Karen Bishop

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…and peace descends on the land 26 x 40″; watercolour on Yup (a synthetic paper) $2495


“There is a sense of peace and calm in this painting that I cannot explain.Sometimes not trying too hard yields the best results.   This piece is the Signature piece in my Spirit Bear collection of paintings.  For each painting I have used a reductive technique to lift colour from the yupo paper, revealing the shape of the bear and the landscape that surrounds it.  The paintings are not intended to be true representations of Spirit Bears, rather I feel the bear out, creating it from the organic background.  Their colour blends into and from the paint, making them part of the surroundings, something that has always been and will always be.”
“I paint by feel. The paintings that evoke the most emotion are those completed on location where I am able to allow the landscape to dictate how I proceed. I try not to worry about the ending, rather I let the painting unfold and track its own course across my paper. For me, painting allows that perfect quiet, where I am peaceful and at peace with myself, and my surroundings. It’s an escape from the everyday, a chance to experience the earth more fully, a chance to breathe and know that all is well.”