Sit all Day? Two Exercises to Help your Butt!

As a personal trainer, I often see clients that are unable to maximally activate and engage their glute muscles (i.e. gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus).  The glute maximus’, due to its large size and position, allows humans to stand upright and maintain an erect posture.  Besides walking, it is involved in a number of sports, from running to weight-lifting and is used in numerous exercises, such as squats, kettlebell swings,…

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Bird dog – another core engagement exercise you NEED to do!

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  Last newsletter, I provided a core exercise (stability ball deadbug) that I think ‘everyone should be doing.’ This time around, I am once again showcasing a core engagement exercise that is incorporate into all of my client’s programming: the bird dog.  Whether they are high-performance athletes, or someone who is sedentary and spends most of their day sitting at a desk, this exercise will help create core stability, which…

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The Stability Ball Deadbug – one core exercise everyone should be doing!

Stability Ball Deadbug Everyone, from the sedentary desk worker to the competitive athlete need core stability, whether for correct posture and general back health or to optimize athletic performance.  This exercise requires you to target the deep core musculature to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement and builds core endurance – both integral to good posture throughout the day and generating power from the legs and arms in sport….

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