Acupressure Points to Boost your Immune System

imageby Alina Tousseeva, MD, RAc

The “BASAR” or “bioactive system of autonomic regulation” (Adapted and translated from Umanskaya A.A., medical doctor head of Department of Preventative Medicine, Moscow Medical University)

In order to support your immune system during cold season, try this simple but effective method, based on the integration of ancient wisdom and modern knowledge.

Acupressure of biologically active zones can strengthen the immune system and prepare us to fight diseases when we need to.

Do this daily acupressure regime to boost your immunity (at least 30 seconds per point). Massage with firm pressure, using either circular motions or sliding motions, depending on the local anatomical nature of what “fits’ when your applying the pressure.

Reasons to try it:

  1. It worked well on people who systematically and methodically used it daily during a cold season in a Russian pilot research study (see below).
  2. It is safe for people of any age group;
  3. It does not cost you anything and gives you the ability to control your own health.
  4. Scientific/medical rationale is supportive.

According toimage the medical doctor/researcher, Dr. A.A. Umanskaya (Head of Department of Preventative Medicine, Moscow Medical University), daily self massage of particular points “allows to restore protective functions of the organism and turn on the natural built-in programs, which contain information about an ideal human body (organism).”

As we do at The Acupuncture Turning Point, her approach integrated both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the scientific rationale of anatomy and physiology.

The author assessed many and chose biologically active zones which she felt best stimulated “the bioactive system of automatic regulation” or BASAR.

When you come in for a treatment, Alina can show you this system of acupressure so you can do it at home!

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