The fear of or sensitivity to needles for many people can prevent them from receiving the assistance of acupuncture for commonly treated problems. At our Edmonton Acupuncture clinic, we use a variety of non-needle options for people who are sensitive to needles. These include acupressure, ear seed therapy, transcutaneous electro-stimulation, and more recently, low level laser stimulation of acupoints. Ear seeds, laser acutherapy, and electrostimulation can all be part of a full, private, 50 minute session.

Ear seed therapy (auricular therapy) is offered when the Edmonton Acupuncture community clinics are operating (not during pandemic)- this is the time you can schedule an Ear Seed session!

“Low-level laser” therapy is safe, pain-free, and scientifically demonstrated to be effective to stimulate acupoints and decrease pain, inflammation and stimulate tissue regeneration.

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