Hot Stone Therapy – More than Relaxation!

Hot stone therapy has been documented as far back as ancient China and Egypt, where people used heat therapeutically.  Native North Americans have long used rocks in rituals with a spiritual significance to symbolize life.  Indeed, the stones a therapist chooses can have meaning based on systems of origin from an energic perspective.  Most stones used for hot stone therapy are smooth from the action of thousands of years of…

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Massaging the right places – not always where the pain is

Why is it that when you come in for a massage, your therapist will work on a different area first before attending to where you told her you are hurting or tight? Sometimes the therapist even starts working more on the wrong side of the body! Or when the therapist gets to where it is painful, she is not spending enough time there and go even deeper and harder. Does…

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Try cupping with your next massage


Cupping marks can look alarming when you see the circular marks on the skin!  It is important to understand thought that these are not real bruises as you would get from an impact. These are from micro-bleeding from capillaries, caused by a temporary suction from the cups (like a hicky!). The marks on the skin can vary in a pattern and colour (from light red to dark purple). They can…

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