Congratulations Alina! our neurofunctional acupuncturist

We are proud to announce that acupuncturist Alina Tousseeva has achieved one of the highest levels of training in science-based medical acupuncture! She is now certified as a Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner.  She achieved this designation by completing a series of advanced courses offered by Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco of the MacMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program in Hamilton, Ontario.   Dr. Elorriaga Claraco works with Olympic-level athletes and has a leading reputation in getting results with athletic performance.

Alina is also a certified practitioner from the popular and acclaimed Sports Medicine Acupuncture program in the United States, an internationally renowned program that integrates both science and traditional teachings.

Alina’s extensive training and special interest in working with musculoskeletal disorders build on her previous experiences as a medical surgeon.  As Alina deepens her understanding of how to treat chronic pain conditions, she continues to evolve her approach in helping each client she meets with his or her own unique circumstances.

Like stated in a blog earlier this year, for chronic pain conditions Alina uses an approach that restores the normal neurological function of muscles first, even if it seems intuitively wrong not to focus on the painful condition directly.  This treatment approach creates a positive and self perpetuating cycle, so that clients can quickly go back to receiving benefit from exercises and normal movement – and achieving more lasting pain relief!