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Massage and cupping are excellent ways to invigorate your aching and tired body.  These techniques revitalize your connective tissue because they improve blood flow.

They also break adhesions (sticky spots between layers) and invigorate the connective tissues.  Watch our Marisha Garcia’s magic hands work in this video. Here she uses several techniques, including gentle skin rolling.

Marisha works on connective tissue:

Marisha works on more than the muscles with massage and cupping.  Here real focus is the connective tissue. Structurally, the connective tissue gives our body suppleness and integrity.

Connective tissue is made of various special materials depending on the needs of the tissue. These come together as a mesh of tough collagen fibers, elastic elastin fibers, and an important matrix filler.  This matrix is a carbohydrate granular material called the ground substance.  It is a mucous-like gel that binds all the fibers together. This connective tissue or “fascia”, connects every cell, to every tissue, organ and body part.  It is the foundation of our body’s structural integrity.  Working and manipulating these connective tissues is considered by many to be the main effect of manual therapies.  Healing systems like massage, Rolfing, acupuncture, and osteopathy or any therapy that focus on manipulation of the connective tissue.

Understanding the lymphatic system is key.

Cupping not only loosens adhesions in the connective tissue and muscle fibres, but it also can stimulate better function in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is important for the body. It is an essential fluid conduction system for the body’s defensive mechanisms to monitor foreign material and bacteria, and ultimately to recruit white blood cells to control infection. The blood and lymph circulation are increased during cupping.  This means a more efficient collection and transportation of wastes moved through the connective tissues to the lymphatic system.  In turn, the circulation of fresh lymph and improved blood flow removes wastes.  This then nourishes the tissues and creates an increased immunological capacity.

After cupping and massage, you feel a decrease in local pain.  The stagnant substances like lactic acid and other factors associated with inflammation are cleared and replaced with new vital materials.  This helps you heal more quickly and get back to normal life after a hard workout or to recover better from an injury.

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