4 Ways Acupuncture Can Support Your Immune System

immune defense against viruses

Acupuncture can help to increase your capacity to fight off infections and more. This winter has been an especially intense one for colds and flus, and we are continuing to deal with COVID infections. Your immune system protects your body from infections through a complex system of general front-line defences, backed up by more sophisticated responses targeted to remember and take out specific invaders. When all is working well, we…

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Acupuncture works for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) and Pain

Woman with TMJ dysfunction and pain

Early in my career as an acupuncturist, my clients introduced me to the nuances of Temporomandibular Dysfunction or Disorder (TMD).  TMD is a general diagnosis that represents a group of often painful and/or dysfunctional conditions involving the muscles of chewing and/or the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) located just under the ear. This is a special and complex joint, since it can act as a lever, it can shift side to side,…

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The only 3 reasons people seek out acupuncture

There are so many pains and health issues that bring people to our clinic.  But over the years it is obvious to me that the motivation and expectations behind why people seek out acupuncture can be narrowed down to only 3 reasons.  Whether its back pain or stress-induced insomnia, people come to us with certain assumptions of what acupuncture can do.  Our job is to do our best in helping…

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Can Acupuncture Help to Prevent Dementia?

  Whether you are a student trying to maximize your cognitive function while learning at university or a middle-aged person noticing how your memory isn’t as good as it used to be, this research on acupuncture and dementia may apply to you too! Dementia is not a necessary consequence of aging alone. A report released this month by the Alzheimer Society of Canada highlights that one of the greatest health…

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Acupuncture for menopause – an alternative to estrogen

Two recent research trials highlighted below have shown that acupuncture works for menopause.  It can produce fast and clinically relevant and sustained reduction of hotflashes and night sweats.  A series of treatments over a few months can result in effects lasting several more months. Menopause symptoms: Hot flashes and night sweats are the most common and troublesome symptoms associated with menopause.  A hot flash is a transient sudden episode of flushing,…

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Acupuncture for headaches and migraines

facial acupuncture

Acupuncture works for headaches and migraines Acupuncture for headaches and migraines has gained significant credibility in modern times.  Many Edmontonians come to us seeking relief for headache or migraine because their medications or botox treatments are no longer working well or are giving them unacceptable side effects. A previous blog I wrote talks about a very rigorous scientific examination of clinical research.  In a 2016 Cochrane Review the authors summarized twenty-two…

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Acupuncture and the Amygdala connection

by Gord Grant PhD, RAc Recently studies have linked psychological depression with activation of the amygdalae, an important little pair of “almond” shaped structures located behind your eyes and about as far back as your ears.  At the University of Alberta, Nikolai Malykhin and his team are documenting increases in both the size and “activation” of the amygdala in depressed people (see his website). Acupuncture has traditionally been used to…

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Health span – the meaning of health

“Health span” is a relatively new idea. Related to the concept of “life span”, health span is not as easy to define, not so concrete and final; less measurable. Health span can be simply defined as the length of a life that is “healthy” or that one is in “good health”. But what is that? Well it does NOT just mean the absence of disease or chronic dysfunction in your life!…

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Acupuncture for Treatment of Insomnia

Acupuncture is commonly used to treat insomnia and many other stress-related conditions. I have helped many clients break the vicious cycle of insomnia through a few acupuncture sessions.  Mechanistically, it make sense that acupuncture could help with insomnia, since it works in part by quietening down (deactivating) the “stress-reaction” part of the brain; the amydala (see our blog on that here). Reviews are important in medical research since they help…

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