When there was only “organic” and “local”…


Not long ago, there was the age of being close to our food. We were farmers. We grew, prepared, and ate our traditional foods. The food we ate looked like food. It was “organic”, “local” and “healthful”; and it would have been absurd and irrelevant to describe food these ways then!

Then there came the age of convenience and science and security for many, which created canned food and processed and prepared foods, supplements and drugs. We have been suffering from this convenience though.  Eventually we have responded with the age of ‘organic” and “local”, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-free, vegetarianism and food-ethics, super foods, medical foods, and neutraceuticals.

When we were on the land, we lived more active and healthful lives in many ways.  We must be careful not to romanticize the “old days” too much, since these were very vulnerable times. Indeed, we lived shorter lives due to infections and insecurity of food supply, however, we did not typically die of our modern day afflictions. Contemporary diseases are rooted in excesses of fat, sugar, salt and stress, and deficiencies of basic whole food nutrients, exercise and sleep! But ironically, never before have we been able to choose to eat well and live healthfully, with access to the very best of preventative medical attention and innovations!   

Come and learn about how foods can make your gut healthier at our our free community talk this Saturday, March 16th, 1:30pm – 2:30pm! Preregister by phoning us at 780-437-7723.

Gord Grant PhD, RAc talks about the amazing story of the symbiosis between YOU and your 1 kg of gut bacteria. You will learn what you can do to know them better and support them so you can both be healthier!