The Magic of Kinesiotape after Acupuncture!

Kinesiotaping after acupuncture

by Gord Grant Kinesiotape (K tape) or elastic therapeutic tape, really got popular about 10 years ago with professional athletes. The kinesiotaping course that I took at that time focused on rehabilitating injured muscles. But after using it at my clinic for a few months, I soon realized it could have much broader applications, like improving back posture! The magic of how K tape works so well in combination with…

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Can’t give up that pillow? – think again!

by Carl Parnham RMT I am not a pillow expert, but I deal with people’s proverbial “pain-the-neck” every day.  So, I did some research into pillows and here is what I found.  I came across this scientific study published in a physiotherapy journal (Physiotherapy Canada, Volume 63, Number 2, Pages 183-190).  Here they let people use their own pillow as well as other types.  The participants (106 of them!) were…

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The Desk Pain Blues

by Crystal King, P.T.S., B.P.E candidate   A recurring theme that I have been seeing with patients at the clinic is a combination of back, shoulder and neck tension resulting in pain and discomfort.  Through my work at the Acupuncture Turning Point I have come to find that a commonality between the complainants is that they tend to be office workers,whose job requires them to be relatively sedentary, most often…

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