Community Acupuncture affords more regular treatments for those who need it!

by Gord Grant, Ph.D., R.Ac.

In traditional Oriental-based acupuncture, many conditions in transition that require the body and mind to be at their best are treated at least once per week.

Our community acupuncture sessions, where treatments occur in a group setting, offer an affordable way to experience acupuncture regularly and sustain the healing process ($10 initial assessment fee for first time patients, and $20-$40 sliding scale based on what you can afford, no questions asked). 

Many find the experience extremely relaxing and enjoyable.  Some even fall asleep as they listen to the gentle background music.

Read about how patients use community acupuncture for FERTILITY, STRESS-RELATED DISORDERS, and SPORTS PERFORMANCE…

Fertility: Women seeking medical fertility treatments often require months of preparation toward chemical modification of their cycles. Scientific studies have shown that regular and well-timed acupuncture treatments may not only increase the success of procedures like IUI and IVF, but may even make them unnecessary.  Couples can be treated together, and the strategy is to support their health to promote fertility as a first approach, before resorting to more intense medical interventions which supersede the body’s natural pathways.

Stress-Related Disorders:  Our best adaptive response is needed when coping with health issues. Regular acupuncture reduces the general stress response to help people cope and adapt to emotional stress, chronic pain, the effects of quitting smoking, or dealing with serious pathology. Suspending stress levels, even for a short while, is often enough to create the space and momentum needed for healing.    

Athletic Performance:  Recent medical research shows that acupuncture before a cycle or run can improve performance and recovery time.  The effect is more dramatic with less trained athletes, but the significant advantage it gives to highly trained athletes is the very edge they may need in winning or losing a race.  The Chinese Olympic teams gets acupuncture as a standard part of their athletic regime, and now other countries and high-level, professional sports teams have followed this example.

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