Reg Nugent, MA, RAc – welcome to the ATP team!

Reg Nugent, MA, RAc Acupuncturist and health instructor

We are excited to welcome Reg Nugent to The Acupuncture Turning Point clinic as a resident acupuncturist.  Reg has joined us to serve our clients better to help us foster turning points in health.

Reg works primarily as an instructor at Norquest College’s University transfer program and MacEwan University’s acupuncture program.

He started his career in health with a strong foundation in exercise physiology and personal training, obtaining a Masters Degree in exercise physiology. Over the years Reg expanded his perspective of health and well being and pursued eastern healing arts such as yoga and oriental medicine; this culminated in acquiring his Diploma of Acupuncture at MacEwan university in 2015.

Reg engages each client with much more than acupuncture; he incorporates his learning from 25 years experience in health and fitness. He specializes in helping his clients function better and more efficiently to decrease pain, improve performance, ultimately so people can better enjoy daily active living.
Reg appreciates the way acupuncture is practiced in traditional oriental medicine, and how it is particularly suited to treating the body and mind as a whole system together.