ATP is temporarily closed except for telehealth consults

As of Friday, March 27, the Alberta government has temporarily closed all non-essential services due to COVID-19 outbreak. We can still serve clients if they want through telehealth consultation using video or phone.  

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku -“forest bathing”

CBC tapestry Sunday radio show this last week featured a story about Bruce Sweet, a retired United Church minister, who inadvertently became a certified “forest therapist”.  He later realized this was a formalized practice from Japan called “shinrin-yoku”, translated as “to take in the forest atmosphere”.  It was developed in the 1980s and has been linked to benefits such as reduced stress, improved mood, increased ability to focus, increased energy levels and…

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Turning Points -An ancient cycle, and a sweet year for beekeeping

Beekeeping is hot, heavy, and sticky… and yes, stingy. It is much more than the honey itself that keeps me coming back each year to the bees.  Actually, I don’t eat as much honey as you may expect a beekeeper would – I mostly savour it in small amounts as a fine sweet flavour that can complement the taste of other foods. I am drawn to the less tangible rewards…

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Turning Points: The speed of time

I am not sure exactly when I really started to notice and become interested in the passage of time, but I think it was as a child of around 9 or 10. I would lie awake at night, trying to go back to my earliest memory, and then letting my mind flow forward naturally, without effort, one memory connected to the next, until I came up to that current moment….

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