Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture – more than seeking youth?

Jennifer Kotowicz, HHP, R.Ac.

Before I talk about facial rejuvenation, I want to talk about what is in a face.
 Indeed, beauty resides in the face. Our face is how we are recognized instantly; no two humans have the exact same combinations of features, not even identical twins!

Our emotions are expressed in our face. It is the first impression we give to the world. The face is a place where we hide, where we present our “mask” to the world, yet ironically, it is where we utterly reveal who we are.

The philosopher Wittgenstein once asked, “If the eyes are the window to the soul, what would you call the face?” His answer — “The soul of the body.”

Beauty is powerful. Beauty can motivate people to relentlessly pursue spectacular goals. Yet beauty can also soften our hearts, resulting in powerful emotions, just by simply observing it. Because it is so intangible and mysterious, the judgment of beauty is truly in the “eyes of the beholder”. Rushing around wrapped up in my own mind, I find it takes slowing down to engage beauty. Or sometimes, despite myself, it takes me as I am smacked in the face with it! Life is indeed beautiful.

Youth, Aging, and Beauty. Youth and beauty are common bedfellows. They are often associated with one another, especially for women, since youth, fertility and female power have classic strong associations both biologically and culturally. It is understandable then that you may begin to feel insecure and powerless, when you see the youth in your face is fading with time. But I say to you, in our new era of personal freedom and choices, we can challenge the idea that beauty fades as we age. I think beauty and age meet one another through loving acceptance, wisdom, and grace.

Does facial rejuvenation reverse the natural aging of the face? Perhaps any efforts to that effect would be in vain — pun intended! Even though you cannot stop the clock, after a series of treatments you just may notice you can accept this fact a bit more graciously, as you emerge a new radiant you. Unlike botox, which infuses irritants to plump tissues and hide wrinkles, or surgical interventions, the acupuncture and facial rejuvenation techniques I use work by natural mechanisms within you to improve your skin’s vitality, and help you be healthier from the inside out.