained the various acupuncture sites he accessed and made connections between all the body systems. As a nurse, I was satisfied that Gord makes evidence based decisions when he can and participates in scientific research while maintaining a very holistic approach. I’ve only been once, but whether it ‘works’ or not, I enjoyed myself and I look forward to seeing results.

Talented and Generous
Gord is very knowledgeable and I feel 100% confident in the advice that he gives as well as the treatment he provides. I feel that when I am in his clinic for an acupuncture treatment, he listens and is genuinely interested in providing me with the best and most positive possibilities for healing.

Feeling Better Already!
The atmosphere at Turning Point is relaxing and healing. I have had only 2 visits and already have increased mobility in my neck. I suffered from two accidents that left me with headaches and a very stiff neck. I can’t believe the transformation! I recommend anyone suffering with any type of discomfort to try acupuncture. You will gain intelligence and freedom to live a pain free balanced life.

Excellent Knowledgeable Staff and Friendly, Approachable Environment.
The environment of the acupuncture turning point is welcoming, friendly and approachable – Gord is very knowledgeable on issues related to integrated health. An excellent choice if you have been having chronic health problems and aren’t sure where to look next.

Dana M
Effective pain relief
After 4 days of intense pain from a cramping sciatic nerve, I came up with $85.00 for an acupuncture treatment, as the meds ($91.00), were not having any effect. Gord did exactly what I expected to calm the stressed nerve within minutes. I am grateful to have connected with Gord, at The Acupuncture Turning Point.

Tyler Cragglehold
Excellent preventative maintenance
As a landscaper and general contractor I need my body at its peak all the time. Gord took care to understand both the condition of my body as well as the demands I place on it. Not only did he take the time to design a treatment suited to my unique needs, he had the patience to help me understand my muscles better.

Helps manage pain from spinal cord injury
I have spinal cord injury and Syringomyelia ( a desease of my spinal cord). Gord has become an integral part of my disease management. I suffer from neurological pain and spasticity related to my disease. I came to Gord through a referral of another person with a spinal cord injury, whom Gord has helped The tangibles have been reduced pain, increased range of motion, positive sensory changes, and an ever increasing list with each week. Gord has become a true member of my health care team.

Great with kids
My 5 year old regularly visits Gord. Gord let her get comfortable with the room then got out the laser pen that he uses with kids (instead of needles). He let her push the button while he used the pen on me. Then she did it on herself. Now she insists on coming with me and my husband to our appointments too. It has greatly helped her restless legs syndrome as well as her stomach pain. My 3 year old has come a couple times and just tried with needles. Gord is very accommodating to kids

Dr.Gord is awesome
I live in California and have had quite a bit of treatment with alternative therapies including acupuncture. I think that Gord is well tuned and balanced about his treatment and analysis. While I put forth my own ideas about treatment he took the time to explain to me how acupuncture worked in a holistic way both historically and scientifically. I really appreciated his approach and felt much better after my treatments. He will be my therapist of choice when I visit Edmonton.

Pam Chohan
Increasing Awareness!
Dr. Gord Grant was incredible. Extremely perspeptive and understanding, I could immediatley he was knowledgeable regarding menstrual migraines, and other women’s health issues, which is rare for male practitioners. I am looking forward to going again soon, and increasing my own awareness of my body and well being.

Teresa A
I love it!!
How can I describe my last visit?? Awesome!!! I left feeling more energized and ready to continue my hectic life. Thank you for all your help and I know I’ll be back soon : )

Sanjay B
Bridging Science and Acupuncture
I dearly wish to thank Dr Grant for his great advice on how to handle my 3 months long shoulder pain. He has the relevant scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology to make the right diagnosis, and thus choosing the appropriate acupuncture treatment. More importantly his knowledge of pain and pain perception is just impressive. His humane touch in dealing with me was exceptional. My shoulder pain is gone.

getting better everyday !
i can’t say enough about how wonderful and happy i feel after a treatment from dr. grant. i was diagnosed last year with severe sleep apnea, when i firsr met dr. grant he was very understanding and listened to my needs, he showed me that i could turn myself around to better health, and he has. my energy levels has increased exponentially and i’m finally getting the needed sleep i was missing out on. i know now that, my that my health, is my greatest wealth-thank you again dr. grant !

Excellent insomnia remedy
I never tried acupuncture before and I am very glad that I went to “The Acupuncture Turning Point”. Acupuncture treatment provided by Dr. Grant is helping me. Acupuncture was my last resort to treat insomnia and it it is working. Dr. Grant is very professional, personable and will adjust the next treatment according to your feedback. If you have insomnia, you should try an acupuncture treatment by Dr. Grant. It is helping me and it will help you!

Great Stress Relief!
When you walk in the clinic you will start to feel the stress of daily life falling away from you…I know I did. The comfortable sitting areas, books, and hot tea really make it feel like a welcome oasis from the busy world. After my massage with Valerie, I felt calmer and more relaxed than I have in years! She was very friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable as a new client of massage. I will definitely be back and highly recommend you to try it too!

Asoka K
Incredible Acupuncture….!
I am really happy to have my acupuncture therapy with Dr. Gord Grant. I had just 4 treatments for migraine, heart burning and back pain. I feel much better now. Thank you very much Dr. Gord Grant. Dr. Gord Grant is very friendly and his knowledge about the subject is incredible. Atmosphere in the place is really admirable. Silence and calm music in the place always relax my mind. I recommend you to visit this amazing place. You will be so much happy

Great Place, Great Service, Highly recommended!
I’ve been seeing Gord for acupuncture on a regular basis for a number of months. Never having had acupuncture before I didn’t know what to expect. I was immediately impressed. The clinic is very comfortable and Gord always takes time doing a holistic assessment and always asks how things worked out. He really knows his stuff ,explains what he’s doing and asks for your input. The best part is-it works! I’ve seen large improvements in both my back pain and PMS. Valerie is great too. GREAT PLACE!!!

This was my first experience with acupuncture. I did not know what to inspect. I felt at ease from the time I walked in to the completing my session. I felt great after my session. Gord is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled. I would definitely recommend Gord to my family and friends.
Nelson KC Wong
Nelson KC Wong
Gordon was intuitive and attentive. He addressed my concerns and tried a variety of treatments for my issues. The office is warm and inviting. He's a wealth of knowledge.
Misia Nencki
Misia Nencki
Gord Grant has so much wisdom to share.
Gord is absolutely amazing !!He has treated me on several occasions, for different problems. Each and every time, I leave his office, I feel better immediately. For myself, there is always a marked improvement with each treatment.Please, do not hesitate, if you are considering seeing an acupuncturist, do yourself a favour, and see the best.Gord, at “The Acupuncturist Turning Point” is in my opinion, one of the very best you will ever find !!
Jo-Ann Chausse
Jo-Ann Chausse
After trying my usual go tos ~ Physio and chiro for aches and pains, I decided to try acupuncture for a complicated ankle injury. Chiro and Physio weren’t able to help with this issue at all. After one session it was clear that acupuncture was the answer. I have felt significant relief with Dr. Grant’s work and am very grateful that I tried it. I would highly recommend.
Erin G
Erin G
Really calm and relaxing space. Gord was really great at communicating his process and attentive to checking in. I felt like he understood my concerns right away and knew exactly how to treat them. Would highly recommend!
Always attentive, precise, and helpful treatment.
Great service
Andre Jean
Andre Jean
Gord, at Acupuncture Turning Point, creates a warm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere at the clinic. His philosophy about health and wellness and life comes from a place of whole body/mind awareness - covering mind, body, emotions and spirit this is a refreshing change from western healthcare beliefs.Gord has provided me relief from pain and the release of tension to allow healing to begin/continue, with both needling, cupping and taping. I always feel comfortable, safe and at ease when in Gord's care. And I always feel a sense of release and renewed strength after treatments.
Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Gord has a great understanding of the human body, his knowledge of TCM to accurately apply his needle at the right spot is excellent. Take the time to listen to him and share his knowledge, sometimes the message is more important than the treatment :).
Pierre Nault
Pierre Nault