The Point of Acupuncture – one point at a time

Acupuncture Needle on Shoulder Muscle

This blog series will address our understanding of handful of the most special acupuncture points, one by one, both in a historical context of oriental philosophy, and also the evidence shown by science to date on why and how each point may be working therapeutically. Ancient oriental manuscripts document many hundreds of acupoints on the body – points that when engaged with a fine acupuncture needle have therapeutic impact.  In…

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Acupuncture, Depression, and the Amygdala connection

by Gord Grant PhD, RAc Recently studies have linked psychological depression with activation of the amygdalae, an important little pair of “almond” shaped structures located behind your eyes and about as far back as your ears.  At the University of Alberta, Nikolai Malykhin and his team are documenting increases in both the size and “activation” of the amygdala in depressed people (see his website). Acupuncture has traditionally been used to…

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Acupuncture helps for depression

by Gord Grant PhD, RAc Acupuncture or counselling, provided alongside usual care, can benefit patients  with depression, according to a large, well-designed study. Unfortunately, antidepressants alone don’t work for more than half of patients. There is a demand and a need for non-drug solutions for mental health issues like depression. “Until recently”, says Dr. Hugh MacPherson and his research team, “systematic reviews of acupuncture and counselling for depression in primary care have…

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