The Point of Acupuncture – one point at a time

Acupuncture Needle on Shoulder Muscle

This blog series will address our understanding of handful of the most special acupuncture points, one by one, both in a historical context of oriental philosophy, and also the evidence shown by science to date on why and how each point may be working therapeutically. Ancient oriental manuscripts document many hundreds of acupoints on the body – points that when engaged with a fine acupuncture needle have therapeutic impact.  In…

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Pinning Down your Lunch when Pregnant – Drugs or Acupuncture?

Acupuncture for pregnancy-associated nausea  In a 2015 Cochrane review, a respected medical journal that summarizes research over time and evaluates its quality, put together two “meta analysis” of research on acupuncture and nausea. One was on morning sickness and the other was on nausea after surgery. Both studies found that needling PC6 was indeed effective in reducing nausea. This is very impressive because most research on modalities considered “alternative” to…

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