The ATP Story


imageby Gord Grant PhD, RAc

This is the story of how we got started. It is about what we stand for, and how we discovered what we needed to do to best serve those who walk through our doors.  It is about realizing we needed to slow things down and pay better attention, being present with each client, to do our best job.  But it was also about making acupuncture more efficient and accessible by introducing it in a community or group setting.  The two different ways of doing acupuncture respresent polar oppostites of the spectrum, yet indeed, this dichotomy helped shape who we are and what is important in helping our clients. The two concepts — private 1-on-1 treatments and treating people in a common area — have both become integral and interrelated pillars of our business.

The story was previously blogged in 4 parts, which you can link to below:

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2.  A healthcare dilemma: Process efficiency or clients’ needs first?

3.  Cost: The big limitation of private acupuncture treatments

4.  The history of community acupuncture in Edmonton