Fantastic Voyage – The Science Behind Radical Life Extension

We have created a special space for anyone to peruse and enjoy our  eclectic book collection, which we   also loan to our patients.  From  traditional and holistic aspects of   healing and health, inspirational  ideas, various magazines, poetry, to scientific and medical references  on anatomy, physiology,   pharmacology, physical assessment, bodywork, and  acupuncture.

Here is one of many recent additions to the library by Gord Grant: Fantastic Voyage – The Science Behind Radical Life Extension.

High-tech visionary  Ray Kurzweil teams up with life-extension expert Terry Grossman, M.D., to consider the awesome benefits to human health and longevity promised by the leading edge of medical science—and what you can do today to take full advantage of these startling advances.

Life is much more than how long you live.  I believe this discussion has to do more about quality of life as one ages.  As technology and our knowledge advances, we have the choice of making better, informed choices both about our medical care as well as how to be in optimal health.  I believe the common sense application of technology and science will help us live better lives, through prevention and proactive lifestyle changes, as opposed to heroic and radical life extension efforts.