Acupuncture for headaches and migraines

facial acupunctureAcupuncture works for headaches and migraines

Acupuncture for headaches and migraines has gained significant credibility in modern times.  Many Edmontonians come to us seeking relief for headache or migraine because their medications are no longer working well or are giving them unacceptable side effects.

A previous blog I wrote talks about a very rigorous scientific examination of clinical research.  In a 2016 Cochrane Review the authors summarized twenty-two clinical acupuncture trials regarding the treatment of migraines, including 4985 participants in total. Here are their main findings:  1. Adding acupuncture is a valid procedure to include in a symptomatic treatment plan to reduce the frequency of migraines.   2. Acupuncture treatments are at least as effective as  drugs used to prevent migraines, but without the significant side-effects of these drugs.

Our holistic approach addresses both triggers and root causes.

Headaches and migraines conditions come in many forms and severity. For many, they are very unpredictable and debilitating; they can put normal life on hold and take one’s vitality away.  Research shows migraines have both genetic and environmental influences (lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep, etc).  Indeed, they are not just a bad headache, although they are often more severe and longer lasting, they are often associated with a visual aura (see here for details from the American migraine foundation).

Our approach in our acupuncture clinic is very successful and we have helped many clients become headache and migraine free over the years! We customize each treatment to reflect its complexity and adapt it over time to create healing and restore resilience and stability (see our acupuncture service page).  We carefully aim to understand a client’s history and assess the nature of her signs and symptoms.  Our treatment plan then addresses the triggers or factors making the problem worse.  In the same session we give an acupuncture treatment that may focus on muscle tension, local pain areas, stress response, metabolism and hormonal dimensions, depending on the person’s unique situation.  We give clients homework for self care (acupressure points, diet and lifestyle suggestions, stress management), including trying a tracking system.  This helps create more awareness of triggers and influences and encourages positive change.



Read client testimonials: how we helped them with acupuncture for migraines or headaches

Always Great. Always nice to have Gord help me release a ton of tension and help to ease my frequent, debilitating migraines and significant lower back strain. :).Erika H

As always Gord was able to help my headache go away and my stomach troubles to settle done to a state where once again I can live a normal life. I can not believe how much better I feel within an hour of getting there and for someone who was very afraid of acupuncture I am not sure how I lived without it now. Thanks! Joanne B

My last appointment with Gord. Gord worked on my jaw pain, migraines and lungs. The migraines have returned and Gord had them GONE for years and we had been concentrating on the lower back pain and fibromyalgia. They are under control with the great help from Gord. Debra M.

Exceptional in every way
Everything about my visits are guaranteed to be relaxing and organized. Visiting during CV19 was no exception. I felt safe and well looked after. My treatment with Gord was superb, as was the conversations—as always. Suffering from chronic migraine and neck pain, having regular acupuncture and cupping is necessary and makes the world of difference. Very effective way to manage my pain and get me back on track. Can’t recommend enough!
MJ Fjell

better than chiro and massage
I have a lot of back and neck pain, as well as migraines. I received treatment of acupuncture, cupping and IMS. After just one treatment, I feel significant release of pain and tension. Will be returning to this clinic, vs going to chiro and massage, as this treatment was much more effective and long lasting.

Def would recommend
I had my 3rd appointment done with Gord. Originally went in for my chronic headaches and sore neck and shoulder. Gord is simply awesome. Full of knowledge and professional. I can feel a difference with my chronic pain after 3 appointments. However, I am aware, that this will take many more appointments. But so far so good. I found that the acupuncture and the tape helped the most! So I will definitely continue getting that done.

amazing clinic!!
I have plenty of acupuncture clinics around the block from where I live but I drive across the city to see Alina because she helps me tremendously with migraines. She goes above and beyond to help, she listens, and she doesn’t rush through the appointment. Christine P