Conditions We Treat with Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Low back pain is one of the most common causes of missed work days and visits to the doctor. It can interfere quite dramatically with quality of life and the ability to go about the regular things in your day. If you are experiencing back pain that is affecting your quality of life, you have come to the right place! It is one of the conditions that we treat most frequently at our clinic and with good success.

Our Edmonton acupuncture clinic uses an integrated approach to treat low back pain that creates lasting improvement – not just short-term relief. The way we do acupuncture focuses first on resetting and improving the function of the core muscles and sinews.  Acupuncture not only decreases pain, it allows our patients to effectively return to exercise and adopt normal posture and movement patterns that are the foundation of rehabilitation.

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Acupuncture for Joint Pain and Tendinitis

To begin your treatment, our practitioners will assess of the history and the nature of your pain, as well as investigate what factors in your life might be contributing to the pain.

Acupuncture can treat shoulder conditions, tennis elbow, golfer’s elblow, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain, knee arthritis and other knee issues, Achillies tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

A customized treatment plan will be developed to best create quick healing and lasting results. The treatment itself may include strategically-placed needles at traditional acupuncture points or specific trigger points, electroacupuncture, infrared (cold) laser, cupping and gua sha.  There will be given guidance and recommendations of what to do between treatments to help you take full advantage of healing from your acupuncture and massage sessions.

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Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines

Migraine by Rick Rogers

We use acupuncture to treat people for headaches and migraines every day at our Edmonton clinic. Common tension headaches are often associated with upper back and neck tension, or temple or facial tension. Migraines are more complex and severe headaches that have triggers unique to each individual. They result in vascular (blood vessel) spasms in the brain itself and can be debilitating. They may be associated with intense throbbing head pain on one or both sides of the head, sound or light sensitivity, visual auras, nausea, and many other symptoms unique to each individual.

Our acupuncture practitioners are very skilled at creating customized treatment plans that work to relieve headaches and migraines – not just temporarily – but also to prevent them from returning over the months following treatments. The majority of our patients see a marked reduction in frequency and intensity of their headaches, and many do become headache-free over time after following our treatment plans. 

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Acupuncture for TMJ Dysfunction and Pain

Woman with TMJ dysfunction and pain

At our Edmonton Acupuncture clinic, we can treat your TMJ dysfunction or pain and help you understand and address the structure and function of the issues, and how to become more aware and implement changes that can, as a whole, make the big difference!

Your treatment may include: 

1. Acupuncture with or without electro-stimulation on the soft tissues associated with the TMJ and facial/jaw muscles associated with joint function.

2. Infrared (cold) laser therapy at the TMJ.

3. Acupuncture and manual therapies like massage, cupping, and gua sha (spoon technique) for neck and upper back tension and posture correction, including kinesiotaping.

4. Acupuncture points known for the treatment of anxiety, stress reduction, headaches, and relaxation.

5. Patient education and awareness of jaw relaxation, tongue placement, posture improvement. Other factors are addressed including diet, mindfulness and stress management, exercise, self massage and other issues unique for each patient. 

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Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

At our Edmonton Clinic, acupuncture is adapted to modern ways of thinking to treat anxiety and depression. Acupuncture works in conjunction with counselling and/or medications prescribed by your doctor. If you are feeling sad, worried, empty, lonely, aimless, restless, having difficulty concentrating – acupuncture can help shift the balance along with other therapies to support a your well-being.

Our holistic health approach and customized treatment plans can help manage many interrelated emotional ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and much more.  Our practitioners are skilled at interpreting the body language of emotional disturbances and tailoring treatments to create lasting calm and symptom relief. By doing so, our patients gain better ability to build other strategies – good nutrition, movement/exercise, social connections, counselling – into their lives to sustain long-term emotional well-being.

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Acupuncture for Labour Induction 

Acupuncture can help prepare the pelvis and cervix for birth, calm the mind, and ultimately lead to shorter and easier labour. Additionally, acupuncture can help to avoid medical inductions by gently encouraging labour to start naturally at term, minimizing complications during birth, and supporting Mom’s recovery after birth. 

Acupuncture for Reproductive Health

Acupuncture helps with PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, pregnancy health, breech, induction, impotence, post-partum issues

Our team can help with reproductive health in many ways. For PMS, menopause, endometriosis and PCOS, acupuncture can give relief and promote healing. Acupuncture is an excellent first start for couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant, since it works within the body’s own physiological mechanisms, and side effects are rare.  Since acupuncture can improve health and vitality in so many ways, it promotes fertility in both men and women. 

Acupuncture can give support to your body before procedures like IUI or IVF, or help during pregnancy to treat nausea or ease the aches and pains as your body changes. Moxibustion is a well-studied and validated method to help breech babies turn into a more favourable position for birthing during the final weeks.  

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Acupuncture for Sports Injuries and Performance

This applies to the pro-athlete as much as it does the weekend warrior!  Whether you just love to be active, or you are a serious athlete with performance goals, we can help you be at your best. Our experienced team integrates acupuncture, massage, and exercise therapies, with nutritional assessment and biofeedback & mind-body awareness training. We work with you to develop the best strategies to optimize your overall performance & health.

Treating the pain of injuries is one way acupuncture can help. But the best work is done to prevent injuries from happening in the first place and to fully recover from them if they do. Acupuncture enables tissues to relax and heal after strenuous exercise. This can reduce recovery time between workouts. Motor point acupuncture (intramuscular stimulation or IMS) enhances recovery after competition, reduces fatigue and pain, and possibly influences neuromuscular reflex activity. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce muscle fatigue and stiffness at the end of a workout, and can decrease heart rate and lactic acid after short, intense exercise programs.

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