“what’s up with cupping?”


Since Michael Phelps was seen with prominent cupping marks on his shoulders during the Olympics, cupping has been more recognized and accepted in the west as therapy for athletes.  But at the Acupuncture Turning Point we have long time integrated cupping into most treatments that involve chronic musculoskeletal pain, whether you are an athlete or not!

Cupping can gently break the adhesions and bring new vigor to tissues associated the inflammation and fibrosis of chronic injury. The red marks (micro-ruptures of capillaries) and physical changes caused by cupping are therapeutic — they initiate the body’s natural repair and healing responses.

In effect, cupping speeds up the body’s process of rejuvenating and replacing the local tissue, areas that perhaps have been over worked and had insufficient blood flow, thus being exhausted of capacity and function.  Cupping catalyzes this renovation process and is a “turning point” for many of our clients, where we break a vicious cycle of stagnation that had inhibited recovery before.  In combination with acupuncture and other techniques, we use cupping activate dysfunctional muscles back to proper function.  So whenever you have a chronic injury or problem that is not getting better, or you just want some help to stay at your peak, give cupping a try with us!


Read more  information here on our website that explains cupping https://www.acupunctureturningpoint.ca/cupping_and_gua_sha