ATP welcomes Breathe Fitness clients

Initial acupuncture assessment is waived for Breathe Fitness clients

The Acupuncture Turning Point is offering Breathe Fitness clients a free assessment ($50 value) when they come for their first treatment with us.

The integration of exercise into our lives is so critical for our well-being, regardless of it being for optimization of our health, or for injury prevention or rehabilitation.  Indeed, at its best, improving our strength, flexibility, agility and balance are contributions to the shear joy and privilege of moving confidently and productively in our bodies.

Sometimes slow healing injuries or chronic pain inhibits people from taking full advantage of strength training.  Or when you have back or neck pain from sitting at a desk and working at a computer all day, it is hard to continue your exercise program.  Often a few well focused acupuncture treatments can be enough to create a turning point and help you progress more rapidly to meet your fitness goals.

Book an acupuncture session now (and just let us know that Breathe sent you in the booking memo!)