Heidi Mueller-Haas

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See Heide’s work at our ATP clinic!. Heide says,”My goal is to express in my work the connection of Spirit and matter, hoping that people who look at my work will get in touch with their own deeper and higher selves. Mandalas are of Hindu origin and the word loosely translated means circle, and may symbolize wholeness and the spiritual, while a square symbolizes matter, the earth”.

“I create mandalas with pencils, a compass, a ruler and my imagination; these become the patterns and images of my art. Mandalas express the order and connection of all living things, animate or inanimate, corresponding to all life around us. The first and tiniest life forms in the world are little geometric patterns. This idea is elaborated by Drunvalo Melchizedek’s in his book, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, which has been an inspiration for me.

Leonardo de Vinci knew a lot about geometry and patterns too; such as in his depiction of a man inside of a star tetrahedron, where the measurements of the man correspond, on a smaller scale, to the measurements of the earth and beyond. I don’t claim to understand it all but I love it! I love that everything is somehow connected from the smallest particle to the largest beyond my capacity to express.

The creation of my art is important to me because it gets me in touch with something more than my little self, outside of me, yet most importantly, inside of me, to what my body is, and the deeper levels of it, that connect me to everyone and everything. I have not comprehended the full extent of this; I don’t need to. I do know it connects me to the whole of the universe, and yet is enough to stay with the little here on this planet.”

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