4 Ways Acupuncture Can Support Your Immune System

immune defense against viruses

Acupuncture can help to increase your capacity to fight off infections and more.

This winter has been an especially intense one for colds and flus, and we are continuing to deal with COVID infections. Your immune system protects your body from infections through a complex system of general front-line defences, backed up by more sophisticated responses targeted to remember and take out specific invaders. When all is working well, we don’t notice the colds we don’t get or the infections that don’t heal quickly.

If you are feeling tired and run down lately, not sleeping well, or have been getting too many sore throats and sniffles, I’ll explain next why you could benefit from an acupuncture treatment soon.

4 Ways Acupuncture Can Support Your Immune System:

1) Acupuncture reduces the physiological reactions of stress:

Chronic emotional or physiological stress increases the risk of many diseases, increases inflammation in the body, and reduces immune function. There are a number of classic acupuncture points used since ancient times for supporting the immune system. Some of these same points are also the most potent ones shown by scientific research to reduce the body’s reaction to stress (Read the research on how acupuncture treats anxiety and depression).

2) Acupuncture can treat insomnia:

Adequate sleep is a major factor in so many aspects of health, and the immune system is particularly sensitive to poor sleep. If you are doing all the “right” things to get a good night’s sleep and are still struggling, acupuncture is a safe and effective strategy to try first, rather than a prescription for dependency-causing sleep aids.(Read the research on how acupuncture treats insomnia)

3) Acupuncture can help balance digestion disorders:

Acupuncture can help with constipation, acid reflux, food sensitivities, and IBS/IBD, all conditions that interfere with absorbing the nutrients that you need to be healthy and have strong immune function. These issues are best treated primarily with dietary changes, but acupuncture can help to reset the body’s natural balance without relying on medications long term. (Read a review on acupuncture clinical research trials treating IBS).

4) Acupuncture can promote exercise by treating painful conditions:

Injuries can keep you from enjoying your life and doing the activities you love to do. Chronic back pain can make you less motivated to move around or go for a walk. Acupuncture can address these issues, to keep you moving and being healthy. Moving in the ways you love and doing adequate exercise translates to better sleep, better appetite and diet (less insulin resistance/diabetes), less stress, and better circulation and cardiovascular health. All of these factors strengthen the immune system!

Acupressure points for your routine at home:

During your session with us, we can teach you some acupressure massage techniques to do as a daily practice for relaxation. They will be the best acupoints for your immune system based on what issues we are focusing on for you – make sure to ask any of us next time you visit us!

Most of us already know, more or less, what we “should do” to support a good immune system. Here’s a reminder of some basic routines that will keep you healthy and your immune system strong:

1. Get a good night’s sleep.
2. Eat a healthy balanced diet
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Manage stress in healthy ways.
5. Avoid/minimize exposure to toxins – smoking, alcohol, drugs, and so on
6. Keep well connected with the people and activities that give you deeper purpose, satisfaction, and joy