Jade Windscreen Herb formula to boost your immune system



Coleman Smith is a herbalist and acupuncturist with the Acupuncture Turning Point on a practicum. He is excited to be completing his final year of studies as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nelson, BC, at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences. TCM is a multi-dimensional medicine that utilizes: acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition therapy, as well as: moxibustion, cupping, mental-emotional therapy, counseling and acupressure massage.

Come and meet Coleman at our clinic, and get a complimentary consultation with him if you are interested in getting custom herbs designed for your situation.  Here in this article Coleman talks about a herbal prescription most people can take this time of year to prevent colds.  Read on about Jade Windscreen herbal formula…

“Although we have the ability to treat illness and disease, the most ideal treatment is prevention and maintenance to catch an imbalance before it reaches a state of disease. Our health is truly the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

This time of year, when it’s freezing outside, you are exposed to changing weather and viruses. This also tends to be a time of year when your immune system can become run down and is weakened from exposure to the wind and cold.

 For this we have a powerful ally: Jade Windscreen powder, a Chinese Herbal Formula that has been used traditionally to prevent colds and flu. Often Chinese Herbal Formulas can be composed of several herbs: 8-12 on average. This formula is beautiful and simple, only containing 3 herbs, it has a potent ability to boost the immune system, regulate the exterior and defensive level of the body as well as preventing pathogens and viruses from entering.

First we have Huang Qi/Astragalus Root, which is the chief herb in the formula for its powerful ability to strengthen the immune system, increase the body’s qi/energy and consolidate the exterior to boost defenses.

Next we have the deputy herb: Bai Zhu/Atractylodes Rhizome, which also strengthens qi, reinforcing the actions of Astragalus Root.It also stops sweating, which is a way of saying it stabilizes the exterior of the body. This is the place where pathogens and viruses usually enter, so by strengthening this level of the body, pathogens are unable to enter and make the person ill.

Finally we have Fang Feng/Ledebouriella Root, the assistant herb in the formula. It circulates in the exterior of the body where it expels wind and pathogens before they enter deeper levels of the body. Because the lungs prefer moisture, they are easily damaged by dryness. Warm, pungent herbs such as these tend to be drying in nature. Ledebouriella Root is known as: “the moistening medicinal among the wind herbs”1, so it is chosen here over other dispersing herbs because it does not damage the fluids and injure the lungs.


This formula is used for weakened immune systems to prevent colds, because of its ability to tonify the body’s qi and defenses, so it is strictly to be used as prevention. If a person contracts a cold, continuing to take this formula would lengthen the course of illness, as it would trap the pathogens in the surface of the body. We have many great formulas to treat common cold in Chinese Medicine, and with a consult in the clinic, we could easily provide you with the correct formula if you were to become ill. However, by taking the Jade Windscreen, this will be much less likely, as you will be providing your immune system with the resources to remain strong through our cold northern winter.”