Gord investigates Osteopathy

Osteopathy treatment the professional masseur and his patientThis month I investigate osteopathy, a diverse discipline that has many facets.  Like chiropractic, this discipline evolved over 100 years ago and has persisted as a complementary therapy to mainstream medicine.  However, unlike chiropractic, its focus is on the body as a whole system, and not on the spine per se.  The traditional practice of osteopathy seeks literal fulcrums, or balance points, when addressing a physical imbalance, and then restores function by creating a “still point”.  So much so did their principles endure, that in the USA osteopaths are trained and licensed as full medical doctors with prescription privileges and even surgical specialties.


Anne Laure Lesoin, Osteopath

In Alberta, and Canada, osteopaths are few and far between.  Although they are highly trained, there are only a couple of osteopathic colleges in Canada.  I introduce Anne Laure Lesoin, of Millcreek Massage Therapy in Edmonton.   I brought her with me on Global TV Monday morning Sept 28, 2015.  For more information, contact her at

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