Crystal King, P.T.S., B.P.E candidate – Preventative and Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy

CrystalCrystal is a certified personal trainer through Canadian-Fitness-Professionals and is currently completing the final year of her Bachelor of Physical Education. Her education has enabled her to understand the science behind exercise how it effects the structure and functioning of the body.

Crystal can help you better understand and respond to your body’s needs as you regain function after an injury. Normal physical activity is often delayed until a certain degree of healing has taken place, however, during the healing process, movement is important to prevent loss of range of motion and to gradually regain strength in muscle and associated tissues.

After the acute injury phase where pain, swelling, and dysfunction have substantially decreased, most people benefit from a systematic exercise program.image

A stretching and strengthening program , specially tailored to your unique condition, can incrementally normalize compensatory changes in muscles, sinews, and other connective tissue.

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