David Wolfe has popularized the use of foods which he calls “Superfoods”, for their collection of better-than-average potency of more than a few health properties. He lists and discusses the properties and advises on how to consume the top 10 Superfoods which he believes are:

  1. Goji berries
  2. Cacao or Raw chocolate
  3. Maca
  4. Bee products
  5. Spirulina
  6. AFA Blue-Green Algae
  7. Marine Phytoplankton
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. Hempseed
  10. Coconuts

Borrow David Wolfe’s book from our clinic library: Superfoods; The food and medicine of the future, by David Wolfe, North Atlantic Books, 2009. Come in and try some of these superfoods to snack on at our clinic at the front counter. We are planning to sell some of them in sampler package sets and information sheets. This way you can take them home and learn about them and experience them first hand.