Exercise and Reduce Stress: 4th & 5th habits of 10 for Healthy skin and a healthy YOU.

image“Exercise and Move” is the fourth blog of a series of 10 on holistic tips on creating a healthier skin by Jennifer Kotowicz.

We give people diet/lifestyles/symptom observation tracking sheets at our clinic (come and get one – no charge), alternatively, you can contact us at www.acupunctureturningpoint.ca/contact.html and we’ll email you one so you can print it and put it up on your fridge to fill in once per day reflectively.  It will help you monitor and better understand how your diet and lifestyle and other choices affect your health, your skin, your moods, etc.  Once you see patterns that make your health better or worse, we encourage you to experiment wisely and safely.

Exercise and Reduce Stress: Blog 4/5 or 10 for Healthy Skin and a healthy YOU. Most people live relatively sedentary lives, and it can be argued we have an exercise crisis as much as an dietary crisis (notice how habit 2,3 and 4 are closely linked!).

Regular exercise is good for your skin, reduces anxiety and depression, as being great for your health and physical functionality in many other ways. Increase blood flow will help to bring nutrients to the skin as well as the movement will help the lymph system preventing a build up of unwanted fluid, this can result in puffiness, bags under the eyes.

Exercise is great for your whole body, your immunity and digestion, liver and kidneys, all of which are needed to detoxify and purify all of you, not just your skin. It also increases your food intake and along with that, your capacity to get more of the essential macro and micronutrients from whole foods.

Now more about stress…Some acne breakouts may be an early sign of being in stress. Understand your stressors and how you react to them (this comes back to the charting idea I was talking about to see if there is a pattern). In Steven Coveys famous book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he demonstrates one of the most important habits of effective people (defined as those who are able to have very personally meaningful and fulfilling lives) do not procrastinate on issues that are important to them. Get enough sleep, give yourself the priority to nourish and look after yourself, your soul, in whatever way that you need. If you don’t, no one will do it for you! 



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