Therapeutic or Relaxation? What’s the difference?

MalleryMallery is a registered massage therapist at The Acupuncture Turning Point. She got her massage training at CDI college in Edmonton, and is a member of the National Health Practitioners of Canada. Mallery grew up on the farm, and she is still a country folk at heart. She moved into the big city three years ago, to follow her passion of helping people relax and to improve the quality of lives through massage. Mallery is a care-giver by nature, and knows how to help people relax.

Therapeutic or Relaxation? Of course, both therapeutic and relaxation message are therapeutic! But relaxation massage is usually less intense, where patient comfort is central. Therapeutic imagemassage focuses more on the rehabilitation of a specific injury or abnormal tightness of muscles that are causing pain or decreased function. Here, depending on the situation, a deeper and more forceful pressure is often required to initiate change. This can be initially uncomfortable, but usually is great for healing and longer term comfort and performance.

In a therapeutic focus, massage can focus on particular muscles and connective tissues that are tight or have had a history of injury. This creates relief and space around your injury or problem, so you can take better advantage of stretching and exercise after your session.

Your massage therapist can employ many different techniques depending on the objectives of the patient his or her circumstances. Massage begins by using lotion or oil to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes called “effleurage”. Other classic techniques include kneading, friction, stretching and tapping. These techniques are integrated with firm but controlled pressure to promote general tissue release and blood flow.

We are sensitive to respond to your preference of massage firmness and depth. If you want more intensive work with firmer pressure, just ask for a “deep tissue massage”.