Resistance Training for Older Adults

A humbling fact is that after the age of 30, adults start to have a gradual loss of muscle mass (also known as sarcopenia) which correlates to some decline in physical performance (Fragala et al., 2019).  From this point onwards, we have to continuously work ever-slightly harder just to maintain our current level of fitness.  And, after the age of 70, even greater decreases in physiological variables such as muscular…

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The warm-up revamped

mountain biking

The warm-up should be considered an integral component prior to a workout or competition.  The RAMP protocol provides a sound framework for ensuring the client or athlete is prepared for maximum performance via raising, activation and mobilization, and potentiation without any level of fatigue.  When planning the warm-up, the trainer or coach should select exercises to maximize its short-term effectiveness but also understand how to use the warm-up to aid in the long-term development of the athlete or client.

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Avoiding Plateaus – 4 Ways to Change Up Your Workouts

Do you follow the same gym routine every week?  If so, you may very well be maintaining your current physical fitness, but most likely you will not be experiencing any positive gains. The body needs to experience new or additional training stress to force it to positively adapt. In fitness industry lingo, we refer to this as periodization or “the manipulation of training stress over a period to produce a…

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