Acupuncture for menopause – an alternative to estrogen

Acupuncture works to relieve symptoms of menopause Two recent research trials highlighted below have shown that acupuncture works for menopause.  It can produce fast and clinically relevant and sustained reduction of hotflashes and night sweats.  A series of treatments over a few months can result in effects lasting several more months. Menopause symptoms Hot flashes and night sweats are the most common and troublesome symptoms associated with menopause.  A hot flash…

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The Point of Acupuncture

Acupuncture Needle on Shoulder Muscle

The Point of Acupuncture  – one point at a time. This blog series will address our understanding of handful of the most special acupuncture points, one by one, both in a historical context of oriental philosophy, and also the evidence shown by science to date on why and how each point may be working therapeutically. We have discussed acupuncture mechanism before in general ways (see the facia connection), but this…

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Acupuncture helps with morning sickness

Acupuncture helps with morning sickness  This blog is intended to provide information to pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness.  Many prefer to try something else besides medications as a first line approach, or are not tolerating anti-nausea drugs well. In a 2015 Cochrane review, a respected medical journal that summarizes research over time and evaluates its quality, put together two “meta analysis” to see if acupuncture can help…

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