9th and 10th habits for healthy skin and healthy you!



These are the last two habits in the series of 10 holistic tips on creating a healthier skin by Jennifer Kotowick.

Habit 9: Balanced sun exposure and sunscreen. You want to get some but not too much not only for the creation of natural vitamin D, but because sun affects our mood and our hormones. UV light therapy is sometimes prescribed for certain skin problems(psoriasis, acne), in moderation, and can have dramatic effects. Talk to your doctor about this. Of course with more sun exposure, our risk of skin cancer increases. Also, too much exposure prematurely ages our skin and makes it wrinkly. If you are going to be out in the midday sun for a long time, cover up with clothing or use sun protection but insure to check the ingredients.

Habit 10. Get professional assistance and advice, and be responsible and proactive. Make sure you are in health, and if there is a problem that you proactively consult a professional. We have an amazing and free medical system compared to other countries. Some hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism, endometriosis, etc can and should be diagnosed so you can understand your medical condition and treatment options. But also consider your complementary practitioners, like acupuncturists, herbologists, and naturopathic doctors, etc to help you with your whole health. Sometimes we help by reducing your stress, counselling you about nutrition and skin care, or helping you deal with that aching hip so you can get back to exercising again! We need generalists who see you as a whole and not just an isolated and disconnected set of symptoms and problems!

To sum up, I’ll say it again:these are not rules but ideas to explore and understand from your own experience and conclusions. Become more knowledge able about what makes your skin condition and health better or worse. I suggest tracking your diet and lifestyle in relation to symptoms if you are serious about your skin as a manifestation of your underlying health. Again, we have tracking sheets you can pick up at the clinic and we would be happy to get you on your way to knowing yourself better.

Here’s to a healthier you and healthier skin!