Summer Solstice: Earth’s Turning Point


By Gord Grant

At the zenith of summer, where days stretch long,
The Earth basks in sunlight, nature’s vibrant song.
Fields are lush, and skies are clear,
This is the solstice, the height of the year.

But look deeper, past the sun’s golden glow,
It’s Earth’s orbit, its path to show.
Not the sun’s change, but our world’s stance,
This moment, a dance in the cosmic expanse.

This year, like the Earth, we’ve journeyed far,
Through seasons of life, under guiding stars.
Moments of growth, and times of strain,
Each step a lesson, each joy and pain.

Symbols of change, in nature we see,
Reflecting the shifts deep within humanity.
Blossoms of hope, shadows of doubt,
In this shared journey, we’ve wandered about.

The solstice, a midpoint, not the summer’s start,
A reminder of balance, both in Earth and heart.
A turning point in orbit, a moment in time,
Echoing changes in this life so fine.

Yet here at the zenith, a profound still point,
A pause in the cycle, where forces conjoin.
The pendulum’s arc, now poised in mid-flight,
A standstill of change, before shifting its might.

We are the eyes through which Earth contemplates,
Its hills, its skies, and all it creates.
Every breath we take, every step we tread,
Is Earth in motion, a story widespread.

Forged in the heart of stars that gleam,
We are stardust, part of a cosmic dream.
Iron, carbon, silicon entwined,
Connecting us to the universe, intertwined.

Know this: the journey is more than it seems,
Not just in sunlight, but in our dreams.
To understand the world, first look inside,
For in self-awareness, true wisdom resides.

Surprising revelation, the solstice imparts,
The importance of knowing oneself from the heart.
Before understanding the world outside,
One must face the truths within, untried.

As we move forward, past this peak of light,
Grounded in self-knowledge, our future’s bright.
Hopes and plans, in clarity we find,
The journey begins within the mind.

Reflect on this solstice, this turning point here,
A moment to cherish, in a world so dear.
Know yourself, and in that light,
The path ahead will shine ever bright.