Acupuncture for Sleep Issues

Quality sleep is a key determinant of health and vitality. Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis can improve energy, mood, and ability to work or perform daily tasks.

If stress and anxiety are keeping you from going to sleep or staying asleep, acupuncture can help in shifting over to better patterns.

Acupuncture for Sleep IssuesAcupuncture is commonly used to treat insomnia and many other stress-related conditions. Many of our patients have been able to break the vicious cycle of insomnia through a few acupuncture sessions.  Certain acupuncture points can cause a deep relaxation that lasts for days.  One way that acupuncture is thought to help with insomnia is through quietening down (deactivating) the “stress-reaction” part of the brain.

When acupuncture is implemented with other stress reduction techniques, exercise, healthy diet, and good sleep hygiene practices, it is possible to get better sleep and become less dependent on sleeping medications.


Research Says Acupuncture Works for Insomnia

In 2009, a comprehensive review was published which included 46 randomized controlled trials of acupuncture compared with no treatment, placebo, or basic medical therapy representing 3811 patients with insomnia. The authors concluded that “acupuncture appears to be effective in treatment of insomnia, although further large, rigorous designed trials are warranted to better determine the extent of the effect”.

How Many Sessions Do I Need

The number of acupuncture sessions needed to see improvement and lasting effects varies with the individual. Acupuncture works cumulatively, that is, each session builds on the previous one. Generally speaking, a minimum of three treatments is needed in order to create a positive momentum where better sleep patterns can be established.